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10 best CBD incense sticks to chill you out

Anyone who frequently burns incense can tell you all about the benefits of making your home and personal space smell relaxing and peaceful, and what could be better than adding to that the benefits of hemp extracted CBD oil? If you’re here, then you probably already know how CBD products can improve your stress levels and overall well being, but maybe you’re not sold on the sweet smells of incense. We’ve gathered the 10 best CBD incense sticks that will get you more than excited to try out burning incense as a way to help you chill out and relax.

Yield Design Co. Hinoki CBD Incense – $24

Our staff pick comes from Yield Design Co. because of the unmatched quality of design and scent in each CBD infused incense stick. Each stick will burn for at least an hour, and each minute will offer a wide range of aromatherapeutic benefits as the 150 mg of CBD vaporizes. The CBD in this product comes from hemp extract, which was cultivated in the USA, and sticks themselves are made from bamboo and tree resin. The essential oils in their Hinoki incense include hints of cedar, char, and vetiver, which will leave your home or personal space smelling great while still offering the benefits of vaporized CBD.

HEM Cannabis Incense – $7.10

Now, unlike the other products on this list, these cannabis incense sticks do not contain CBD, but this is such a fantastic product that we could not help but put it on this list at a high ranking. If you’re wanting the smell of cannabis – because, honestly, who doesn’t just love that aroma? – then you’ll want these incense sticks to burn. HEM is one of the leading incense makers in India and one of the most popular incense companies on Amazon, so you can guarantee a high quality diffusion from every single stick in the package, and you can even get free shipping and buy a bulk set before you click the add to cart button! We highly recommend this product if you’re looking for an incense that smells great in a moment you might not need the effects of CBD.

Yield Design Co. Sandalwood CBD Incense – $24

Yield Design Co. really raises the bar for CBD infused incense products. Each hand-rolled, bamboo and tree resin stick in this pack contains 150 mg of active CBD extracted from hemp plus great smelling essential oils. This will get your home smelling like amyris, coriander, and amber while releasing the CBD vapors you’re looking for over the course of an hour. If you’re looking for an aroma that makes you feel like you’re out in the woods, then this is exactly the incense stick you’re looking to kick and relax with.

Midwest Incense Company CBD Aroma Stick – $9.72

Perhaps you’re someone who loves simplicity when it comes to your CBD infused incense burns, and the Midwest Incense Company has your back. For under $10, you can get 85-100 CBD infused incense sticks to burn, which is a great value. Get your zen back with this sweet, simple, and straightforward product.

Pendy.Co CBD Incense – $15

If you’re in need of a CBD infused incense stick matched with the best essential oils to spread an aroma that helps reduce anxiety and restlessness, then we highly recommend Pendy Co. incense sticks. Each stick is made from bamboo and Malchus wood, and they’ll burn for over 50 minutes to create that perfect, stress reducing environment you need during crazy times. Each order is even customizable! You can choose Lemon, Coffee, Berries, Lavender Sage, or any other essential oil scent, the strength of each stick up to 20mg each, and how many you want. This product is perfect for ordering exactly what you need for a personalized atmosphere of relaxation.

GoodTimes Cool Water CBD Incense – $

GoodTimes’ CBD infused incense sticks will help you have just that – a good time. Out of all the scents they have to offer, our first favourite has to be Cool Water. This scent will remind you of the cologne of the same scent, so if you love that cologne, then you’ll only love it more after you smell the relaxing, CBD infused scent from these incense sticks.

Yield Design Co Chamomile Incense – $24

These incense sticks are perfect for your nightly wind down routine. They are infused with essential oils which smell of chamomile, lavender, jasmine, and white tea, which can pair well with a nice hot cup of tea to relax before bed – or any other time at that. Each stick is made with bamboo and tree resin and infused with 150 mg of high quality, organic CBD. The CBD used for these sticks is derived from hemp and infused with great smelling essential oils that will smell great for the entire one hour burn this product offers.

GoodTimes Jasmine CBD Incense – $

GoodTimes comes back again with another great CBD infused incense stick, but this one has a variety of benefits besides just smelling great and vaporizing CBD! Their Jasmine scented sticks have a sweet, sensual smell that helps you calm down and relax – they even say it’ll help reduce headaches. And, yes, we said sensually. Some belief Jasmine antidepressant and aphrodisiac properties, so why not give it a try in a variety of settings!

Yield Design Co. White Sage CBD Incense – $24

This pack comes with 15 hand-rolled CBD infused incense sticks made from bamboo and tree resin. Just like the other product from Yield Design Co., they also have 150 mg of organic CBD which has been extracted from hemp infused into every stick. Their white sage essential oil combination includes hints of olive, thyme, and notes of orange that will last well after the one hour burn time of each stick.

