5 inch downstem

Replacement Glass Downstems

If you have a bong you need a quality downstem to complete the piece. Downstems come in a variety of shapes and sizes, find the one to match what you’re looking for. Explore the true possibilities of your bong with the right downstem. Find the right size of downstem, are you looking for a 14mm or 18mm? We have both sizes in glass, silicone and more.

Do you know the true power of a downstem? The downstem is the middle piece of the bong that helps to carry the smoke through the bong. Shop our full stock of downstems here.

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Bong downstems come in plenty of sizes, shapes and colors. Bong Outlet offers a wide range of glass downstems. Replace or upgrade your bong when you shop at Bong Outlet. Shop our selection now!, Material Soft Glass, Length 5 inch(12.5cm)