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Ten Best Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine Reviews For 2020

Tobacco rolling can become tedious very quickly. Especially when you’re on the go and need to have your cigarettes ready in a hurry. Or maybe you would like to become less dependent on brands that sell them boxed and prepackaged at convenience stores. In these situations, the best electric cigarette rolling machine – also kown as an automatic cigarette rolling machine – is a great tool to help you develop your own blends. Just the way you enjoy them. Listed here are popular choices on the market to help you create your own cigarettes from scratch. They all have great reliability and key features, of which will be detailed for each product shown.

Top Ten Best Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine Reviews

GERUI Electric Cigarette Tobacco Rolling Automatic Roller

The GERUI cigarette roller does not roll papers; it instead injects the tobacco into the end of a cigarette tube (sold separately) and fills up the pre-rolled paper with contents via a tobacco hopper. The hopper is a small plate with an opening at the bottom. Just place the desired amount of tobacco you want to be injected and the cigarettes will come out in seconds.

As this machine is electrically powered, there is minimal manual labor. However, when the tube is filled with tobacco, you may need a small tray that is low to the ground in order to keep the cigarettes from falling. Small amounts of tobacco will also come out of the tips, so things can quickly get messy if you are preparing multiple sticks. The machine is designed to roll medium and king-size cigarettes so you may have difficulty attempting 100-millimeter tubes.

Overall, the GERUI is a nice tool to have for anyone that needs a quick way to get their smokes rolled quickly with little effort. It isn’t perfect, but it will definitely complete the job quicker than doing it yourself.

Oldeagle Portable Cigarette Rolling Machine

The Oldeagle rolling machine is black and capable of loading one cigarette at a time. The mechanism takes only seconds to complete and has a tray table with enough capacity to fit about seven papers. The catching table underneath the feeder will hold most of the tobacco that falls out, so if you are in a hurry and end up with spilled tobacco, simply empty the contents into the top portion to make another cigarette again.

The Oldeagle’s motor can be altered to change the density of the tobacco contents in your tubes as well. The five-speed settings, while useful, also tend to make the cigarettes more susceptible to spillage outside of the tray table at the base. It’s a minor inconvenience that should not hinder the device’s ability to put out tightly packed cigarettes.

While it is small enough for you to carry around outside, remember that you will need an outlet in order to use this product. It also comes with a small brush that you can use to clean everything once you’re finished.

Rollematic Electric Cigarette Injector Machine

The Rollematic Injector is compact but will churn out cigarettes more efficiently than other comparable devices. It doesn’t have a protruding tray table like the previous products reviewed. The tubes will come out looking identical to cigarettes that are purchased at stores. There is little residue spilled from the ends and light will indicate when the stick is ready to be removed from the feeder.

While jamming may occasionally occur when injecting your tobacco, an easy fix is to raise the lever. This allows the contents in the tray table to loosen and continue to operate as normal. Average cigarette sizes are recommended. However, there are techniques that can be done to accommodate 100-millimeter papers if you possess them. Grasp the tube that fills the cigarette whilst keeping your other hand on the filter. Then let the operation proceed as normal.

Rollematic is recommended for those who use premium rolling tubes. It will make cigarettes that won’t damage the paper and leave the loose portions of the sticks with uneven tobacco.

Powermatic 2 Plus Cigarette Injector Machines

The Powermatic 2 Electric Cigarette Injector has been touted as one of the best devices for producing smokes at home. The build is well made, outfitted with a sturdy black casing that feels as if it will last for many years. It is surprisingly heavy, weighing about one pound. The feeding tray is also wide, a nice addition that will allow you to make nearly one pack worth of cigarettes in record time.

It is designed to accommodate regular sizes but can work with 100’s by adding more tobacco into the tray while holding the tube simultaneously. The lever works perfectly and can produce enough power to get at the ends of the cigarette. If your smoke comes out wrong, just lessen the amount of tobacco being used. Regardless, the Powermatic 2 is a great step up from more rudimentary cigarette injectors and will satisfy anyone who needs help with their rolling. It is made from high-quality materials that can last for years on end.

Powermatic Mini Cigarette Injector

Continuing the trend with Powermatic products, the Mini version is similar to the other type from the same brand but with smaller dimensions, measuring 3.9 x 3.9 x 2 inches total. It is small enough to fit in most pockets. Pipe and smoking tobacco can be used and the tubes will not break easily from being overfilled. However, keep in mind that this product is manually operated, yet only requires that a latch is moved to fill the cigarette with your intended tobacco.

