acrylic perc bong

15″ Acrylic Bong with Tree Perc, Rasta

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15 Inches of Smoke Chilling Power

Enjoy the affordability of acrylic with the sophistication of glass in this 15″ Acrylic Bong. This water pipe is a traditional straight tube split into three chambers:

  • The bottom chamber holds the water, where the smoke will percolate through and cool.
  • The center chamber, with its perc visible through a clear window, houses an eight-arm tree perc, where water will rise up and percolate through the arms for extra cooling and flavor consolidation.
  • From the center chamber, the smoke rises up through a small opening at the top to the third and final chamber, and the small opening acts like an ice pinch. Pack this chamber as full of ice as you need for perfectly chilled smoke for ultimate enjoyment.

The body of this pipe, except for the center chamber, is colored in Rastafarian Red, Yellow, and Green for a cool look that will fit in with any collection.

This bong comes ready to use right out of the box! It includes a diffusing downstem and 14mm Male Glass dry herb bowl for immediate enjoyment.

Enjoy herbs the best way with this 15" tall acrylic water pipe with Rasta coloring. Enjoy chilled smoke, percolated through the center tree perc.