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Sutliff 208 Apple Flavor Pipe Tobacco

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Sutliff 208 Apple Flavor Pipe Tobacco
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Blended By: Sutliff

Model: 208 Apple Flavor

Tobacco Type: Burley, Cavendish

Blend Type: Aromatic

Strength: 1 of 5

Room Note: Very Pleasant

  • 1.5 oz.
  • 8 oz.
  • 16 oz.
4 Reviews
It’s ok

Posted by B Raymer on 19th Jun 2019

Opening the bag the apple does have a sweet smell but very light on the apple smell. Had to let dry out but smoked well in my cob. The taste is very light on the apple. If I smoker it to the brink of little my pipe go out I did get hints of apple flavor but it would quickly pass. I will smoke what I have left but don’t plan on buying again. It’s not bad but when I see something say it taste like an apple I want the apple.

Awesome Apple.

Posted by Charlie on 13th Jun 2019

This is mild tobacco to enjoy all day. Stays lite and is not too moist like many aromatics. The room note is very mild as well so great for indoors. I also thought the price was fair. Also thanks to your staff for a very pleasant shopping experience.

Great Tobacco!

Posted by MJ Neenan on 9th Mar 2019

This is excellent, one of my favorites.

Cool and flavorful smoke

Posted by Wilson on 13th Feb 2019

Out of several tobaccos I ordered, this one I had lower hopes for. After smoke all 3 many times, this has become a favorite. It delivers a cool and aromatic smoke with a nice flavor. I also tend to relight my pipe less with this tobacco as well. The natural vanilla note does overpower the apple flavor but it’s not a huge negative for me.

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Tobaccos John Middleton, Inc – Apple Pipe Tobacco

Apple Pipe Tobacco, a unique taste in smoking, is a superior blend of top quality. Burley and Virginia tobaccos flavored with the taste of apples. Apple tobacco brings to the pipe smoker the smoothness of fine tobaccos, the crisp taste of fresh apples and the refreshing aroma of both. Apples and tobacco, a natural combination.

Brand John Middleton, Inc
Blended By John Middleton, Inc
Manufactured By John Middleton, Inc.
Blend Type Aromatic
Contents Burley, Virginia
Flavoring Apple
Cut Ribbon
Packaging 1.5 ounce pouch
Country US
Production Currently available

Favorite Of 2 Users

The apple topping is very mild. The burley is sharp with very little of the expected flavors one looks for. It’s just a tad nutty, woody and earthy. The Virginia is grassy and barely citrus sweet in a support role. The strength is extremely mild, while the taste is very mild. Has virtually no nicotine. Burns hot and harsh even when slowly puffed, and will bite. The light flavor is consistent. Leaves very little dampness in the bowl. Hardly needs a relight. Barely has an after taste. An all day smoke.

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Not great, but not awful. This seems like Carter Hall with a Glade air freshener. Pouch smell was cloyingly sweet and will keep my pets off the furniture. Tasted the apple at the first light, and it was pretty artificial, but not offensive. It didn’t last long, but it persisted as sweetness. It burned well, and surprisingly dry.

I’m glad I had to try this seeing it’s been discontinued. I’ll smoke the whole pouch.

Age When Smoked: Fresh to me

Purchased From: Gifted

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What a shame . This blend will ” funk ” your bowl.Room note is’nt that great . It’s strange how the cherry blend middleton makes is realy pretty good and this is not . This company make other classic American blends but this is’nt one of them . Given the positive reviews here , I will snag a pouch next time I see one . Theres a chance it has changed or I changed since smoking it last , which was many years ago

Purchased From: newpouch years ago

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I can no longer remember with any certainty what the first tobacco I smoked was. But I do remember my grandmother’s gardener (the first pipester I ever observed at close quarters) used to put an apple slice in his tobacco pouch?to keep the tobacco moist, I think. I vaguely remember looking through the selection in a department store’s smoke shop, and choosing something with an apple on the cover for this reason. Was it this? I remember the apple as being grannie-Smith-green, not delicious red.

Perhaps I dreamt the whole thing. In my teens, my dreams were far more vivid than they are now.

This is the mildest kind of brown cavendish, with a light casing of something that tries to taste like apple. It would not offend a beginner. As a dime-store cavendish, it is far from the worst.

And just think, from this little acorn, a mighty oak can grow. And grow. and grow.