The level of ease and durability that Powermatic brings to its tobacco rolling machines grants this a serious look for any smoker. While it may take you several attempts to get everything working as intended (due to the size), you should have no problems with any of the parts jamming or losing their ability to function properly since it is hard to pack more into the feeder than what is intended. The Powermatic Mini is suggested for those who spend lots of time outside, or for any outdoor or travel event in which you do not have access to electricity for an extended period.

Poweroll 2 Electric Cigarette Machine

When other cigarette rolling/injecting devices won’t suffice your need for refinement, the Poweroll is as good as it gets. Starting with the case, it is made of hardened plastic, mimicking the type of carrying cases that are used for DSLR cameras and hunting equipment. Extremely tough, your device is completely protected from wear when placed in its interior, which is fitted with foam padding. It has a handle as well, so taking it outside or storing in the trunk of your car is a lot safer from unwanted damage.

The electric rolling machine itself is built to last and weighted, outfitted with a tobacco tray table at the top that is built into the frame. Just add your tobacco and let it produce rolls that resemble smokes that have just come off a product line. Jamming is a concern with any injector but will seldom happen with the Poweroll. If it does, just clean out the inside to let the motor function as expected. If you want a cigarette machine that can product sticks that are arguably better than most pre-made commercial brands, try out the Poweroll for its top-of-the-line performance and long-lasting design.

Powermatic I Cigarette Injector

This Powermatic Injector I is another manual tobacco rolling machine that, while utilizing basic hand operation, can fill tubes quicker than some electric machines of low quality. It makes a great cigarette, maybe the perfect cigarette. When injecting the cigarettes, the crank will feed out enough for ordinary to king size lengths. Residue buildup is kept to a minimum, and won’t leave tobacco bits on the table when the injector is in action.

With this device, it is important that you use tobacco that is completely dry, or it will jam up and render the injector potentially unusable. Furthermore, the interior mechanisms are slightly sensitive, so if you pack too much tobacco in a single session, the pull handle can break. In any case, this is unlikely to happen so long as the instructions in the manual are followed accordingly. Try out the Powermatic Injector I if you enjoy the aesthetics of older manual cigarette injectors with improved parts and increased longevity.

Top-O-Matic T2 Cigarette Machine

Many of the best cigarette injectors, whether electric or manual, have lots of the same features in common. Particularly when observing the materials used in their exteriors. The amount of plastic can leave some users wondering whether or not the products will last for the amount of time specified by the manufacturers. The Top-O-Matic T2 is specifically built to cater to these consumers.

Using metal parts, you can produce lots of filtered cigarettes with this machine and never once have it jam. So long as it is used properly. This tobacco injector is also one of the best for large cigarettes or 100’s. Since it is long enough to get into the end of the paper near the filter. The only drawback is the potential for the outside components to rust if the machine is stored in moist or wet conditions. Given that such a scenario it is unlikely to happen, the T2 come highly recommended for any smoker wanting to upgrade from rolling with their hands.

Unishow Electronic Cigarette Injector

Going back to the electric brands, the Unishow Injector is a small red device with a gap in the front. This is where tobacco is fed through the pipe until it fills up the tube. It has a transparent covering that flips up when ready to be used. Great for taking out when the residue has not been cleaned yet (so to avoid leaving a mess in your pockets or bag during transport). However, it does come with a small brush to use for cleaning.

When using this product, proceed with caution so that your fingers avoid getting caught up in the feeder itself. Since it is small and easy to forget the depth when filled with tobacco. The adapter’s compatibility ranges from 100 to 240-volt outlets. It is a suitable product for most sockets located in the United States. Cigarettes tend to come out in good shape and quality. So consider the Unishow Injector if you want something basic but compact in size.

Poweroll 2 Electric Cigarette Machine

The Poweroll 2, identical in many ways to the other Poweroll machine, does have a few key differences. The most noticeable is that this version does not include a carrying case. Other visible changes are the size and color, with this injector being white and having a wider width. With this in mind, expect your pre-filtered cigarettes to come out looking fresh and tightly packed in. But with little to no faulty uneven rolls. Style-wise, this is definitely the most visually impressive cigarette machines around. It resembles an ordinary device that blends in well with other home appliances.

Included with the box are cleaning tools and instructions for using the machine. Cleaning is easy and advised after every session. Once you’re familiar with the way it works, you can produce up to 30 cigarettes in five minutes or less. The Poweroll 2 receives high marks for being a great machine that’s sure to stay in demand for some time.

Best Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine Buyer’s Guide

Because of the varied sizes and functions involved in getting tobacco ready for smoking, there are several factors that you should consider before buying any of the electric automatic cigarette rolling machines mentioned above. Knowing the following information will make your buying decision a lot easier, and buying gadgets should be fun!

