bamboo smoking pipes

How to Make a Small Bamboo Pipe.

Introduction: How to Make a Small Bamboo Pipe.

I was bored, so i decided to make a tobacco pipe, out of some small bamboo.
This was how it’s made:

Step 1: Get Yourself Bamboo

i was walking down a road on my street, when i saw a small thicket of bamboo, so i grabbed a piece about 3/4 inch in diameter and one about 1/8 inch in diameter

the longer a piece you get, the more pipes you can make

Step 2: Cuttin It Down

with the thicker bamboo, from a notch cut about (just my idea) 1 inch from the notch, straight across
and with the smaller, cut about a 4 inch piece with holes on both ends

Step 3: Making It

with the bowl end, scrape out the inside flesh and let dry, and with the pipe, let dry
use a drill to drill a hole slightly smaller than the end of the pipe, and slide it in
glue if you want, if not you can take it apart for easier carrying

Step 4: More

i highly do not recommend it

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I’d just like to make a point here: Bamboo is nature’s fiberglass. As such, I strongly suggest you coat the inside of this pipe THOROUGHLY with wax. An experienced pipe-maker taught me this trick when I was younger, and from what he told me, it saved me from microscopic slivers and a nasty infection. No, this does not mean that you can smoke out of a fiberglass pipe as long as it’s covered in wax 😉

Reply 3 years ago

Hello there, I realize this is a very old post but if you are still around, may I ask as to what kind of wax should be used to coat the inside of the bamboo pipe? And how do you do so? Thank you!

11 years ago on Step 4

i really wish i could get my hands on some bamboo where i live haha nice ible

Reply 8 years ago on Step 4

You say you need to get your hands on some bamboo like you already have the weed hahaha

11 years ago on Step 3

how do you get the pipe/ tube end to be hollow all the way through mdog

Reply 11 years ago on Step 3

bamboo is hollow except for the water blocks so you can just use the pieces between those

Reply 10 years ago on Step 3

Hard to find 4″+ long pieces that slim, without nodes.
I think I may have to fashion a drill from a piece of coat hanger wire.

Cut a length of straight steel wire.
Cut one end to a fairly well centered point.
Hammer the point to flatten and thin it a bit.
Grind edges on a stone or concrete surface.

Pass down the length of the pipe stem and twirl with fingers to drill through intermediate node blocks.

How to Make a Small Bamboo Pipe.: I was bored, so i decided to make a tobacco pipe, out of some small bamboo.This was how it's made:

Bamboo smoking pipes

Smoking Pipes

Smoking pipes made from bamboo or cane (fig.748). These pipes are normally made in two parts; the bowl in which tobacco is burnt and the stem attached to the bowl used to draw smoke into the mouth. The bowl is made either from cane or bamboo while the stem is a very thin whole culm; sometimes a length of branch is used.

The pipe is a simple construction incorporating a bamboo bowl connected to a bamboo pipe stem made from a length of branch (fig.756). The surfaces of both bowl and stem are decorated with motifs scored on the outer skin by a sharp instrument.

A bamboo cigarette holder has been evolved using similar motifs on the surface. The holder has two parts connected along a common axis. The part that receives the cigarette is larger in diameter than the stem.

This is a combination of bamboo, wood, metal and horn.(fig.757). The bowl is made from a part of a bamboo rhizome with the impression of the buds retained on the surface as decoration. The stem is made from wood and born with a metal connection between them. The wooden part is fixed permanently to the bowl while the born element is detachable for cleaning.

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