6 foot glass bongs

14 best big bongs ranging from 3ft to 10ft no 4 is crazy

Created centuries ago to smoke tobacco with, the modern day bong has come a long way! From tiny, portable bubblers, to massive bongs that hit extremely hard, bongs are one of the most popular ways to enjoy your Mary Jane. It’s also one of the strongest ways to catch your high. Though the myth that smoking out of a bong is healthier than smoking a joint isn’t completely true, it’s definitely still worth lighting up your favourite water pipe in order to get that strong hit. Tall bongs in particular are popular because of the large amount of smoke that builds up inside the chamber.

Today bongs are made from a variety of substances. The most common is glass, followed by plastic, silicone, ceramic, acrylic, wood, and metal. Each one has different advantages and disadvantages. You can also always spruce up your bong with different accessories like a quartz banger.

The shape of your tall bong may vary, but it’ll consist of the same basic parts.

Bongs are made from 4 separate pieces:

  • The mouthpiece
  • The chamber
  • The stem
  • The bowl

While the bowl is always made from metal, as that is where you place the weed to heat it, the rest of the bong can be made from any of the substances mentioned above. If you’re wondering how to take a bong hit, simply light the plant matter inside the bowl and then begin to inhale. This should make smoke appear inside the chamber, and the water will cool the smoke down and filter it some, making it far easier to inhale. For more filter of your smoke you can always find a bong with a percolator. Once you’ve built up the amount of smoke you want to inhale, simply remove your finger from the hole inside the stem and take the hit.

There’s lots more to learn about bongs, but now let’s dive into our list of favourite tall bongs!

INHALCO 16 Spiral Glass Beaker Bong – $79.98

If you have been searching for a glass bong that goes above and beyond in the style department, then the spiral glass beaker bong by Inhalco is sure to impress! It has a super cool design, and is made from durable premium borosilicate glass, which means it is very strong.

what we love:

  • Provides the ultimate in smoking experiences
  • 9mm Thick Glass makes it heavy and strong
  • Suitable for experienced and novice smokers like

Maverick Glass 24″ California Beaker – $279.00

Look, when it comes to buying a quality tall bong, it can be difficult to find the right mix between quality and personality. What we love about this Maverick Glass long bong is that they seem to have struck the perfect balance between the two! They’re adding in a variety of colours to their glass that are unique and different for every bong, keeping it fresh with every new creation. MAV has got a decade’s worth of experience in blowing quality glass, and their California Beaker is no exception!

What we love:

  • Custom, colourful look
  • With MAV you know you’re getting a quality glass product
  • MAV also has a program that supports Military Veterans, meaning your purchase supports a company that does good in their community!

USA Double Shower Straight Shooter Bong – $159.00

  • Double Shower Percolators offer ultimate cooling for smooth hits
  • Crystal clear glass gives it a timeless look
  • Sturdy base keeps your bong secure on any table top, which is important when you’re reaching down to light this tall boy up!

18″ Beaker Bong with Tree Percolator and Diffused Stem – $139.99

  • Just the right height to enjoy a cool smoke, but you can still reach the bowl
  • Flared & cushioned mouthpiece for ultimate comfort
  • 8 arm, triple-slit tree perc to aid in cooling and smoothing of smoke

Maverick Glass – 18″ Full Color Beaker Bong – $209.99

  • Great colour options to choose from
  • Simple but effective!
  • Qualifies as a “staple” bong – everyone should have a bong like this!

18″ Extra Thick Clear Glass Beaker Bong – $180.00

Why do we love this simple beaker bong? It’s thick glass, thoughtful design and fair price point combine for a staple bong for anyone, whether you’re just starting your collection or if you have a shelf full of glass already.

Heavy-duty, 7mm thick glass molded into a sleek beaker, complete with an ice notch and a long neck combine to make this bong a real simple yet pleasing piece.

What we love!

  • Virtually indestructible thanks to thick glass
  • On sale for a great price right now!
  • Long neck gives smoke lots of time to chill for smoother pulls

The China Glass – “Ming” Dynasty Vase Water Pipe – $179.99

Okay, we\’ll admit this is a bit more of a novelty pipe, but for the toker who is looking to up their bong collection this tall beauty with its unique shape is worth considering! Standing at 15″ tall, you may even be able to fool guests into thinking this artsy bong is a flower vase.

Whatever your reason for picking this bong, it’ll add a sense of history and class to your collection! We love the thought of smoke being filtered through this beautiful piece.

What we love!

  • Unique and yet classy design
  • Borosilicate tubing
  • Diffused downstem

AMG Glass – Skull Pattern Straight Tube 18” – $117.00

With American Made Glass, or AMG, you know you’re buying a quality product that, when cared for properly, will last you a long time. AMG actually has many cool designs to choose from. We chose to list the skull pattern because it’s priced slightly lower than the others currently on Dank Geek, but check out the others to fit your personal preference!

This glass bong isn’t overly complicated, and that’s exactly why we like it. With a diffused downstem and a long neck it’s easy to smoke from, and isn’t that all any of us really wants?

What we love!

  • Variety of designs to choose from
  • Long-lasting construction from AMG
  • Well priced

G-Spot Glass Cylinder Double Percolator Bong
with Gold Logo | 60cm – $272.00

This may look like an ordinary bong on the surface, but that just means its subtle accessories haven’t been noticed yet. Measuring in at 60 centimeters, the smoke for your hit will have plenty of time to filter and chill on its way up. And those double percs? They’re not just there for looks! They’ll help smooth out every hit you take. Thick borosilicate glass blown in Germany make up this thoughtfully crafted water pipe. Care for it and this nearly perfect bong will take care of you for a long time!

What we love!