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I got to try this brand before it was discontinued. My friends uncle would smoke this in a pipe only. He was mainly a cigarette smoker though. The blend smelled like apple the cut was a ribbon cut and the aroma was a fruit like Apple.I enjoyed it even though I find most fruit tobacco’s to burn too hot. The room note was pleasant.I think pipesandcigars has a match to this tobacco if you want to try something similar to it.

Pipe Used: Peterson

Age When Smoked: New pouch

Purchased From: Tobacco plus

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Mixed colors, and mixed cuts – some cube and some short ribbon. Pouch aroma is pretty nice – mild apple. Not cloying at all. It’s a little on the moist side, but looks ok for smoking. Unfortunately, it didn’t burn very well for me. some extra drying time probably would have helped with that. Nicotine level is quite mild.

On initial light, I get a burst of very pleasant apple aroma/flavor. Nice! The topping is well executed – it actually tastes like a fresh crisp red delicious apple. The topping should have been applied with a heavier hand, though. The apple fades fast, and I’m left with a base of mild burley. not bad, but somewhat bland. If I set the pipe down for a minute and come back to it, I pick up a bit more of the apple aroma again, but it fades fast again. Same with relights – burst of flavor that fades with just a puff or two.

Not a new favorite, but definitely not bad! I’m not gonna run out and stock up on this, but I’d be willing to buy a pouch and explore this one a bit further.

originally reviewed 12/1/2012

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I had been curious about this blend for a long time. I finally got a hold of some a few weeks ago. The smell in the pouch is. well, apple. The appearance is very similar to SWR of the new Lane Ready Rubbed. It was a nice moisture level. The blend loads easy. I found that it can be a bit tough to keep lit at first, but eventually settles down, and will stay lit to the bottom.

Now on to the flavor. At first, and I mean the very first time you smoke it, you taste apple. But then, you begin to look past that flavor. Half-way through a pouch, you hone in on a slightly sweet, slightly dark, molasses/spiciness. The blend tastes a lot to me like Edgeworth with a faint hint of sweetness–the apple. This is an aromatic in that it has a pleasant smell, but it is not a gooper. I’m sure it would ghost a pipe it if was the only thing smoked in said pipe for, maybe 5 years. But no one should worry about destroying a pipe with this blend ever. I plan on buying much more of this blend. The roomnote and taste are exactly the same. The note is less apple, and more apple cider. Great for autumn.

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I tried this in 2000 and only smoked one bowl. It burns without any effort and might work for you in a slow-smoking competition. Although a red apple is on the package, I think the apple flavor was more of Granny Smith. If you like apple-flavored tobacco, you will enjoy this. If you don’t, then stay away. One bowl will funk up your pipe for at least a month.

Pipe Used: Spectator Diplomat

Age When Smoked: New

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What happened? This was the tobacco my dad caught me with when I was a teenager about 1980. I remember it having a smooth, distinct apple flavor that I enjoyed late at night sitting on the roof watching the night sky go by. Fast-forward 30+ years and I order a coupla pouches awaiting wonderful memories. When it arrived I couldn’t wait to tear into the package and savor good times past. What a let down. Smell and texture was not what I remembered. Carefully loaded my custom Armentrout–still with hope–and again. flat. Almost no flavoring I could tell other than chemical. Disappointed for sure.

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I’m going to say it: I like this tobacco. Admittedly, it’s not the best of tobaccos, but’s it a good budget ‘baccy. You don’t get a lot of apple flavor. But, if you sip it slowly, you get a little bit of sweet apple-ish flavor. It’s a good burley, all-in-all. Worth keeping around, but not an everyday thing.

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I waited until I purchased a second pouch of this from a different supplier just to make sure I was doing this tobacco justice. There is a FAINT odor of apples in the pouches I sampled. Had no trouble getting it lit or keeping it lit in my MM cob, both my pouches seemed a bit on the dry side. I could detect a very very faint hint of apples during smoking, I was hoping for so much more after reading the reviews here. The tobacco itself is quite strong, I would not recommend this to a novice smoker unless they like a harsh smoke. Noticeable tongue bite even with sipping. Not happy with this as a flavored tobacco, probably a decent smoke for those who like Half & Half or Carter Hall, or the like. I really really wanted some apple in this to use for blending purposes but will keep looking. I will buy ONE more pouch of Apple hoping that the two I have tried were old only because it is so inexpensive. After that I am done with this blend.