GoodTimes Egyptian Musk – $

Our last product comes from GoodTimes because we just can’t get enough of their interesting and strong-smelling scents. Egyptian Musk comes with essential oils mixed in that provide a light musky scent, as the name implies, with woodsy notes, a bit of citrus, and an undertone of mystery that will remind you of the great pyramids. Enjoyers of this essential oil and CBD infused scent claim it fosters order and balance while removing negative energies, which is great if you’re in need of that sort of thing. If you’re not though, don’t worry because these incense sticks have a wonderful burn that will fill your home or personal space with a great scent that will help you relax and kickback.


Whether you’re looking for an incense infused with the right essential oils to ward off bad energy or just looking for something to make your personal space smell pleasant, CBD infused oils have a lot to offer in terms of relaxation and aroma therapeutic effects. It’s more than worth while to look around for scents you know you already love or to try new ones that will make your living space smell amazing. With the added CBD infusion, these incense sticks will help you relax and get your zen back during or after high stress days or make falling asleep a more peaceful and easy experience. Alternatively, you could also just make your house smell pleasant and calming with the added benefit of hemp products!

Megan Medeiros is a freelance writer and editor in Harrisonburg, Va. She’s the owner and operator of Medeiros Writing, providing freelance writing, editing, and social media management services. She’s been working as a cannabis writer since 2017, mostly following the legal climate of marijuana, especially in areas like California, Colorado, Oregon, and Canada and reviewing CBD products and vapes. She has a bachelor’s degree in English and is a second-year Master’s candidate at JMU.

Anyone who frequently burns incense can tell you all about the benefits of making your home and personal space smell relaxing and peaceful, and what could be better than adding to that the benefits of hemp extracted CBD oil? If you’re here, then you probably already know how CBD products can improve your stress levels

Incense vs Scented Candles: Hiding That Dank Stank

Every weed smoker has their preferred method of hiding that dank stank. Sometimes, that method for getting rid of that unmistakeable weed smell needs to work fast.

The bowl’s lit, stinking up the space with the scent-sational aroma of that Mary Jane. And uh oh, the landlord just called asking to show the apartment. No matter how amazing pot smells, it’s not always an odor one wants lingering around. Sure, there’s always the classic method of exhaling through a toilet paper tube stuffed with dryer sheets or using a specialized filtration tool. Better yet, candles and incense can freshen the air. But which burnable solution masks that dank stank best?

The Case For Candles

As a light source and on birthday cakes, candles meet a bunch of needs. But one trip to an aromatherapy store shows their real value: scent. Candle scents range from floral and musky to delicious and inviting.

The magic of the experience relies on simple science. After lighting a candle’s wick, the flame melts the candle and draws up liquid wax. Then the heat vaporizes the fluid wax into a hot gas we perceive as scent. That air, made up of hydrogen and oxygen molecules, competes with the molecules from burning bud.

This process masks the odor but doesn’t get rid of it. Depending on the candle’s brand, age, and scent, it can fool the mind into thinking that ganja smell has disappeared.

That Sweet Scent of Incense

Like candles, incense gives a similar solution to the reek. Lighting a stick of patchouli or sandalwood can cut some odor after burning a J. But unlike candles which may only supply a pretty smell and a calming lit flame, studies say that incense can provide a next level high due to the chemical known as incensole acetate.

As a drug, incensole acetate is mild. But when compared to Valium, this chemical in incense was more powerful. Found in frankincense, Boswellia resin has been known to heighten the spiritual level of cultural and religious ceremonies. But it also supports anti-depressive behavior by activating certain brain channels. So if you’re smoking that sweet herb to elevate your mood, breaking out the incense could be helpful in that regard, as well as hiding that dank stank.

Final Hit: Incense vs Scented Candles: Hiding That Dank Stank

The added beneficial effects of burning either candles or incense might help those hoping to max out on their experience. But unfortunately, nothing in science proves either candles or incense work better than the other at reducing odors.

Research can declare this, however. Neither candles nor incense promotes good indoor air quality. According to the EPA, sources of particulate matter result from burning candles and incense. Candles with lead core wicks pollute the air. And burning incense has also been linked to illnesses like cancer and asthma.

So the best method to cover up that cannabis cloud, or even the scent of growing weed or making dabs, may not be candles or incense—if burning is required. Sprays like Febreze may seem a potential underdog in the sniff war, but they also transfer harmful chemicals into the air.

Instead, try an electric candle warmer. It doesn’t emit smoke or melt the wax by flame but burns the wax through a hot plate. So it just might be the sneaky solution to block out scent molecules still hanging out after toking up.

Trying to cover up a tell-tale weed smell? Here's what you should use for hiding that dank stank.