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Here are 2018’s Most Efficient One-Hitter Pipes, According to Science

If you’re like us, you’re also trying to get high everywhere you go without anyone hassling you. That’s why sneak-a-toke one-hitter pipes are ideal for almost all public smoke-sesh situations. So, if you’re looking for something more portable than a bowl to smoke from, you’ve come to the right list. We’ve done the research, and we know what works– and what will have you running from event security, weed-trolls, or (god forbid) the cops because you got caught smoking. Here’s our guide to the most discreet and efficient one-hitters of 2018, according to science.

Best One-Hitters For Smokers with Butterfingers

Acrylic One-Hitter: Ryot is king when it comes to one-hitters and dugouts. They have tons of unbreakable designs in their line-up including the acrylic style. If you’re constantly dropping and breaking your glass pieces, you should give an acrylic one-hitter a shot.

Price: $9.50

Pros: Classic one-hitter design that won’t break if dropped. The acrylic material can be worked into tons of different designs allowing you to pick something that really suits you. Easily fits into your pocket or a dug-out for easy concealing on-the-go.

Cons: If you’ve got quality flowers you might want to put it through glass because the flavor is slightly compromised with acrylic.

Why We Like It: Portability and indestructibility.

Digger: The digger is one of the easiest and most popular one-hitters. The metal teeth at the tip make it one of the most effective little pipes to use because flower is easy to pack and smoke. All you need to do is stab the pipe into some nugs and literally watch it take bites. Once the end is filled with green, you’re ready to light and take flight.

Price: $5.99

Pros: The teeth at the end make it easy to pick up and pack weed. Just stab some nugs with it until it looks full. The all-metal design means it won’t break, no matter how hard you drop it.

Cons: The sharp edges might poke a hole in your pocket and they make it harder to clean. You’ll need a tool handy to get resin and ash from previous sessions out.

Why We Like It: One of the fastest ways to get right to smoking.

Budbat: The Budbat holds a little more than your average one-hitter with a couple of unique features. The nine-hole flame entry makes it easy to light only part of your weed instead of all of it like most other one-hitters. If you’re not trying to conserve the nine-holes increase burning capacity so you can torch it all in one hit.

Price: $26.24

Pros: Made from durable metal so it won’t break easily like glass. Detachable parts make it easy to clean. There is an extra air flow hole for smoother pulls. The fact that the flame is prevented from directly touching the herbs makes the hits less harsh.

Cons: The all metal design causes a compromise in flavor. When some of the nine-holes start to clog up, it can be hard to spark everything in the one-hitter.

Why We Like It: Holds more than your typical one-hitter.

Best One-Hitters for Self Ashing

Better Bat: The better bat’s ejecting function makes cleaning after each session easy. Normally you would have to go in with a metal tool. Now you can leave that stinky tool at home. The stainless steel spring sets this metal bat apart from the rest.

Price: $7.49

Pros: You can get a quick hit anywhere and easily eject the ash out before concealing it. Just push the mouthpiece inwards, and the ash will come falling out of the end. The anodized aerospace aluminum design makes it safe to carry in your pocket.

Cons: It gets harder to eject when things get dirty. At that point, you’ll have to soak it in a liquid cleaner designed to lift resin or isopropyl alcohol.

Why We Like It: It makes the one-hitter experience easier and more enjoyable.

Best One-Hitters for Flavor

Kleen Hit Quartz: Kleen Hit provides exactly what the name would lead you to believe—a clean hit. If your metal one-hitter is hitting too harsh or lacking in flavor, you might want to switch things up with an all-quartz one-hitter.

Price: 3 for $9.99

Pros: The all quartz design provides more flavor than a plastic, metal or even wooden bat. The flat wide mouthpiece functions to coo the smoke a little before it reaches you. If you purchase online you get two extra one-hitters in case you break the first one.

Cons: They’re made of quartz that will break if you drop it on any hard surface. Probably not safe to just carry in your pocket either. You may need a dug out or case if you want to keep this thing in your pocket or in a bag while you’re mobile.

Why We Like It: Affordable and flavorful.

Marley Natural Small Taster: Some one-hitters stand out from the rest. Marley Natural has a one-hitter with a black walnut wood base, finished with natural carnauba wax.

