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The 6 Best Electric Grinders to Evenly Cut and Dispense Weed

Electric weed grinders aren’t as common as manual grinders, but they’re handy as hell.

Manual weed grinders are a dime a dozen. Some of them are pretty crappy, some of them are nearly perfect, and all of them require you to physically move your wrists and hands in a twisting fashion to activate the blades. Human error worms its way into the process. And for some, that dexterity just isn’t possible. The electric weed grinder category is more niche, and it isn’t exactly abounding with options (unless you want to sacrifice your coffee grinder or actual herb grinder to the cause, and get it sticky with resin in the process). But it leaves less room for mishap and can be easier to use. Besides, the weed itself will grind more uniformly.

There are three crucial features to keep in mind when looking for a good electric grinder: its energy source, its storage capacity, and its shape. Below, you’ll find six grinders that are all great, but that are also all tailored to a slightly different need. Pens are more subtle, rechargeable batteries ensure longevity, more expensive grinders have smarter blades, larger storage chambers keep you supplied for more sessions, and so on. But once you pick one, smoking, vaping, or otherwise ingesting weed becomes all the more enjoyable.

On a final note: Always keep in mind from whom you purchase your weed, as it really does matter. Responsible cannabis players pay tribute to the minority communities unfairly targeted by the war on drugs and then left out of the cannabis boom. Buy where it counts.

This is an inexpensive and tactile grinder that you’ll be able to operate with one hand—slicing and finely dicing the weed, dispensing it neatly, then storing the extra for a later session. Though it is technically portable, the shape and the required 9V battery might be detractors when it comes to going mobile.

Bear with us. Though it’s technically a tobacco shredder, it’s gotten praise for shredding weed too, particularly from medical marijuana users or users with less hand dexterity than they used to have. It’s basic, much like a small coffee grinder, but it gets the job done.

This is the best, budget-pleasing, pen-shaped electric grinder you’ll find. The blades are strong, sharp stainless steel (you can watch them work through the window in the pen’s cap). After grinding, the pen stores excess and dispenses it when you need it through a narrow nozzle. A rechargeable battery seals the deal.

A twofer of a grinder, this pen features a manual grinder on one end—so yes, you’ll have to move your wrists—and a storage container on the the other. Take it with you, and when you want to partake in some ground weed, press the (electric) dispenser button. It’ll deposit just enough. It’s also modular, transforming into bigger or smaller pens to suit the day’s needs.

Made from stainless steel, this pen-style grinder has some heft to it, but it’ll last a good, long while. The blades thresh through dry herb at the push of a button, and the cap unscrews to reveal a spout for dispensing the final product. It also stores enough for more than one session. All around, it’s a high-tech device with all the features you’ll need. (It comes in matte black, too.)

As close to machine learning as the cannabis industry has come, Otto is a smart grinder that automatically determines the speed, direction, and power required to grind based on readings of what’s in its chamber, then deposits what it mills into a pre-roll cone. It’s not made for storing ground weed. It’s made for smoking freshly cut marijuana.

Here you'll find six best electric weed grinders and pens that are all great, and that are also all tailored to a slightly different cannabis-ingesting need.

The Best Grinder Ever Made.

MAMBA V1 Electric Herb Grinder

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Rediscover your herb with the MAMBA Electric Grinder.

MAMBA’s electronic grind technology fluffs your herb to the perfect consistency- unlocking hidden tastes, aromas & potency for enhanced elevated experiences.

• Professionally Engineered with Aircraft-Grade Aluminium

Calibrated Electronic Grind System

Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery powered herb grinder

Mamba Grinder™ – An Award-Winning Electric Grinder

The MAMBA Team performed years of product testing to manufacture a battery powered electric grinder with the perfect combination of bud capacity and rotational speed & torque, to deliver unsurpassed grinding performance for the end user.

An electric bud grinder perfectly optimized to UNLOCK HIDDEN TASTES, AROMAS & POTENCY from within your herb.

We’ve fine-tuned every detail to ensure that your herb is NEVER damaged or suppressed from an overly-evasive or improper grind. From its precision-tuned grind track to the perfectly calibrated gear system that delivers the optimal non-evasive grinding speed, the Mamba Electric Grinder is made for those looking to get the optimal herbal experience.

Rediscover the unique properties of your herb.

Grind with MAMBA-

The Best Grinder Ever Made.

Mamba V1™ Battery Powered Grinder

The original, award-winning MAMBA V1 battery-powered electric grinder.

The Mamba grinder performs seamlessly at the touch of a button to grind a medium-fine fluffy consistency every time; No matter how moist and oily the buds.

Mamba V2™ Electric Grinder

The Next Generation of Mamba Grinders- Mamba V2

The MAMBA Grinder V2’s electronic grind technology fluffs your herb to the perfect consistency- unlocking hidden tastes, aromas & potency for enhanced elevated experiences.

• Professionally Engineered with Aircraft-Grade Aluminium

Calibrated Electronic Grind System

Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery


Mamba Masher™ Power Drill Grinder

Designed to attach to a power drill, this large weed grinder is perfect for those looking to grind large quantities of bud.

Be warned- the Mamba Herb Masher is a big herb grinder with a very hungry appetite.

Attach the Masher to your drill and you have a complete power drill grinder ready to mash through your herb!


MAMBA never damages your herb or suppresses its true characteristics.

Rediscover hidden tastes, aromas & potencies for enhanced elevated experiences.

Better Taste.

Uncover the distinguished, nuanced flavours of your herb. Mamba grind technology is non-evasive and doesn’t suppress your herbs flavor.

New Aromas.

Mamba grind technology provides consistent airflow throughout your herb- enhancing its true aroma.

Unlocked Potency.

Mamba’s calibrated grind technology brings out your herb’s true potency- resulting in more elevated experiences.

Don’t settle for a typical grinder that grinds your herbs so fine that it restricts airflow, or shreds it so thick that it’s clumpy.

The MAMBA electric grinder doesn’t just grind your herbs, it breaks up clumps and fluffs it to the perfect consistency.

A point and shoot bud grinder convenient for all- especially those suffering from Fibromyalgia, Arthritis & other hand injuries.

At the push of a button, the MAMBA dry herb grinder delivers an unparalleled grind 20x faster than manual hand grinders.

MAMBA’s cone shaped outlet makes it easy to dispense ground herbs accurately to wherever you need them.

No mess. No waste. Clean, accurate dispensing.

Official Mamba Store™- Rediscover your herb with the MAMBA v2 electric grinder. The Perfect Grind. Every time. MAMBA's electronic grind technology fluffs your herb to the perfect consistency- unlocking hidden tastes, aromas & potency for enhanced elevated experiences. ]]>