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Best Head Shops in San Diego: Top Shelf Gift Shop

In the heart of Escondido, a special kind of store has had its doors open for nearly seven years. And though it may look like any other shop from a quick glance at the outside (it is in a shopping center, after all), this shop offers something danker than the other shops: Heady products.

“It’s not your usual head shop,” notes Top Shelf Gift Shop owner Rachel as she breaks away from her busy day for a quick interview. “There’s a vibe here. it’s like a second home and a safe place to hang out for many people.”

And she’s right. Created by local artists, works on canvas adorn the walls, and above racks of shirts with Top Shelf’s logo sharply in focus. Potted plants, rope lights, and heady decor set an ambiance. CBD products, stunning glass pieces – handpipes, waterpipes, and rigs – and smoking accessories sit in well-organized cases and on shelves among art, banners, and rope lights. It’s comfortable, it’s cozy, and it has an unmistakably friendly atmosphere.

The comfortable atmosphere sets Top Shelf Gift Shop apart from others, making it one of the best head shops in all of San Diego.

Since December 2012, the doors to family-operated Top Shelf Gift Shop have been open, welcoming Escondido’s 152,000+ residents (and any other San Diegans who pass through, for that matter). And that is what Top Shelf truly wants to be: Welcoming. The head shop not only strives to give its customers the best service possible (after all, they are TOP Shelf), but to also educate, nurture, and give back to the community that has supported them.

The owners work with young local artists to encourage and showcase their work, in addition to participating in charities such as food drives and Toys For Tots.

Just a small sample of the glass at Top Shelf Gift Shop. Waterpipes, handpipes, rigs, stash jars, and pendants — it’s all here.

Located in Escondido, CA, Top Shelf Gift Shop is one of the best head shops in San Diego. Glass handpipes, waterpipes, and rigs. CBD. Accessories. Clothing. ]]>