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Cold STart Dabs

Want to learn how to take a cold start dab the proper way? Many people heat their banger unevenly which results with cold spots causing the oil not to melt properly. This video shows the right way of heating your banger for a cold start dab.

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Newly Added Glass

Fumed Straight Mini Tube Oil Rig – Strawberry_Glass

(Intended for tobacco use only)


Fumed Glass- The colors represented in this beautiful rig were created by capturing the fumes of vaporizing a chunk of silver metal onto thick clear glass before being shaped into a pipe. The colors will change depending on how much light is hitting it.

-Perc: Features a removable handmade 2-hole matching downstem.

-Flavor Saver: In general, the smaller the rig, the more flavor you’ll get out of your products. Oil and terpenes (what influences flavor) condense as they flow through a rig. When terpenes condense, the terpene profile diminishes, leaving you experiencing less than the full flavor of your products. This is why rigs are commonly smaller than bongs. The size of a rig’s surface area directly correlates to the amount, or intensity, of flavor it is able to deliver: smaller surface areas, like with the Strawberry_Glass Straight Mini Tube, efficiently deliver the most flavor possible.

-Great Traveler: This rig packs a powerful punch in a beautifully blown small profile frame that is the perfect size for convenient usage. Able to fit in the cup holder in your car, this straight tube is great for your hikes and other on-the-go adventures.

-Cost-Effective: This is a hand made, hand-spun piece of art that was created in Orlando, Florida by a single artist – Strawberry_Glass. You are purchasing an American made rig with high attention to detail and great function guaranteed. If you are unhappy, call us immediately and we will solve any issues.

-Joint Size: This rig requires a 10mm male 45° or 90° banger. We will include a beveled edge quartz banger with your purchase to make your experience even better.


-1 Fumed Straight Mini Tube Oil Rig by Strawberry_Glass

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