best club banger

Best club banger

The moment is that three second period when you realize that song is coming on. It is when you frantically put your drink down and grab someone to get to the dance floor. It is when your hands go up in the air and you involuntarily scream “Ohhhhhh. ” Everyone has been there. It happens in all types of clubs with all types of music. However, there is nothing like the moment in a hip-hop club. While there is no denying that songs like “We Found Love” or “One (Your Name)” can cause a ruckus in a club playing EDM, hip-hop lends itself to those moments in a manner like no other genre of music. The perfectly timed cuts of a good hip-hop DJ can cause a stampede to the dance floor when a hip-hop club banger comes on. Without a doubt, the establishment that had more of those moments than anywhere was New York’s Tunnel nightclub on Sunday nights. DJ Funkmaster Flex reigned over the best hip-hop party that ever existed. Flex was the master of creating drama around a hip-hop club banger.

ADANAI has created a playlist commemorating the songs that furnish those moments. This is not a ranking and there is no doubt that there are songs that should be on this list that aren’t. That being said, each one of these 31 hip-hop club bangers should bring back a lot of memories. Enjoy.

In alphabetical order, here are the tracks:

You know that moment in the club when you have to put your drink down and get to the dance floor? The DJ must have put on one of these hip-hop club bangers