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Once upon a time, I loved this stuff. It was readily available where I live (you could pick it up from Kroger, even) and was a very pleasant, non-biting aromatic. The last couple of pouches I’ve tried however, were harsh and even painful to smoke. I was quite disappointed, and I’m not keeping my eye out for an apple-flavored aromatic for when the right mood hits.

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There are many good brands of tobacco , but when I smoke a pipe, I only smoke John Middleton’s Apple flavor tobacco. It’s smoothness, aromatic and soothing flavor is the equivalent to classical music to the ears of the Connoisseur . Hamburgers from McDonald’s might be o.k. for kids, but if I want some good beef , I go for a sirloin steak.

Age When Smoked: 63

Purchased From: West Virginia

Similar Blends: There are no similar, I tried the rest, this is the best..

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I really like this tobacco. Smoked cool. I can puff like a freight train and will not bite. Very smooth smoke. Some sweetness, but I don’t get any apple. Its close to Carter Hall with a slight topping. Kinda hard to find though.

Purchased From: Smokin Joes Tobacco

Similar Blends: Carter Hall.

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I really like this tobacco and I’m surprised at Negative reviews. if you sip this tobacco you get the slight Sweet Apple Flavor. Burns well, Great budget type pipe tobacco in my opinion

Pipe Used: Dr Grabow Riviera

Age When Smoked: new out of the pouch

Purchased From: B&M store

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Don’t expect much and you won’t be let down. Good advice in life and how I feel about JM Apple. Found it at the gas station and picked up a pouch for $4 or so.

Opening the pouch I found a beautiful dark brown burley with a sweet note neither mild nor strong and not apple or anything else, just sweetness.

Packs, lights, and burns perfectly. The sweet aroma and flavor combined with the old fashioned “codger” burley experience lasts throughout the bowl. This blend can bite if provoked, so a slow pace is best. It isn’t goopy and doesn’t ghost my cob. I don’t smoke aromatics in briars. Weak in chemistry and low on complexity, this blend is ideal for puttering about or patrolling for those damn kids on the lawn. You have to keep your mind on cadence however because this dog will bite if you turn your back.

Sometimes you win just by not being let down.

Go grab a pouch.

Pipe Used: crusty old cob

Age When Smoked: . I didn’t age it.

Purchased From: Sum Yung Guy

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Another old blend that I keep on hand because I have smoked it on occasion for several years. Burley, Virginia with a sweet apple top note. This is a blend I really enjoy. Unlike some others I do not find it to have a chemical taste but I do taste the sweet and sour of a June apple. The flavor is consistent from top to bottom. Burns dry and has little dottle. I have some jarred that is 3 years old and I had just purchased a couple of pouches at a local tobacco store. I detected no great difference in the two. The nicotine meter reads low to medium for me, others may feel it is stronger but my tolerance of nicotine is rather high. Solid smoke from me st 3 stars. Note: This is listed out of production but I have found it at many outlets.

Pipe Used: Various cobs and briars

Age When Smoked: fresh and Jarred 3 + years

Purchased From: Local tobacco store

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Back in college in the 70’s I had a friend who smoked this exclusively. I tried it then and later before it was discontinued. It was always a little moist and smelled like apples in the pouch. Lit and smoked OK, definitely got the apple-ish flavor when smoked. Never an exciting smoke. As some have said, “OK” but nothing special. I loved many of Middleton’s blends but this was not on that list.

Pipe Used: Miscelaneous generic briars

Age When Smoked: New/Fresh

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Saw this for pretty cheap, decided to give it a try. Typical OTC aromatic blend.

In the pouch it smells very strongly of artificial apple, similar to junk food and candy apple. The tobacco seemed a little dry in the pouch. It was very easy to pack and to light. Stayed lit well for me.

The apple flavor was very strong when first lighting it, but quickly died down. There is a small hint of apple, but you wouldn’t really notice it if you didn’t know it was an apple flavored tobacco. Overall it was a decent smoke, nothing great, but not terrible.

The room note is pleasant, but not very strong. A mild aroma. I didn’t notice any bitterness like other reviewers, and very little to no tongue bite.

It is a pretty good budget OTC blend, but not for everyone.

