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Beaker Bongs

Beaker bongs one of the best shapes you can have for a bong! Inspired by beakers from the science lab, beaker bongs offer a large water compartment to make sure you can cool the smoke down as much as possible. Their shape makes them bottom heavy so you can be confident that it wont be knocked over easily. We have a huge selection to cater for your needs.

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The 40cm Glass Conical Percolator Ice Bong looks great, performs like a beast and is available in a selection of colours. What more could you ask for at such a great price?

Introducing the ‘Crystaline’ Glass Bong by Cheeky One Sci-Fi.

Introducing the Cheeky One Sci-Fi ‘Horizon’ Glass Bong

This Cheeky One Sci-Fi Conical Mini Bong is a great little mini bong, guaranteed to savour every little bit of flavour.

This Cheeky One Sci-Fi Conical Mini Bong is a great little mini bong, guaranteed to savour every little bit of flavour.

No words can make justicie to the full potential of the Chongz “Adore” 30cm Glass Waterpipe, with no doubt the perfect glass bong that exists for those on a low budget!

If you are looking for a fully functional, elegantly shaped piece of glassware that will undoubtedly be able to get you covered in every possible way and at a very low cost, then the Chongz “Peachy” 30cm Glass Waterpipe is the exact tool that you are looking for!

Thanks to the Chongz ‘Black Nasty’ Triple Diffuser Glass Bong is the very latest addition to the Shiva catalogue!

Presenting the Mini Goose Glass Bong/Oil Rig by Chongz!

These super functional bongs from Chongz look the bomb and smoke like a dream!

Proudly introducing the amazing Chongz Dead Head ‘Day of the Dead’ 30 cm GlasS Bong into the Shiva catalogue. Built out if 9 mm thick borosilicate glass, this is undoubtedly a gadget of the highest quality out there!

The Chongz Goosebump Diffuser Ice Bong looks great, performs like a champ and is very affordable. What more could you ask for?! Available in various colours.

The Head On Glass Diffuser Bong has a very unique design that looks awesome as well as being very functional. It has many features like its 5mm thick glass and diffuser stem.

Chongz Pinhead Green Ribbed Glass Bong is a very unique bong. |Adorned with riveted glass it stands out as a really beautful piece

The Conical Glass Percolator Ice Bong almost looks as if it belongs in a science lab. Made from high quality glass and they’re packed full of features.

Introducing the ‘Beggarly Amount’ 19cm Glass Bong from Dr Death by Chongz!

Introducing the ‘Teenage Riot’ from Dr Death by Chongz!

This is an innovation in bong smoking, Introducing the Ejector-Bong. Purposefully built to house the Eject-A-Bowl.

The Grace Glass Recycler Oil Bubbler Bong is an awesome piece of kit with an amazing recycler built in. It comes with both an oil dome and glass nail as well as a herb bowl. Currently available in either blue or clear.

The Jaxx USA “Bobby Haha” is a simple yet functional bong. It is made in the USA from high quality glass, and is decorated in a classy yet unusual way.

The incredible Kashmir Kooler is a cool looking gadget that will undoubtedly not only fulfill the purpose it was originally designed for, but it would also make a perfect decoration tool for your house!

This bong is a work of craft; much more impressive than a simple work of art. The ROOR Little Sista Ice Master 7mm has a conical shape in order to hold more water, and has been hand blown to perfection.

The ROOR Little Sista Ice Master is the latest model in the ROOR collection. It is a smaller version of the Dealers Cup. If you want a larger water volume than other bongs then the Little Sista should be considered. Now available with a choice of 14.5mm and 18.8mm joint size.

The Shiva Dominator 33cm Glass Percolator is part of our high quality Shiva branded line designed to provide smooth and tasty hits. Available in Blue and Green.

The Shiva 43cm Dominator Glass Percolator is the first in our range of high quality Shiva branded Glass bongs. Available in Blue and Green.

Introducing The Meraki Glass Bong Kit by Abraxian – The beautiful curves of The Meraki allow for a larger volume of water meaning a much more purified and smooth experience.

Beaker Bongs

Beaker bongs get their name from the science laboratory equipment. You know the ones in movies right? The glass beaker equipment the evil genius uses to make a chemical that takes over the world. If only the evil genius found beaker bongs instead, they could just chill out.

These bongs are significantly different from straight tube bongs or bubble bongs for a few reasons.

Firstly, lots of bongs can be very front heavy but beaker bongs have a sturdy bottom with a good centre of gravity. So if your house has clumsy roommates, dogs, or cats, this might be a more suited option. Naturally, the thicker the glass, the heavier the bong. We advise getting the thickest glass you can afford as they’ll last that much longer.

