14mm ash catcher percolator

14mm Tree Perc Ash Catcher, 45 Degree

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Power Up Your Pipe

Add this ash catcher to give your pipe new life! This attachment features a six-arm tree perc, one of the most popular and well-known percolators. It provides maximum diffusion with almost no added drag. The best thing about ash catchers is they help to keep your tube clean by trapping burnt ash before it enters your piece. This will give you better tasting hits and makes cleaning your piece a lot easier and less frequent.

14mm Joints In and Out

At the top of this attachment is a 14mm Female Joint, ready for your favorite accessory or bowl. Meanwhile, this piece attaches to your pipe with its 14mm Male Joint angled at 45°, so be sure this angled attachment will work best on your piece.

Available in Blue

The perc inside of this ash catcher is colored blue.

The 14mm Tree Perc Ashcatcher will give your pipe new life! Features a six-arm tree percolator for maximum diffusion and smooth hits with almost no drag!