Pipe Used: Dr. Grabow Omega W/ filter

Age When Smoked: New

Purchased From: Shell Gas Station

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Well if you are just looking for a nicotine fix this may just do the job. If you are looking for any kind of flavor forget it. Even the burly flavor is lacking. It doesn’t bite but there is little of anything here to talk about other than it is a cheap OTC blend that may rope in the naive, inexperienced smoker. I have been experimenting with OTC tobaccos over the last year and this one is better than Mixture #79 . the best I can say. I prefer Granger and CH to this stuff. That said, I don’t believe that Middleton dumped Hickory and kept Apple. Hickory was far better than this swill. There is some sweet chemical background taste to Apple but it ain’t Apples and it ain’t Burly .. The chemists at Middleton must have been very busy on this one. Purchase at your own risk. You have been warned!

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Each time I go into my local B&M I’ve seen this sitting on a shelf covered in dust and started feeling sorry for it looking all lonesome! I bought a pouch and brought it home. Upon opening the pouch I can detect a very mild tobacco Burley scent along with a faint apple present. The pouch I have is very dry tobacco. NO moistness can be detected which makes me wonder how long it had been sitting on that shelf. I’m smoking it now in a Great Dane Cob and I have to say I like it! It has a nice Burley taste for Burley lovers along with a very faint apple taste in the background. The sweetness of this tobacco lingers on and is very mild and would make a great tobacco for the beginner pipe smoker. This wont be my regular tobacco but I know I will come back to this whenever I want to relax with something sweet and a nice glass of whiskey. Give it a try!

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This tobacco is almost a perfect blend. This stuff burns great, has a good room note, wont gunk up your pipe, lights really easily, and has no tongue bite whatsoever. There is only one one drawback to this tobacco. There is absolutely no flavor. When I smoke this I can picture a little old lady in a black dress yelling “where’s the taste!”.

Apple? I certainly don’t think so, I really looked for it too. Some people have mentioned a cider flavor but damned if I tasted anything remotely related to apples.

Once again, the overall characteristics of this tobacco are great, it just doesn’t taste like anything.

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My dad smoked this and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy. nostalgia? But all the same, for an inexpensive brand and worth a try in a cob.

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This is one I smoked a lot of as a noob. It does have a nice apple flavor, but you can still taste the tobacco. It was always at a good moisture level and not a goopy aromatic. It burned down clean with minimal relights. I would suggest dedicating a cob to this one, because it will ghost any pipe it comes in contact with damn near permanently.

Pipe Used: Missouri Meerschaum, Italian Briar, Mr. Brog

Age When Smoked: Fresh out of pouch.

Purchased From:, B&M store

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You know, when I was a young lad, this tobacco is actually the first encounter I ever had with the world of pipe tobacco. My school Principal used to always smoke this and I absolutely loved the smell. Now it’s almost 50 years later and I’ve grown to be a pipe fanatic of my own. That being said, now that I’m old enough to know better, I would have to say that no sir. I really can’t recommend this. Yes it’s a cheap tobacco, and if you are on an extremely low budget, this can get you by in a pinch, but seriously? If you can spring for better, I honestly can’t see carrying this around when you can get something that is so much more enjoyable. I do love a good burley, but this really doesn’t quite nail it. The pouch aroma is decent, but that is pretty much all I can say for this tobacco. The “Apple” flavoring is really non existent, which is supposedly the main feature of this tobacco as represented by it’s packaging. The moral of this story is that for the money, there are really better tobaccos to be had out there. There are some companies that make their own burley blends ::cough. Uhles. cough. that are absolutely worth spending the extra dime on. When you go outdoors on that fishing trip or just to soak in the environment, bring something worth-while to smoke on. It makes all the difference in the world.

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Everyone always remembers their first and Apple was mine. While not very much of a blend, this was in my pipe while sitting on the beautiful Maine coast when it became clear to me that pipe smoking was going to be part of my future. As a couple of folks have mentioned, I don’t detect much apple flavor in this blend, but my personal history with Apple makes it somewhat recommended.

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This is a good smoke for someone starting out and it’s especially good for someone who doesn’t like apples because THERE WAS NO APPLE FLAVOR DETECTED.

I’ve been smoking two years now and have been enjoying really fine blends form tobacconists and the famous blend houses. I happened to be in tax free New Hampshire USA and saw a pouch of this apple blend and decided to give it a try even though it is a “drug store” blend.

