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12 Best Mini Bongs – Every Budget Covered

Do you crave the smooth, clean hits that only a bong can provide, but you find the process of shopping for the perfect bong partner daunting? Contrary to what classic stoner staples like Cheech and Chong might lead you to believe, colossal bongs aren’t necessarily the only way to get the best hit. A mini bong is an easy way to enjoy your herb without feeling like you are lifting a dumbbell every time you take a drag.

Anyone who has ever walked into a headshop, vape store, or marijuana dispensary has seen the display of bongs and many accessories that line the walls and shelves. If the vendor is large, then the diversity can be overwhelming. You’ll see bongs that range from mini bongs to huge ones that tower 4 feet in height. Historically, most weed smokers have gravitated towards the classic, regular sized piece of about 12-inches, but recently there has been a new-found appreciation for the mini water bong. The small, cool mini bong is a casual but mighty commodity.

What is a Tiny Bong?

Most people refer to a miniature bong or tiny bong as a ‘bubbler.’ They are trial-sized, cool mini bongs that you can take anywhere: stick one of these sturdy pieces in your suitcase, briefcase, glove box, or coat pocket. Fill it with H2O, pack your bowl, then take a hit. Who doesn’t love the freedom that a mini water bong, designed to be travel-friendly, affords?

Which Mini Bong Should You Buy?

There are more mini bongs on the market than most tokers will know what to do with. Depending on the shape, size and how much money you’re looking to spend, there’s for sure an awesome mini bong waiting for you. To get you started on deciding which sort of these must-have, tiny bong partners is best, here’s a list of the top 12 mini bongs out there.

Multi Color Glass Bubbler – $36.99

These colors are just the start of the fun you’re about to have with these bubblers! Photo: Daily High Club

Okay, this crazy glass bong would be something that you would envision Bob Marley taking a hit off. It is made from thick, high-quality glass that sports a myriad of fun colors that are going to have you humming some reggae tunes. It is 18 mm joint compatible. It also offers the chance to add-on accessories, transforming it into a true rig.

Small Beaker Bong – $28.00

Look at that dreamy blue beaker! Photo: @WeedRepublic

This mini beaker bong measures 8 inches tall. It holds a 9 mm joint. Made entirely in the USA, this is undoubtedly one of the best, simply designed, most inexpensive mini bongs available. It’s both durable and affordable, and it comes in three colour choices. Don’t stop reading now, but if you can’t help yourself, add it to your basket now!

The glass that goes into this cute mini bong’s creation has been handblown by artisans in Arizona. Its straight neck gives your smoke just enough space to cool as it leaves the chamber, meaning your hits are easy every time. If you are looking for quality at a reasonable price, then you won’t be disappointed with this small waterpipe.

The New Helix Beaker – $139.99

This cutie looks like something you would find in a high school science class. All kidding aside, some serious thought has gone into this beauty’s design. This miniature bong is perfectly balanced and boasts the famous Helix mouthpiece with its elegant geometry. Each hit is ultra-smooth because the design injects fresh air into the hit with a swirling action. There’s no percolator, but the resulting spinning cloud is automatically cooled. What does this mean for you? Your hits go through a diffusion process that sends your smoking session straight into smoothness. The bong stands nine inches in height, making it the ideal size for your hands.

7 Inch Rasta Silicone Bubbler – $25.99

This little beaut’ is one worthy of any mini-bong collection! Photo: @BongOutlet

When looking for cute bongs for sale, you don’t want to pass by this beauty. The 7-inch Rasta Silicone Bubbler sports shades of green, yellow, and red melted into its surface.

Unlike most glass bongs, this one is fashioned out of food-grade silicone, rendering it unbreakable. This is great when you are passing it around with your buddies and someone has slippery fingers. No worries about this bad boy breaking! It will spill, do a little bounce, but then be as good as new when you pick it back up again. If you’re looking to address past traumas of bongs gone by, this beautiful piece will help you overcome your sorrows.

Black Glass Mini Bong Deluxe Gift Set – $39.99

The Black Glass Mini Bong Deluxe Gift Set is everything you need to get high in a tiny black box. The bong sits in its tiny spot within the confines of the set. It includes a black micro bong made of glass, a metal pipe, pipe screens, pipe cleaners, and a pipe box. With all of these great pieces, you’re able to keep your rig clean, allowing for full flavor with all of your hits. There are also rolling papers, filter tips, and a joint tube if you want to smoke a joint with a little tobacco instead of using the micro bong to get your hit.