  • German craftsmanship ensure quality
  • Two dome percolators smooth out each hit
  • Long neck reaches for the sky

Bio Hazard Glass Straight Ice Bong, 1 ft – $79.20

Get your hands on one of these bad boys! Photo: @StuffForStoners

This 1 ft bong boasts thick ass borosilicate glass for extra heat resistance and durability as well as handy ice notches to cool and smooth your hits. The shape of it makes it quite stable thanks to a circular foot and the inside-cut (from 18.8mm to 14.5mm) diffuser downstem sits within a 18.8mm ground joint. The 14.5mm glass bowl fits perfectly into the downstem’s joint. There is an easy-to-use roll stopper-style arm on the herb bowl, which both keeps it safe on a table top and stops the downstem from rolling around and potentially breaking. A plastic keck clip comes with everything mentioned above. The bong’s tube has an extra thick, rimmed mouthpiece for added comfort.

The straight glass tube is easy to clean and maintain, making it the perfect choice for beginner bong users or for more seasoned enthusiasts looking to expand their collection of glassware. Note that it is not a collapsible bong. The sick Bio Hazard decals come in a variety of colours to suit any taste. As any good owner knows, the right routine of upkeep and care will make sure this 1 foot ice bong continues to do what it does best: looking badass as it provides you with hit after hit of cooled and quality puff.

Headway Big Boy Acrylic Bong, 3 ft-6ft – $62.00

You’re going to want to stand up for this one! Photo: @Smokea

Killer Straight Shooter 120 Acrylic Bong, 3.9 ft – £40.00

Go big, don’t go home! Photo: @Pro-shops

The size of this big bong is too good to leave out of the name: 120 cm tall, which is just under 4 ft. Who needs a 2 ft bong when you could have one of these large bongs? It has a massive red Killer decal and a straight black acrylic tube, making it a perfect fit for any goth. If the trademark dark black tube and red accents of this huge bong don’t scare you, maybe the fearsome reputation of the aptly named Killer brand will. Many of their bongs are named after one or another famous killing machines to warn users that their bad ass bongs are not for the faint-hearted. This big bong comes with a 12cm standard metal drop pipe. The height of this gigantic bong means it needs more than one person to handle it without an upgrade, but maybe you wouldn’t want to left be alone with the deadly Straight Shooter. Bust your lungs at your leisure with this gigantic bong that promises a sharp straight hit to impress even the most experienced rippers.

Killer Clear Cut Tower 120 Acrylic Bong, 3.9 ft

Clear your head with this clear glass. Photo: @WillyBanjo

Zam Smoke Giant Beaker Glass Bong, 4ft – $200+

The only problem with this glass beauty? Where to store it! Photo: @zamsmoke

Glowfly Glass 55″ Super Thick Bong , 4.5ft – $320.00

The bent neck makes for a more intimate experience. Photo: @Smokea

Extra Tall Bubble Acrylic Bong, 4ft – $44.95

Which colour would you take your hit from? Photo: @DabWizard

ME Glass x Blitzkriega Balloon Giraffe Dog Glass Bong, 7” – $5,000.00

You’ll need a glass case to protect this glass! Photo: @AquaLabTechnologies

Maybe not large in height, but this special bong is massive in personality! If you’ve got 5,000 dollars to spend on a mind bending bong, maybe this Balloon Giraffe Dog Glass bong is for you. An incredible collaboration between Matt Robertson and the glass blowing crew at Blitzriega in Colorado brought forth this wacky and colourful glass bong. It’s one of the most expensive bongs in the world, along with many other unique models which often feature animals, although no shape compares to this exotic crazy bong. Although this Balloon Giraffe Dog Bong only stands at 7’’ tall, it’s still a large bong and will deliver some of your most satisfying hits. This bad ass bong has a removable tail tip which doubles as a dabber, as well as a 14mm female slide joint. The thickened mouthpiece extends from the tip of the balloon dog’s nose, a real comfort to dog-loving stoners about to get super high. This unique and mesmerising bong is absolutely perfect for that one rich dude who has an affinity for balloon animals, giraffes, weed and dogs.

Perkolator Bong M&M 6-Arm 2.9ft

Take your toke to new heights! Photo: @Near Dark

Roots 44 inch Self-service 4ft – $329

Manufactured by glass company, Sky Glass, this 4 foot bong is a true masterpiece. It is beautifully finished from stem to bowl with its attractive yellow glow and green pattern design. The bowl is located halfway along the bong to allow for easy use! One can also choose the bowl and downstem style, with old school open tubing an option. Coming in at 329 dollars, believe us when we say that this bong is good value; its quality is able to match even the most expensive bong around. The shape of the straight glass tube is easy to clean and maintain, making it a good choice for beginner bong users or for more seasoned enthusiasts looking to expand their collection of glassware, although it is not a collapsible bong.

Take a look at some dedicated enthusiasts who created their very own massive 10 ft bong!

Wanna see a 22 foot bong? Watch this video, Las Vegas Houses the World’s Largest Bongs, if you don’t believe it!


Bongs have come a long way since its invention hundreds of years ago, spreading from the Middle East to around the world! And it’s no wonder considering it is one of the most efficient and strongest methods of smoking marijuana. Purchasing a bong is also likely to save you money in the long-term since you won’t constantly be buying papers.

BTW check out other bong sizes and cool designs by visiting Hemper’s bong collection and remember These big bongs can hold plenty of smoke in their chambers, ensuring that you have the best possible experience!

Still wondering if a massive bong is right for you? Leave your questions in a comment below!

Testament to the creativity of tokers over the centuries, tall bongs like these are must haves for any bong collection! What's not to love about a massive bong where you need a good buddy to help you light up? This list of quality, fun, massive bongs will help you as you search for your next party staple!