It smells fruity in the bag. What sweetness there is comes from the burley. Now that I think of it not too bad of an over the counter burley blend. As mentioned: No apple flavor detected. WEIRD.

Worth a try for a newbie.

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An under rated, unsung and popularly available supermarket and drug store staple through and through. My tobbaconist also stocks it; some serious connoisseurs must find something worthwhile. For those smokers who crave a mild, fruity round in their rotation Middleton’s Apple may be “The One.”

No question this tobac (mine appeared to be a cube cut and ribbon combo) smokes much better in the cob. I’ll sometimes take a pouch of this and a Great Dane bent cob fishing, hunting or for hikes in the country. Minimal bite. sometimes problematical staying lit, but I haven’t detected the bitterness and goop some reviewers have claimed. Just sip . don’t steam engine it.

These days you can’t beat the price. In upstate NY $4.95 for 1.5 Oz. of tobac like this is sort of a deal now. Middleton has improved the flavour in the last few pouches I’ve tried. My biggest complaint is a bit more apple casing please. Hope Apple stays around a long, long time. Happy hunting.

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It smells great in the pouch and that is where the pleasantness ends. abruptly.

Harsh, bitey and all around horrible. The room note is ok, but if you want something more than smoking a guest pleaser at the expense of your tongue, avoid it.

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Burley and cider. Nice, simple smoke, of a typical burley nature: some nuttiness with an almost naive touch, somewhat enhanced by the cider (rather than straight apple) flavor. Not a bad option when there is nothing else to smoke, but, in my opinion, not exactly a first choice tobacco. I much prefer, within this range, Prince Albert.

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I’ve bought several pouches of this over the years, each time thinking that I must have missed something in the previous go around.

I didn’t. This is hot burning, cheap fodder. No apple flavor. Another loser from John Middleton.

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I would not recommend this one at all. Oh, it smells delicious in the package . then light it! The “apple” taste is soon gone and your left with a scorched tongue and a soggy pipe. sorry, this is a cheap draw for new pipe smokers and I was one of them. If you want apple pie, take one from a window sill. tommyboy

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I used to smoke Apple regularly back in the seventies. Very difficult to find in my area now. However, recently bought a pouch while visiting.

Very good occasional smoke. Pretty much the same flavor as years ago. Take care to use a cob or cheap briar as the apple flavor and aroma will linger in the pipe for a long time.

Packs well, stays lit. A flavorful taste and aroma. However, not an all day smoke. Recommended as a very nice change of pace. Will buy if available.

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Another of Middleton’s old time aromatics.

This stuff used to be in every grocery store, drug, store and bait shop when I was a child. It is now long gone.

It is a decent tobacco with a pleasant aroma, suitable for when you want to smoke around non smokers, or if the idea of apple flavored tobacco appeals to you.

Like the other Middleton aromatics, the flavoring is very mild it won’t goop your pipe up, or nip your tongue as long as you go slow.

It’s best in a cob. It isn’t a great blast of flavor, but it isn’t meant to be. Just a pleasant, cheap smoke.

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Mild, easy and cheap. I like this tobacco and always have a few pouches stashed around with my other drugstore “dailys”. I have noticed a pouch to pouch discrepancy in quality and strength of flavoring, though, it seems as if about 20% of pouches have little or no casing on them. Generally, this is good out of a cob (I have one cob, a “natural” which I christened by saturating with a mixture of Applejack and a few dabs of ash and honey to build some cake that I ONLY smoke this blend out of. it’s wonderful) or billiard. For about $2.50 a pouch, you really can’t beat it. It’s smooth when smoked low and slow in the manner demanded by such simple burleys, but if you have an open mind about tobacco and are willing to enjoy such a treat, by all means do.

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A golden brown blend of burleys and virginias with a mild, yet assertive tangy apple pouch bouquet. The moisture level is just right, soft to the touch but not overly moist like a generic cavendish. The burning aroma is mild and round from it’s light sweetness with a fainter trace of that apple tanginess. The smoke on the pallette is likewise mild and round in flavor. This isn’t an “in your face” aromatic cavendish, pleasingly so. This actually has some body to it, courtesy of the virginas I think, and found this to be a satifying smoke that I will enjoy finishing off the last pouch, perhaps purchase more. Yes, I liked it that much and is a nice change of pace from stronger, sweetish virginia based blends. Middleton got this one right in my opinion and consider it a superior domestic “drugstore” tobacco. It is far better than the connotation by that epithet suggests. I would rather smoke this than many so called premium blend in a can. This is specifically recommended as a better alternative to any smoking more staight forward cased burley/virginia blends like Half & Half.