The portability of this box is excellent. No one would ever guess what’s inside. It comes in a beautiful black shade with a Velcro closure, and to complete the look the interior is lined in cushy velvet. Luxury at a fair price and easy to order online!

Mini Bong in Hot Pink – $24.95

We’re pretty sure this one wins in the cute category! Photo: @thebongshop

If you have been looking at hot pink bongs but can’t decide which one to buy, then take a look at the Waterfall beauty. It’s affordable and darling. The small pink bong is made of glass and measures only five inches tall. The downstem reaches inside the piece at just the right angle, so your tokes are every bit as perfect as a normal sized bong. What’s better? You can easily hide it away if need-be!

Bootube – Menehune Small Bamboo Bong – $87.20

Sleek and eco-friendly, this mini bamboo bong will make for a unique toking experience. Photo: @Bootube

If you are an eco-friendly environmentalist who is looking to make a difference in the world then why not check out bamboo bongs? The Menehune (Bootube) Small Bamboo Bong is made from certified organic, black bamboo that was grown and harvested on the Hawaiian Islands. It’s a bit more expensive, but this piece is so thoughtfully crafted we know it’s worth it. Its premium, handcrafted wood pipe features an ingenious smoke-cooling water filtration system with borosilicate glass parts.

Menehune thought of everything when creating this sleek bong. Beeswax has been used to create super watertight inner seals. The wood is naturally resistant to bacteria and mold. The exterior has a lustrous finish that has been smoothed using organic hempseed oil. All the glass parts on this bong can be replaced when needed. There’s no need for a tree or honeycomb percolator, because the long neck smooths out your hits for you.

Overall, this pipe is truly a work of art. It includes a Maui Wowie Bootube authenticity card. All of your friends will be talking about this unique bubbler when you break it out next!

Pulsar Propeller Travel Bong – $75

If you are seeking a ridiculously small bong, then the 7.5-inch Pulsar travel bong might be just the item for you. It has been fashioned from functional and colorful hand blown borosilicate glass. Truly miniature, it will easily fit into your glove compartment, purse, or the palm of your hand. Plus they have a variety of colors to choose between, making this bong as functional as it is cute.

Mini Lab Glass Bong Mushrooms – $10.30

Tiny but mighty, don’t let this mushroom bong’s small stature fool you! Photo:

Believe it or not, you can find functional 20-dollar bongs. Case in point: the Mini Lab Glass Bong Mushrooms has been fabricated from pure laboratory glass. It has a carb hole and a glass-on-glass stem. Yes, it’s a basic and classic design, but it’s cheap and will get you just as high as a hundred-dollar bubbler. Just be careful! The glass is thin so it will break if you accidentally drop it.

Game of Thrones – $50

Just the right amount of bedazzle! Photo:

For anyone looking for some glitter, there are plenty of bedazzled bong options out there for you to choose from! The Mini Bong Game of Thrones is fashioned from Pyrex. It mixes pure and colored glass for some serious bling; you can even choose the colors to fit your taste. The bong measures a little over six inches in height. In the world of cute bongs for sale, this one stands out as a very favorite choice. The price also won’t break the bank.

Small Glass Water Pipe – $12.80

Perfect for those on-the-go tokes! Photo: @GrassCity

This little hand-sized beauty is great for one quick toke when you need it. Don’t let the small bubble base fool you, because it will hold a good amount of smoke. The unique glass chillum reaches down into the bong’s base to offer an extra cool smoke. Another nice feature that shouldn’t be overlooked is the fact that the bowl isn’t some tiny thing: it’s large enough to hold a considerable amount of weed so a serious smoker can enjoy this little beauty. Its portable size and perfect design make this a must-have item for any cannabis connoisseur. Don’t have it already?

Black Leaf ELITE Beaker Base 6-arm Perc Bong – Complete Box Set – $140

The Black Leaf manufacturer has created beauty with the Beaker Deluxe. Yes, it’s a bong but it also comes with a handy oil adapter, which is great for anyone who enjoys concentrates. A built-in splash guard prevents the water from bubbling up to the mouthpiece. A genuinely nice added feature is the ice notches that hold small cubes of ice to create a more refreshing and soothing smoke. The discreet weed pipe is fashioned from borosilicate glass. Emblazoned across the bong is the prestigious Black Leaf logo. It comes in a classy black and white carry box.

In Conclusion

The market is saturated with tiny, portable, über convenient mini bongs, making it difficult to decide which one is best for you. This diverse collection of top picks should be a great starting place. Whether you want something adorable and pink, something more high tech like Grav’s Helix, or the durable Rasta silicon bubbler, you can’t go wrong! So here’s to you for doing your research! Happy toking!