Secondly, most beaker bongs get narrower at the top meaning you’re much less likely to get water in your mouth. Tasting bong water while your taking a hit ruins your bong experience and tastes truly horrible! Beakers offer a very useful way of avoiding that.

Third, beaker bongs often have a ice catcher compartment. We always recommend choosing any bong with an ice catcher compartment because it significantly reduces the smoke temperature. This means its healthier for your lungs and you can get bigger hits. Beakers almost always have this compartment so we suggest making the most out of all the bongs features. Beakers also have a large space for water additionally cooling your smoke down for a much smoother hit than straight bongs.

Finally, concentrate beaker bongs are often considerably smaller. If you have a big bong and you vaporize oil through it, you can loose a lot of your dab along the way through percolators and stems etc. With smaller rigs, you can get pretty much all your oil in one big hit. Beaker dabbing rigs are a good choice because they’re far more stable than recyclers and you can fit more water in them.

Beaker Bongs Beaker bongs one of the best shapes you can have for a bong! Inspired by beakers from the science lab, beaker bongs offer a large water compartment to make sure you can cool the

Beaker Bongs

Not only do beaker bongs make you feel like you’re a mad scientist, they also give you some of the biggest, smoothest and best hits available.

Benefits of a beaker bong

Beaker base bongs have a lot of benefits over other bong styles including massive yet controlled hits, improved filtration, ease to clean and its durable stable table base.

  • Big fat hits – The wide base chamber creates more space for smoke to accumulate and concentrate, creating ginormous hits that are sure to get you instantly zooted.
  • Better filtration – The beaker base can also hold more water which helps generate more bubbles to filter smoke more efficiently.
  • Less water changing – Since the beaker base holds more water, this also means that water gets dirty more slowly, so you don’t have to change it quite as often.
  • More controlled rips – Because you have to pull a bit harder on a beaker, you get to decide how big to let your hit grow in the base, and when to take it, unlike a straight shooter bong which is more direct.
  • Table stable – The wide base keeps it more stable and less likely to tip over which is important if you’re a bit of a butterfingers or like to host the smoke sesh at yours. This is especially important if you want to add features like an ash catcher or a bigger bowl.
  • Easy to clean – Beakers are effective and yet still simple. The simple shape makes it easy to get all those ash and tar particles at the base and neck.
  • Reduced Splashback – The design of the beaker naturally reduces splashback unlike straight tube bongs. This is especially the case if your beaker also has an ice pinch.

Features to consider for your beaker

  • Splash guards – These ringed indents stand guard at your mouth to protect it from the evils of gross bongwater. These are a must-have for many.
  • Ice catchers – These indents do exactly what they sound like, letting you chill down your hits to extremely comfortable temperatures that taste great.
  • Removable downstems – These are easy to replace if they break or get too clogged up.
  • Built-in downstems – Also known as a fixed downstem, this is just one less loose piece to worry about, so it’s easier to transport your water pipe without worrying about losing the downstem.
  • Percolators – Consider getting a beaker with percolators, which will help to further diffuse smoke and cool down your hits. It’s worth cosidering a fixed percolated downstem. This paired with an ice catcher and you’ll be floating on an iceberg in Antartica IN YOUR MIND!
  • Glass thickness – Our beaker base bongs are made of borosilicate glass, which is used in in labs and high-end restaurants because it is temperature resistant, extremely durable and stands the test of time.

Best Beaker Bongs for sale

  • Wide Base Beaker
  • Burly Beaker Bong
  • 2 Tone Hazy Beaker

Cheap beaker bong for sale

If you are looking for a cheap bong that has a beaker base for concentrated hits and easy cleaning we’ve got you covered with some of the best cheap beakers online.

  • Wide Base Beaker and Karate Bong are both simple yet effective and are two of our cheapest bong available.
  • Multi Colored Perc Bong has not one but four percolators so you can enjoy massively filtered hits.
  • Mini Colored Chiller Bong features a s howerhead percolator and g lycerin features so you can chill.

How to use a beaker bong?

Just like a normal bong you pack a bowl, light it and breathe in through the mouthpiece. You’ll see the smoke accumulate at the base and start to rise through the neck. Inhale at your own pace and you’ll see the bubbles work their magic filtering smoke before you take in a hit. If you want to take a massive hit, you can remove the glass bowl once the smoke is concentrated enough at the base but as a forewarning you may end up coughing for the next five minutes!

Buy beaker bongs online

Are you looking for monster-sized rips? Do you want a water bong that won’t fall over but is still a classic? Are you actually a mad scientist? If so, a beaker bong might be right for you. Luckily, we have cheap beaker bongs at Everything For 420 in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors, so you’re sure to find the perfect one.

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