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Dried apple flavored straw burning hot and nasty in the bowl of ones pipe. if this is what you desire,buy a pouch of this and experience true disgust! Appalingly awful at all levels!!

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This Middleton offering has been around for a long, long time. It is very typical of the “old fashioned” drug store blends in that it is crimp cut Burley with old American flavoring added in a way that makes its presence known, but still allows the smoker to taste “tobacco.”

I have noticed over the years that many fellow smokers enjoy these bargain brands and I think that’s neat. There is certainly a place for these simple, easy to smoke blends. I don’t find Apple very often, but when I do, I purchase a pouch. This one smokes cool, dry and sweet. It a refreshing change of pace for occasional fun and nostalgia.

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Awful, horrible and hotter than the surface of the sun. In the pouch it smelled a bit like apples but once lit, it smelled medicinal and tasted like the worst cough syrup I ever had as a child. I have tried many, many tobaccos and I can honestly say this is the worst one I have ever put a match to.

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I finally found some of this on a trip to Idaho. No telling how old the pouch was it seems quite dry. Mostly Burley with some Virginia (?) added for a little sharpness. Smells good, tastes like apple and smokes quite slowly for a pouch tobacco. Go easy for best results. A good once in a while tobacco. A very good blend when compared with its’ competitors at the drug store. Quite satisfying as well.

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This is an easy going Burley that has a slight taste of green apple upon the first 1/2 which turns into plain burley for the rest of the bowl. It has an agreeable room note which shouldn’t offend anyone also. Packs easy and lights well and keeps lit with minimal effort. I actually really enjoy this blend and have a pipe dedicated to it! A distiction not many drug stores get! The apple flavoring will haunt a pipe and seems to get better if you dedicate said pipe to the tobacco. After running 3-4 pouches through it the pipe will get a nice cidery smell to it. This is a great summertime smoke to enjoy sitting by the pool drinking cold apple cider with it! Highly recommended!

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This was the first pipe tobacco I ever bought. When I first saw a pouch of it I thought “hmm, I like apples why not?” when I first opened the pouch a distinct apple smell came out, I smiled. but when I first lit up, I gagged. I would have to say this is one of the most disgusting things I have ever smoked. If this was all there was to smoke, I would never smoke a pipe again. It makes me not want to smoke anything made by John Middleton again. I would suggest this swill only if your sadomasochistic.

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This tobacco has a special place in my heart as it was the first pipe tobacco I ever tasted, 30 years ago. I was 14 at the time. A friend of my parent smoked this tobacco and I found myself alone in his home one day, “borrowing” the use of one his many pipes. Fumbling with the dime store packaging, I managed to light up a bowl of this stuff and it was a great first pipe experience for me.

In hindsight, I realize it is a rather simple blend with a very nice room note, despite the fact that it has little else going on.

Call me nostalgic, but I like to keep some of this tobacco around to blend with other tobaccos. It adds a nice room note to some of my less spouse-friendly tobaccos without adding the goopy consistency so common in cased aromatics.

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Another aromatic that has been around for a long time. In fact, the first pouch I tried may have been one of the first ever produced. It was so dry it was almost brittle.

I moistened it up a bit and tried it. Packed and lit well. No problen there. Burned easily.

I didn’t really detect any flavoring. Quite bland.

I bought another pouch. Moisture was good this time. Still lacked flavor. Very mild, I even accidentally inhaled it, and almost didn’t notice!

This is another of those tobaccos that, while it didn’t do anything ‘bad’, it didn’t do anything ‘good’ either.

Just not for me.

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Wow what a difference this time around. Its been seven years since i first tried this blend. I was placing an order at and decided to throw in two pouches. The guys over at Habana must have a new batch or Middleton changed the recipe as both pouches were moist and had an intense apple flavor as opposed to the original pouch i purchased years ago. I am very impressed with the new version! Glad i decided to try this old stand-by again.

Original review: 01/23/2004

Not a bad blend. That being said, it was not the dessert that i was craving. The pouch i got was rather dry. Apple is a clean burning and non biting blend. Tastes like apple cider but my taste buds like either top draw virginia, or sickingly aromatic cavendish. Two ends of the spectrum. Apple is neither.

