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Atmos coil

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The Atmos Greedy Atomizer Coils are authentic AtmosRX brand heating elements for the Greedy heating attachment. These coils are made available in three different styles, each being engineered to deliver a different vape experience. The standard stainless steel coil with glass quartz rod heating element are the same as the original coils included with your Greedy cartridge. These coils are designed to be compatible with temperature control settings to heat up quickly and efficiently, creating a potent and powerful quality of vapor. Atmos’ Greedy Clapton coil is an upgrade atomizer that comes equipped with a massive Clapton style kanthal coil and glass quartz heating element. The large Clapton style coil allows you to quickly vape through large quantities of material with just a simple touch of a button. If it’s enhanced flavor you are after then consider investing in the Greedy Twisted Coil. With a twisted A1 Kanthal coil wrapped around a pure glass quartz rod heating element the quality of flavor will be hard to beat. Each of Atmos’ Greedy Replacement Coils feature a durable stainless steel housing with pure ceramic dish that ensures every last bit of material packed inside gets vaped, leaving nothing to waste. Whether you are looking to replace the original stainless steel coils that came with your Greedy Cartridge or you are in the market for an upgrade coil, we have got you covered. Included: 2 x Atmos Greedy Replacement Coils