Price: $35

Pros: The pieces are detachable so it’s easy to clean. You can expect smooth smoke every time from one of the best-looking one-hitters on our list. The compact size makes it one of the most portable too.

Cons: There’s no wedge of glass to keep it from rolling off of a slanted table if you lay it down sideways.

Why We Like It: One of the most elegant looking one-hitters on our list.

Upline Taster: The Upline taster looks like your classic one-hitter but it functions differently. The body is fitted with several discs of glass on the inside, creating separate chambers for the smoke to travel through.

Price: $12.99

Pros: Smoke is forced to travel through multiple chambers with restricted air flow. As a result, smoke is cooled and flavor can be savored. The inner rings apparently also help to protect the glass from breaking after a fall. The Upline has nothing but positive reviews.

Cons: Lightweight, and tricky to clean with a pipe cleaner. You’re better off soaking it in a bag of liquid glass cleaner or a high percentage alcohol.

Why We Like It: Affordable with an interesting twist on the one-hitter design.

American Helix Solo: The Solo by American Helix still features their signature, smoke-spinning Venturi technology. As the smoke spins it is further cooled. They come in a wide variety of colors for you to choose from.

Price: $39.99

Pros: Micro-hole and direction air-intake causes smoke to swirl and mix with air for a smoother more satisfying hit. There is a colored glass half circle coming out of the side to prevent the solo from rolling off of a table.

Cons: Slightly bulkier and more expensive than most glass one-hitters on the list.

Why We Like It: Some of the smoothest hits we could find for a one-hitter.

Ryot Wooden with Twist Ejectable Taster: Ryot makes just about any type of one-hitter you can imagine. Their wooden taster bat with the eject function is one of their sleekest, most convenient designs.

Price: $13

Pros: Easy to clean and remove ash after each hit. Wood feels nice, and the spring seems more durable than some of the others on our list. This is one of the best one-hitters of 2018 for the style, function, and price.

Cons: You have to unscrew the mouthpiece area if you want to use the spring.

Why We Like It: Aesthetically pleasing with functions that make a smoke session simpler.

Best One-Hitter Overall

Prometheus Nano: The makers of armored bowls and steamrollers have brought us something more portable. The guys at Pyptek have used their exoskeleton technology to bring us one of the best one-hitters of 2018.

Price: $50.00

Pros: The metal armor makes the piece nearly indestructible, and you still get the superior flavor of glass. There are several sleek colors for you to choose from.

Cons: A little bulkier than your typical one-hitter because of the metal body armor.

Why We Like It: It’s got the top-notch flavor and metal armor so you won’t break and have to replace the glass.

Final Hit: Best One-Hitters Of 2018

The best one-hitters of 2018 vary in size, shape, and materials used. Glass pipes are ideal for flavor while metal is recommended to anyone who is clumsy. If you want the best of both worlds– which at High Times we definitely do– opt for the Prometheus Nano. Good taste and anti-clumsiness? Yes, please.

We're just trying to get high, you know?

Multi-Hitters: What They Are & Why You Should Have at Least a 2 Hitter Pipe

Posted by Nate Ackerman · November 11, 2019

One-hitters are great and all, but have you seen a 2 hitter pipe? What about a 5 hitter? Multi-hitters are getting a lot of attention among smokers, as they should be. While the classic one-hitter pipe will never go out of style, smokers love trying new devices. If you’re looking for an upgrade for your dugout hitter, a multi-hitter is a solid choice.

What Is a Multi-Hitter?

You’ve probably already figured it out, but we’ll lay it out for those who aren’t quite up to speed. In order to understand what a multi-hitter is, you need to be familiar with one-hitters. Like the name implies, a one-hitter is a little pipe that lets you take a single, quick hit whenever the mood strikes. Following that line of thinking, a 2 hitter pipe gives you—you guessed it— two hits!

In case you’re still not following, a one-hitter is a tube-shaped pipe. They’re usually made out of metal, but you can find them made from materials like glass, wood, and stone too. They’re usually around the size of a cigarette. In fact, some one-hitter smoking accessories are disguised to look exactly like cigarettes, so you can get away with incognito smoking.

So, what’s all this one-hitter talk have to do with multi-hitters? One-hitters have a very small amount of space on the tip that holds the herb. They’re made that way by design—the whole point is that you’re able to rip the entire hit in one go.