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This was one of my Uncle Bob’s favorite tobacco’s. I can still remember sitting there in front of the fire place smelling the Apple blend he was smoking. By no means is this a big favorite of mine but it is more of a memory trip when I smoke it. The blend is composed of fairly good burley,and some middle of the road Virginia bits mixed in to this cube cut mixture. The Apple flovouring is not overwhelming,and I think it tatses good.

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Here’s a golden oldie that I had forgotten about. I smoked this some 30 years ago.

It was light with no bite. Could become goopie if smoked too fast. Sour Apple at 1st light that changed to a cider taste as one continued.

Same catagory as the wine and whiskey blends.

I had my apple a day . years ago.

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I’d like to play devil’s advocate and come forward saying “I love this stuff”! The flavor is less fresh apple and more apple cider. My wife doesn’t hate the smell, so that’s a plus, and it makes this Kentucky humidity a bit more tolerable. I’d take this ANY day. I got zero nic hit off of this. the only downfall. It won’t bite at even the most fervent provocation. All of this coming from the man who is swearing off aromatics. grain of salt, brethren. If anyone absolutely hates this blend, just get my address and I’ll pay shipping.

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I had no trouble keeping this lit, but I tamp as I go along. I smoke it in a Missouri Meerschaum Hardwood, using a Dr Grabow filter cut in half. I change the filter every 2-3 bowls to keep things fresh. The smoke is mild enough for a Newbie. Also mild enough to indulge my habit of exhaling the smoke from my mouth,then whiffing it into my nose. Mild enough for an ‘all day’ smoke, although some may think it too boring. Of course, at this level of mildness, I experienced no tongue bite. I found myself hoping for more apple flavor. To me it doesn’t taste like apple fruit, but it does smell like applewood smoked bacon. I’d recommend everyone try it once to see if it is to your liking. I did not find that it gooped up my pipe, it left a nice dry ash behind. I also had no problems with tongue bite. I hope to order some Apple from Boswell’s and revisit this review later. For the ‘drugstore’ tobacco that it is; 3 stars. At $5.59 a pouch here in Connecticut, it’s more than two bucks less than most other OTC pouch brands, a bargain. For that reason, go ahead and dump the bowl when you’re 3/4 finished. It will stay lit right to the bottom, but the last 1/4 isn’t pleasant. I recall that this was better 35 years ago .

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I always keep about four different pipe tobbaco’s on hand, and this is one of them. You would love it if you are into burleys, because you can definately taste it in this blend. This one does not have much of a bite in my opinion. You can somewhat taste the apple in it. It is not too strong for me, and probably not too strong for anyone who enjoys a pipe. I would personally recommend this one!

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I spent the last day of 2011 with Middleton’s Apple. A terrific way to end an otherwise so-so year! A great all day smoke. Mild and pleasant, never bites.

Update 1/31/17: Still enjoy a pouch now and again when I can find it locally. Good burley forward blend.

Pipe Used: Briar and cob

Purchased From: Local shops

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The pouch aroma of this crimp-cut mixture is gently grassy, lacking earthiness. The topping is gently sweet, evoking the scent of a delicate apple jelly.

Composed of light and brown burleys along with a touch of small-flake, sweetened red virginias. The topping is amiable and gentle, enhancing, rather than intruding upon, the base leaf.

Noting both the effect of the topping and the, seemingly, slight difference in composition, the overall effect of Apple is somewhat similar to the lilting Carter Hall, though with a presence that the latter seems to lack. It is innocuous, insignificant, and cheerfully tasty.

Chamber Gauge: Medium to Wide

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This tobacco smells great in the pouch. However the smell of the smoke did not smell like apples and it didn’t taste much like apples either. The smoke doesn’t have much of a taste. It burns rather cool for an aromatic and I did not have any problems with gurgling. If given this tobacco I would take it however I doubt I’ll be buying it again. Just a cool mild smoke, not much flavor.

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. As the old saying goes’You get what you pay for’. Almost as cheap as a can of soda pop.Soda pop lasts 5mins,a pouch of this 5days.Find it smokes best in one of my old-forgiving-Cobs.Lots of casing flavor;ok smoke. Loads of compliments on aroma. :+)

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Smells great when the pouch is opened, but I have found it will bite if not smoked slowly. It also burns wet and I suggest smoking it in a corncob as it will leave a residue behind. I tried smoking it in a clay and after going through a pouch, I had to place the pipe in the embers of a fireplace to clean it up.

