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Reel Stock Polycarbonate Rolls

With numerous colors, thicknesses, and widths, our reel stock polycarbonate sheeting is a great choice for over-sized jobs such as greenhouses and large signage requiring a single sheet of polycarbonate. Makrolon reel stock polycarbonate sheeting is available in white, off-white, and clear enabling it to be used in many applications. This product features superior impact strength, with 30 times the impact resistance of acrylic, and enhanced UV resistance and can be easily fabricated, decorated, and thermoformed.

If you would like wholesale polycarbonate sheets pricing information, please contact us at (888) 702-6028 or fill out a quote requestand we will be happy to help you. Individual product detail sheets and Material Safety Data Sheets can be found in the product specs sections on product pages or by visiting our technical sheet database.

Qualities of Reel Stock Polycarbonate

Using polycarbonate sheeting for large, oversized projects can be a difficult task. Profiles and hardware can impart an unwanted industrial look, and sometimes look unprofessional. There are also sealants and adhesives out there for creating seams, but they don’t give the same look like a long, continuous polycarbonate sheet. Our reel stock polycarbonate comes in lengths ranging from 52″ to 100″ and a variety of shades such as white and clear.

Large polycarbonate sheets have the same structural qualities as the smaller polycarbonate sheets. It is stronger than plexiglass, has 250 times the impact resistance of glass, can be drilled and cold-formed at the job site without breakage, and has a low level of flammability. Need a larger quantity of reel stock polycarbonate? Send in a quote request and our team of experts can help.

For any large or over-sized project use reel stock polycarbonate sheeting for the best seamless coverage. Our reel stock polycarbonate sheeting is clear as glass, but more durable and flexible. Shop for large polycarbonate sheets today.