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Extreme Q Vaporizer By Arizer, homemade vaporizer

* Welcome, in the event you've found this web site it is quite possible that you were searching on where to buy Extreme Q Vaporizer cheap, or perhaps you were searching for Extreme Q Vaporizer reviews. No matter what the case could be, your purpose is indeed to order Extreme Q Vaporizer. * Just Click…

Arizer Extreme Q Review

A super affordable desktop vape – that doesn’t compromise on quality.

  • Superbly versatile – allows inhalation through a whip or balloon
  • Can be remotely controlled
  • Glass components for top-quality vapour
  • Affordable price compared to other desktop vaporizers
  • Plenty of accessories to enhance experience
  • Doesn’t feel hugely robust or durable
  • Becomes very hot to touch
  • Balloon takes a while to fill

Posted on March 9, 2020 January 13, 2020 by Peter Mattsson


If you’re seeking a brand-new desktop vaporizer but don’t want to spend a small fortune, the Arizer Extreme Q is the perfect solution. Whilst considerably more affordable than many other desktop vapes, the Extreme Q doesn’t compromise on vapour quality or versatility. A great choice for those looking to experiment with different techniques and enjoy long group sessions, the Arizer Extreme Q boasts an array of interesting features.

Overall Design

Simplistic and sleek to look at, the Arizer Extreme Q looks incredibly durable and strong upon first glance. However, when compared to ever-popular powerhouse vapes like Storz and Bickel’s Volcano Hybrid, the overall feel of this vaporizer is slightly lacking.

Whilst certainly not ‘cheap’ feeling whatsoever, the general build isn’t quite as durable as some other desktop vapes at premium prices. But considering the affordable cost of the Arizer Extreme Q, its overall design is definitely worth the money.


Perhaps one of the best-selling points of the Arizer Extreme Q is its versatility, with plenty of innovative features enough to keep even the most particular of vaping enthusiasts happy! Complete with two full balloon kits and a 3ft tube with accompanying mouthpieces, two forms of inhalation are available with this vape.

Better still, you’ll also find an open-top dish specifically designed to fill the surrounding air with your favourite potpourri scents, and a useful glass tool for stirring your herbs. Whilst this selection of accessories may feel a little overwhelming for beginners, once you’ve got your head around how to use everything you’re sure to find the Arizer Extreme Q to be a hugely versatile vaporizer fully equipped for experimentation.

Accompanying Remote Control

Whilst the Extreme Q has a digital panel and accompanying buttons allowing you to select your chosen temperature, alter the mode and switch the device on and off rapidly, the quirky remote control offers greater control over your entire session experience.

Giving you the power to adjust temperature or inner fan speed without having to be directly next to the actual device, you can even illuminate a nifty blue light surrounding the base to add instant edge to the vape. Increasing convenience and allowing for quick temperature changes without having to reach over to the device itself, the remote control operation is a great additional feature.

Vapour Quality

As the Arizer Extreme Q features multiple glass components throughout its pathway, you can expect to experience cool, flavourful vapour every time. But as the addition of the balloon or silicone tube breaks-up the pathway with other materials, the vapour perhaps isn’t quite as pure and crisp as a complete all-glass pathway would provide.

But, considering the price point, the vapour quality from the Extreme Q is still very impressive – regardless of whether you inhale via the balloon or tube. However it’s important to note the time taken to fill the balloon attachment with vapour takes a little longer than other comparable vaporizers like the coveted Volcano Hybrid. But provided you’re willing to wait, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Full Temperature Control

Allowing you to select temperature anywhere from 50°C to 260°C, the temperature range offered by the Arizer Extreme Q is very impressive. Better still, this vape performs very well even at lower temperatures by still producing intensely flavourful vapour – a great bonus considering its affordable cost. And as it’s able to reach maximum temperature in just 90 seconds, you won’t be left waiting minutes on end for your session to begin.

However, a potential downside to this device’s temperature is the amount of time it takes to fully cool down. Often reaching the point of being too hot to touch after just a mere few hits, you’ll have to wait multiple minutes for all components to fully cool for emptying or switching-up components can occur. But provided you’re patient and don’t make stupid decisions while the vape is still hot, this shouldn’t affect your overall session.


If you’re on a budget yet don’t want to sacrifice the quality of your vaping experience, the Arizer Extreme Q is a great choice. Whilst not quite as premium as more expensive options like Storz and Bickel’s Volcano Hybrid, the versatility and vapour quality offered here is outstanding considering its affordable price point. Providing multiple impressive features without breaking the bank, the Arizer Extreme Q is not to be passed-up.

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