A 2 hitter pipe will have twice as much space so you can take a double-sized rip or share with a buddy. We carry multi-hitters that deliver up to five hits before you need to repack it! In other words, we’ve taken the beloved one-hitter and elevated it to the next level.

Why Not Both?

One-hitters and multi-hitters can absolutely co-exist. One-hitters have their place. Sometimes you just want a light buzz in the morning. Sometimes you just want to dip outside for a quick puff here and there. That’s all fine and dandy.

A 2 hitter pipe (or 5-hitter!) is for those occasions when you just want to pack a few hits and let it ride. The experience is actually similar to a joint. You can puff-puff-pass it with your pals or smoke it to your dome.

If you want to blast off as quickly as possible, you don’t want to be clearing out and packing your one-hitter over and over. A multi-hitter makes things nice and easy for you.

How to Properly Use a Multi-Hitter

If you’ve used a one-hitter, you already know what to do. That said, you might be overlooking some crucial pro tips that can improve your sessions with your 2 hitter pipe.

Step 1: First, make sure your dugout hitter contains enough herb. If you don’t have a dugout yet, you can use any sort of tray or container that keeps your smoking material together in one place. The herb should be ground finely, but not too much. You don’t want a powder. A grinder should get it to the right consistency, but you can always use scissors or break it up by hand.

Step 2: Now that you have your herb ready to go, it’s time to dip. Hold your dugout in your non-dominant hand. Press the tip of your 2 hitter pipe into the herb compartment and apply a decent amount of pressure. Twist it back and forth three or four times and then inspect it carefully. The herb should be packed tight and flush with the surface. Tap it against your dugout’s herb compartment to release any loose smoking material. Waste not, want not!

Step 3: Now, this step is often overlooked. You’re probably assuming that you simply light it up, right? Technically, yes, but there’s a better way. Hold the lighter as far away from the green as you can while still igniting it. If you hold the flame too close to your 2 hitter pipe (or any pipe for that matter), you’re going to scorch the herb and burn precious molecules before they reach your body. Keep it low and slow. Start a few inches away, and then move it in.

Step 4: When you’re done, you can simply put your multi-hitter pack in the dugout and enjoy your new perspective. Before you pack up, you might want to use your poker tool to clear it out. It’s no secret that pipes can get dirty and goopy, and some basic maintenance goes a long way in keeping your pipe fresh and ready for your next visit.

That’s it! Follow those four steps and you’ll be a true master of the 2 hitter pipe.

A Better Way to Smoke

Every smoker should have options. Experimenting with new devices and methods is always a good time. Plus, being able to smoke quickly and easily rules, especially when you’re out and about. If you don’t have a dugout hitter, it’s one of the coolest accessories out there. Once you have one, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.

The most obvious reason to own a dugout with a one-hitter or multi-hitter is because it’s perfect for on-the-go smoking. Forget to smoke before heading out to the movies? Your trusty 2 hitter pipe is there for you. Going camping and don’t want to bring your 6-foot bong? Your dugout pal is ready to join you.

Besides being one of the most convenient and discreet smoking options out there, a 2 hitter pipe is an absolute dream when it comes to conservation. Have you ever noticed that your bowl keeps producing smoke after you’ve hit it? That’s your precious herb burning away, forever.

With a one-hitter or multi-hitter, you can clear the entire thing in one puff or hit it multiple times in rapid-fire succession. You’re using every bit of your smoking material. The amount of herb you’d typically blow through in a week with bowls and bongs can last you a month or more if you use a dugout.

Own the World’s Best Dugout

Not all dugouts are equal! Sure, you could get a clunky box that’ll fall apart in a week, but why? Our dugouts are made to last, and they’re designed by wizards who know the features that smokers love. You can use one of our 2 hitter pipe options with our 2 inch Smokit. We also have a 3 inch Smokit if you need more storage space.

Want to know more about Smokit? Feel free to contact us anytime, or you can check our FAQ section to find answers to common questions. Don’t bother with the rest—pick up a Smokit and experience the best!

A 2 hitter pipe is perfect for enjoying alone or sharing with a friend. Find out about our multi-hit dugout hitter, and order yours with a Smokit today. ]]>