atmos wax attachment

Atmos wax attachment

Atmos The Kiln Wax Atomizer

The Kiln Wax Atomizer is indispensable for all Wax lovers.

Kiln Wax Atomizer – for wax steamer a must.

Atmos, the vaporizer specialist from the USA, is addressing this part of an often neglected discipline in steaming. If you long for a change from herbal steaming, Atmos has launched a very special new development on the market. The Kiln Wax Atomizer is the first Atomizer of its kind specially designed for wax as a filling material. The entire evaporation head was made of ceramics for the optimum development of taste in the evaporation of wax-containing substances. Characteristic of ceramic materials is their heat resistance and their air impermeability. This allows the aroma of the steam to unfold perfectly.

Moreover, the heating plate is also made of ceramics, as is the mouthpiece. Thanks to the high-quality workmanship and the material used, a unique pure, concentrated and incomparable taste is created. Atmos recommends an operating performance in a range of 5-15 watts. The Kiln Wax Evaporator has a 510-port connection and is therefore also suitable for devices from other manufacturers. The temperature is between 150 ┬░ C and 205 ┬░ C. Clear recommendation: try.

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