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This is one of the few things I remember my father smoking, usually when camping or fishing. When I spotted a pouch on the shelf of my local discount tobacco store, I had to give it a try.

A very basic tobacco whose cut, color, and moisture content is typical of the famous drug store blends like Carter Hall and Prince Albert. The pouch aroma is of apples, and actually reminds me faintly of an apple cased version of Carter Hall.

Upon lighting, the apple scent is noticable, but fades as you work your way through a bowl, and ends up reminding me more of apple cider. Beware: if smoked fast, it will bite. I took my time with this blend, and found it to be acceptable for what it is. an apple flavored drug store pipe tobacco.

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Laid hands on a pouch of the stuff looking for something to clear my pallet. Haven’t had any in 10 years at least and it was a poor experience then. In fact I think I tossed the pouch before the half way point. Experience has taught me how to look for the components of tobacco and now later it’s a sufficient and nice diversion from my usual English. I would not recommend as a first time smoke, it can run hot and you need a pipe to sacrifice too as it will choke up yours with byproduct and casing. I find it runs a little wet and snuffs itself just as it’s getting a nice apple head on it. Then again my sacrificial smoker is a little narrow gauged and may contribute. Give it a try sometime, it’s been around for my whole lifetime so it’s got to have something right?

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This is a decent drugstore burley tobacco pouch; this is the same burley as Carter Hall with some apple flavoring added.

Overall, this tobacco is not so bad for a clean aromatic burley but also nothing fantastic to be expected here, 1 pouch is just good for a trial, especially for a new smoker, no tongue bite is guarante.

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When opening this package I was overwhelmed by a great apple-caramel smell. The first light was very smokey and ash smelling. After the initial light I was welcomed with an amazing taste of Apple. It is great! The ash is very dry and not as wet as described as other reviewers have said. 4 stars

I must down grade this baccy one star. It is very good but it always seem to make me sick. Not a nicotine high as some have suggested(I have sampled nightcap,I know what nicotine can do!) It makes me sick and has the same stomach churn as when you drink to much soda on an empty stomach.

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This was the first Bowl of Tobacco I ever smoked, lifted from my Uncle when I was about 15. I purchased a pouch recently just for nostalgia. I remember seeing this stuff everywhere when I was a kid. but now couldn’t find it, ordered a pouch on-line. I must admit I love the smell of this in the Pouch, clean crisp VA/BUR tobacco with a slight sweet/sour apple topping. Loaded up my cob, and fired it up. topping barely there. smoked like a slightly low quality, slightly hot, slightly dry Burley with some VA and apple topping (gee thats what it is). Not the best smoke in the world, but not the worst. Would like to get more apple flavor to live up to the pouch aroma.

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Great smell in pouch and in bowl. THe tobacco burned rather fast but did not cause tongue burn. Their was some nipping from the virginia, but nothing else.

This burned with EXTREMELY small amount of moisture in the pipe. THe moisture that did accumulate was extremely tasty wich is unusual for an aromatic.

The tobacco burned down very well into a blackened state that disentigrated instantly when touched. I ground it into the heel and the sides of the bowl with a matchstick and reserved a small amount of the ash in my palm while cleaning everything out of the heel. It coated the bowl so well it looked like a brand new grabow bowl. Good smell to bowl a few hours after smoking. And the pipe was dry a few hours later. SO i am keeping this.

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Another of Middleton’s simple tobacco’s that’s a pleasent cheap smoke in a cob. Has a great aroma and like other Middleton products, burns clean and won’t goop up your pipe. No tongue bite, as long as you sip slowly. Good for smoking while working or puttering outside.

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A burley and virginia blend with apple flavoring. The quality of the tobacco itself is ok. Not great, but ok. The casing tends to make it a hot smoke. Use a corncob or a light sandblast briar for this blend. It’s got a good nicotine kick however and a nice aroma. Passed the wife test.

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Apple Pipe Tobacco, a unique taste in smoking, is a superior blend of top quality… Burley and Virginia tobaccos flavored with the taste of apples. Apple tobacco brings to the pipe smoker the smoothness of fine tobaccos, the crisp taste of fresh apples and the refreshing aroma of both. Apples and tobacco, a natural combination.