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How To Use the Atmos Jump Dry Herb Vaporizer

If you’re starting out as a dry herb vaper, the Atmos Jump Dry Herb Vaporizer is a great starter vape pen. It’s simple to use, straightforward, and you don’t have to spend too much time learning it. If you already got one, here’s our Atmos jump herb vaporizer how to use guide to help you get familiar with your device.

Materials for using the Atmos Jump Dry Herb Vaporizer

Before you get started, make sure you have:

  • A charged Atmos Jump dry herb vaporizer
  • Your favorite herb in a medium coarse grind
  • Packing tool
  • Scooper

The Atmos Jump has good chamber space, with the screen underneath the mouthpiece to keep the herbs in.

How to use the Atmos Jump dry herb vaporizer

1. Sterilize your Atmos Jump by pressing the button three times. The Unit will turn on and stay heated for four minutes before it auto shuts down. Do this process three times to get rid of the manufacturing oils.
2. Grind your herb to a medium-fine to fine consistency.
3. Open the mouthpiece to reveal the oven.
4. Use a scooper and pack the oven two-thirds of the way. Use the packing tool to pack down the herb firmly but not too tight that you restrict airflow.
5. Replace the mouthpiece.
6. Turn on the Atmos Jump by pressing the button three times. You’re ready to vaporize after 20-30 seconds.

Things to consider

A medium fine to fine grind is perfect for the Atmos Jump herb vaporizer. The unit has a convection type oven, which means hot air flows through the dry herbs as you pull from the mouthpiece. The medium fine grind gives your herbs enough weight to prevent it from getting pulled up through the mouthpiece. It also allows good surface area for vaporization as well as airflow.

Use an herb scooper to pack the Atmos Jump chamber. This keeps your herbs from getting contaminated with oil and dead skin from your hands, and you don’t waste herbs this way.

Don’t expect big clouds with the Atmos Jump. It only has one heat setting which heats up at 200°F. The temp is perfect for getting out all the essential oils from your herbs without drawing attention. It’s made for discreet and quiet sessions so you can enjoy your herbs peacefully.

If you want to try out vaping dry herbs but want a device that is simple to use, but efficient, try out the Atmos Jump dry herb vaporizer pen. If you have any questions about the Atmos Jump, please don’t hesitate to ask us in our comment section.

Read our Atmos Jump dry herb vaporizer how to use guide so you'll get familiar with how this amazing dry herb vaporizer works.

Jump Kit Dry Herb Vaporizer

The Jump Dry Herb Vape Pen, with its powerful carbon fiber housing, is one of the most durable and compact true vaporizers available. Powered by a 1200mAh battery, the Jump provides powerful performance with every use, while evenly vaporizing dry herbs with its hard anodized heating chamber to provide smooth and rich vapor. And with its easy access mouthpiece and micro-USB charging, the Jump Herbal Vaporizer Pen Kit is convenient, quick and easy to use. Experience the joy that comes along with the powerful and portable performance of the Atmos Jump.

Size h 5.75in, d .68in

Developed and Designed by Atmos Nation. ( Patent Protected )

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  • User Manual
  • Refill Info

This Kit Includes:

1 – 1200mAh Jump Vaporizer

1 – Easy-Access Mouthpiece

1 – Packing Tool

1 – Cleaning Brush

1 – Micro-USB Charger


Bee see – 11/18/2020

They will only save the five star reviews. I give it one star. Went through 3 mouth pieces. They come unglued with the heat and fail. Tossed it. Do ur self a favor and buy a better vape

Sandra Cheslak – 07/08/2020

This is an excellent dry vape, produces great taste easy maintenance for cleaning, plus it’s a gorgeous sparkly green! Heats fast, Holds all day charge.

As I now have purchased three Jump’s, I reserve the right for a second review. I’ve heard all the criticisms: Chamber is too small, it’s too hot, i’ts not hot enough, it’s not adjustable, is it REALLY convection. yada, yada. PFFFT! Are these people joking? This device is spot on. Nothing combusts and the vapor is tender for the old suck sacks. I put about 0.2 grams in and I get the same beautiful, euphoric experience than I would after roasting a fatty. So this “small oven” nonsense has just got to stop. Now I want to talk about build quality: Between my two friends and myself, we’ve only had one problem and that’s because I really abused the mouthpiece and I paid for a replacement with couch change. I’ve dropped it down stairs, on concrete, my friend stepped on it; no scratches even! This electric pipe is also as handsome as a fresh $100 bill. And for the price, you cannot go wrong. So, what are you waiting for. (FULL DISCLOSURE: I am not associated with the staff of AtmosRX, I am just really HAPPY at the time).

Roy Perkins – 05/27/2020

I can’t believe this back around Christmas I took my wife to the cemetery to put flowers out. We made 6 or 7 stops. So when I went looking for my vape it was gone fell out the pocket of my door. I was heart broken! Middle of March back at the cemetery walking back to my car, I see this red thing in the mud. Driven over,rained on,snowed on. I couldn’t believe it! Of course there’s no way it would work. It still had a charge and it worked. Ha your product rocks

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