Size of Cigarettes

Most automatic tobacco rolling devices will officially specify that their products are suitable for only regular sized tubes, which is often measured at sizes between 70 and 84 millimeters. 84 millimeters and slightly above are often labeled as king size, whereas 100’s equal to 100 millimeters. Before purchasing any rolling papers, be sure that you know the correct size that is specified for your cigarette machine. Furthermore, a cigarette maker works better with rolling papers that are pre-rolled and sold with the filter already attached, so to make things move faster, such products will help your tubes look and smoke as expected.

Smoking Frequency

If you or your spouse are light smokers, a small injector should be enough to suffice for two people. If you plan to go through cigarette tubes quickly, medium to large size automatic cigarette rolling machines are your best choice. There is normally only one feeder placed on most tobacco roller devices. However, the frequency in which they can finish one cigarette is increased when a better tobacco injector is owned. This means that dozens of cigarettes can be filled with tobacco without the burden of wasting too much time cleaning up jams and residue in the feeder.

Electric and Manual

Electric is not always at the same level of efficiency as manual injectors. The primary advantage over manual cigarette machines is the tendency for them to fill longer cigarettes faster. As for electric devices, speed and less cleanup are the base selling points. Portability in injectors that are hand operated is obviously better since there are no adapters associated with them. On the other hand, fully automatic cigarette rolling machines are motorized so they cannot be taken outside but often generate in tubes that are filled better, with less defective cigarettes.


Cigarettes have become increasingly more expensive to purchase at brick and mortar stores. Since they often see annual price rises, it is no surprise that more people have begun to look for alternatives. Mostly to cut the costs of buying from commercial cigarette brands. The best automatic cigarette roller machine has the potential to not only increase your savings but assist in reducing smoking completely. Some smokers have begun to experiment with herbal blends in an effort to quit altogether.

Tobacco rolling can become tedious very quickly. Especially when you're on the go or on the clock for work breaks. If you roll your own, the best electric cigarette rolling machine is a great tool to have. Saves time and money. Check out 10 of the best reviews in our guide here.

The 10 Best Cigarette Rolling Machines

This wiki has been updated 9 times since it was first published in May of 2018. We don’t have to tell you that smoking is dreadful for you and becoming increasingly expensive. But if you insist, you can cut costs by making your own smokes, and you can save yourself time and energy while doing so by investing in one of these helpful cigarette rolling machines. They come in manual, electric, and battery-powered varieties, and work with all kinds of paper, tobacco and herbs. When users buy our independently chosen editorial choices, we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki. Skip to the best cigarette rolling machine on Amazon.

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This wiki has been updated 9 times since it was first published in May of 2018. We don’t have to tell you that smoking is dreadful for you and becoming increasingly expensive. But if you insist, you can cut costs by making your own smokes, and you can save yourself time and energy while doing so by investing in one of these helpful cigarette rolling machines. They come in manual, electric, and battery-powered varieties, and work with all kinds of paper, tobacco and herbs. When users buy our independently chosen editorial selections, we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki. Skip to the best cigarette rolling machine on Amazon.

10. RollerBox Black

While getting the hang of the method for securing and folding the paper can be frustrating, the RollerBox Black (about $18) offers a cheap and usually effective way to make your own smokes. Conveniently, the durable metal case gives you a place to store them afterwards, too.

  • Clear step-by-step directions
  • Compact and portable size
  • Results are often uneven

9. GHRMB Injector

The GHRMB Injector (about $10) is a manual device that loads tubes without the assistance of complex mechanics or electronic components. This provides an alternative to paper-based thumb rollers that is still very affordable and compact.

  • Available in several colors
  • Can take a bit of force to slide
  • Cannot make 100s

8. Top-O-Matic PoweRoll

King-size cigarette smokers should check out the Top-O-Matic PoweRoll (appx. $77), which can turn out a whole pack of filtered smokes relatively quickly. It comes with a tamper and cleaning tools, though be careful when you’re loading the tobacco, as it jams easily.

  • Includes a durable carrying case
  • One-touch operation
  • Makes only one size

7. Gambler Red

Though it is only capable of churning out extra-large cigarettes, the Gambler Red (appx. $36) produces an evenly-distributed, perfectly cylindrical smoke — once you’ve nailed the technique. However, getting your tubes to fit into the chamber will likely always be a bit challenging.

  • Works well with pipe tobacco
  • 6-month warranty
  • Made from durable plastic

6. Premier Supermatic

The Premier Supermatic (about $36) is a no-frills contraption built to last for a long time. While you may experience a few jams due to overpacking its chamber, once you become acquainted with its nuances, you’ll find that its crank operation is simple and quick.

