$40 bongs

$40 bongs

Tired of searching for ways to make your bong rips smooth? So were we. That’s why we invented a bong packed full of ice that delivers an Arctic Assault on harsh, hot smoke. Water, ice, and air as cold as an arctic glacier produce ultra smooth hits like you’ve never experenced before.

Ice Lasts Up To 5 Hours

We utilized basic science to create a bong specifically designed to deliver hours and hours of ice-cold rips. No more trips to the freezer or sink! Tried and tested to keep ice solid in your bong for up to 5 hours! Can your bong do that? Didn’t think so.

Save Your $ For The Top Shelf

Glacier Smooth Glass bongs deliver serious results without breaking the bank account. Being able to enjoy your smoking experience start to finish shouldn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars! Treat yourself to some Top Shelf product instead.

Smoking With Science!

We fused the power of science with the concept of a bong to create a unique and custom design. The double wall, insulated chamber traps the cold air inside to keep the ice solid and water arctic cold for hours and hours. This is achieved by drastically reducing the effects of thermal conduction and convection. Hot smoke doesn’t stand a chance as it passes through Glacier Smooth Glass!

I’ve owned nearly every kind of bong or rig imaginable. Faberge eggs, Sheldon Black’s, various recyclers. nothing hits as smooth as this little gem. Who would have thought a $40 bong would be my favorite?!

Game over. Nothing more to say. I can take it anywhere easily, it rips smoother than anything I’ve ever tried, and the ice literally lasts all night.

I used to think infinite perc’s would solve my uncomfortable, harsh smoking experience. Glacier Smooth Glass showed me that couldn’t be more untrue.

Home of the Glacier Smooth Glass bongs. Designed to make your bong hits smoother and more enjoyable at a price that won't break the bank account. That harsh, piping hot smoke doesn't stand a chance as the Glacier Smooth bong launches an Arctic Assault on it. Elevate your smoking experience to a higher level today! ]]>