Have your own favourite mini-bubbler? Have you tried any of those listed above? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by: Kimberly Sharpe | Cover Photo by: The Cannabist

Kimberly Sharpe is a freelance writer who was born and raised in Oregon where she became a strong advocate for the legalization of medicinal and recreational marijuana. Now, living in the Sunshine State of Florida, she continues to push for nationwide cannabis changes and federal legalization. She strives to educate and enlighten readers about the marijuana plant and its many uses.

With so many mini bongs to choose from, follow this guide to figure out which one you need for your collection. Whether you're a newer stoner or a seasoned toker you'll find practical advice on 12 of the best mini bongs available. From $10 and up, we're taking into consideration your bank account, too!

Smallest, most discreet water pipes now on sale

Are you looking for a small water pipe to cool down your smoke? It’s not always easy to find a well-functioning water pipe that is discreet enough to fit inside a bag and bring with you wherever you go.

Nonetheless, people love the cooling effect and removal of particulates that a water filter provides. This is why so many people today opt for a small water pipe for their glass collection. A small water pipe allows you to have the power of a small bong, along with the discretion of a hand pipe.

But, with the pandemic, it’s tough to go out shopping, so let’s look at the best small bongs online, ranging from best price-point to best smoking experience and size.

The smallest water pipe of all

To start off the list, if you seriously want the best small bong with the best experience, we can’t recommend anything better than the Orbis Borocca.

This was named the smallest water pipe you can buy online, and it lives up to the hype. The Orbis Borocca has an extremely clean pull and it feels almost as if it is an ice-catcher bong because of the cold smoke I sometimes pull with this water pipe.

The Orbis Borocca is a small water pipe, don’t get confused by it’s strength and pull. At a height of 5.5 inches, this little pipe can fit snug in a backpack and any varianty of small bags and pockets.

Pretty, cheap mini bong

If the Orbis Borocca is a bit pricey for you, this cheap mini bong should definitely be on your list.

Coming in at only $29, this beautiful glass piece is a great small bong for sale. You aren’t likely to find a glass bong at such a cheap price anywhere else. Because of it’s small size, this bong becomes very affordable while still providing big, clean hits to it’s admiring participants.

This small water pipe is 6.1 inches and can be held discreetly in a backpack or bag for travel.

Best inexpensive water pipe online

If you are looking for the best affordable water pipe you can find online, this green rimmed, hand blown bong is your best option.

With a delicate, beautiful design, this water pipe hits like no small bong has ever before.

It is priced respectifully at $69, and is made with premium strong glass that has been melded to perfection by an expert. You can not go wrong with this , the best cheap small water pipe you can buy online.

Benefits of a small water pipe

A big water pipe of that size is really inconvenient at times.

The benefits to owning a small water pipe are endless. A water pipe is usually a glass pipe you only really want to keep in your room or living room. You’re not going to want to go to a park or leave your home with it because water pipes typically range from 8 inches to 16 inches in height.

Even so, a good quality water pipe is a favorite among perhaps the majority of smokers. That is the niche that mini water pipes serve: a high quality water pipe that is convenient to move around. That is the number one benefit to a small water bong: it’s discreet and portable. But there are more benefits to a small bong than that. These (and similar) water pipes are extremely durable.

The classic worst-nightmare situation for smokers is buying an expensive bong and breaking it the first night you smoke. With a big pipe that is 14 / 15 inches, they just simply break often. With a small water pipe, you don’t have to worry about wasting your money by breaking another expensive bong. Because of their size, these affordable small bongs are durable with thick glass that is not going to break easily.

To answer your question in a short, concise way, “What are the benefits of a small water pipe?”

  1. Discretion and the ability to take a water pipe with you whereever you are. These are portable small bongs.
  2. Durability so you don’t have to fear breaking your piece a few weeks after you buy it.

How to use a small water pipe

Using a small water pipe may sound easy at first, but many people find it tricky at first. You want to smoke it gently and not pull too aggressively. Watch the smoke build up in the main chamber of the bong and get a nice, clean hit from your new small bong.

  1. place carb in bong.
  2. place what you’re smoking into glass bowl.
  3. hold small bong securely.
  4. breath in while lighting the bowl for smoke to build up in the chamber of the bong.

Smallest, most discreet water pipes now on sale Are you looking for a small water pipe to cool down your smoke? It’s not always easy to find a well-functioning water pipe that is discreet enough