  • Slip-resistant bottom
  • Rugged build can withstand abuse
  • High-quality metal housing and gears

5. Powermatic III+

The Powermatic III+ (appx. $244) is an expensive, high-end option that is worth considering for those who consume many cigarettes a day. While some electric models still require a certain amount of manual assistance, this selection loads with the touch of a button.

  • Holds enough tobacco for 30 papers
  • Adjustable density
  • One-year warranty

4. Raw 79mm

Made of environmentally-friendly hemp plastic, this Raw 79mm is sure to satisfy your tie-dye-wearing, boge-smoking inner hippie. The flexible rolling sheet makes it easy to achieve your desired width and works with all plant products — including the medicinal stuff.

  • Takes one-and-a-quarter-size papers
  • Very affordably priced
  • Good for making blended cigarettes

3. Powermatic Mini

From a trusted name in the business, the Powermatic Mini (around $26) is one of the smallest injector-style models on the market, which tend to be more reliable than the rolling variety. Its consistency rivals that of much costlier electric units.

  • Includes tamper and brush
  • Great value for price
  • Virtually no learning curve

2. Top-O-Matic T2

You don’t have to worry about torn tubes or jammed gears with the Top-O-Matic T2 (around $42), which relies on a hand crank to fill the paper with any blend of tobacco you like to smoke. An adjustable switch lets you set it to whatever size you prefer, too.

  • Is easy to clean
  • Fast and efficient
  • Backed by 1-year warranty

1. Powermatic 2 Plus

With an increased motor speed and improved gears, the new Powermatic 2 Plus (appx. $76) is one of the most reliable and consistent electric models around. It’s also one of the most advanced, complete with green and red indicator lights showing when it is on or jammed.

  • Makes regular and 100mm sizes
  • Spacious hopper on top
  • Designed for frequent smokers

Editor’s Notes

October 10, 2020:

We made a few changes to our list this time around in order to provide users with a bit more variety. For instance, we got rid of one of the thumb rollers on our list and replaced it with the GHRMB Injector, which provides an option for those who prefer tubes to papers that is still relatively affordable and compact. While the injector takes a bit of force to slide sometimes, it still requires less dexterity than a thumb roller, and many find tubes less finicky to deal with since they require no licking and can have filters pre-installed if desired.

The Powermatic III+ was also added as a new luxury option for those who don’t mind spending extra money on their rolling machine if it will save both time and money down the road. This high-quality digital device allows you to dial in density to your liking, and whereas many electronic options still require some amount of manual assistance this model offers true one-touch operation. All one has to do is fill the tobacco hopper, place a tube on the injection nozzle, and press the button for a clean well-packed cigarette. It’s compatible with King- or 100-sized tubes, and around 30 can be filled and placed in the storage stray before it has to be reloaded.

Lastly, we replaced the Top-O-Matic with the Top-O-Matic T2, an upgraded model that features very similar operation to its predecessor. This new version features a durable all-metal enclosure and the company claims it’s better, stronger, and faster, but despite this improvement in design its price has stayed about the same.

We’re surely not the first ones to tell you that smoking is unhealthy and it’s never too late to quit, but as long as you’re keeping the habit you may as well minimize costs with these machines and benefit your experience with other accessories such as cases, lighters, and ashtrays.

July 11, 2019:

Our most recent update intends to achieve a well-balanced, varied list with options for all types of smokers. For instance, we’ve considered that smokers often on the go will prefer two types of machines: 1) a cheap, lightweight one that you can afford to keep in your pocket or inside your tobacco pouch without minding if it breaks after some time; or 2) a rugged, mechanical device made with high-quality parts that can take a beating inside your backpack. For those in the first camp, we have the Zig Zag 100mm (#9) and the Raw 79mm (#4). Those in the latter group will want to check out the Top-O-Matic Heavy Duty (#2), or either of our two new additions — the Premier Supermatic (#5) or the Gambler Red (#6). These three are all manually-operated, but the Gambler Red does have a plastic housing, so it’s not as durable as the other two, which are made of metal.

Other smokers will prefer to produce a large quantity all at once, possibly filling up old cigarette cartons with their newly-rolled boges. For these folks, we point to the Top-O-Matic PoweRoll (#7), and our top pick, the PowerMatic 2 Plus, which has built a reputation as the go-to machine on the market. It can churn out perfectly-rolled cigarettes in bulk, reliably and without much fuss, and is, in general, a pleasure to operate.

Currently, the best cigarette rolling machine is the Powermatic 2 Plus. Wiki researchers have been writing reviews of the latest cigarette rolling machines since 2018. ]]>