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Top 8 Twisty Glass Blunt Reviews 2020

There is nothing I love more in this world than smoking. I smoke pipes, joints, blunts, and bowls; if you name it, I more than likely have smoked out of it. Smoking a blunt has always been my favorite method of smoking, but that way until I decided to start using a glass blunt. Using a glass blunt is by far the cleanest and easily way of smoking. Using a twisty glass blunt really changed my whole perspective when it comes to smoking, which is now the only method I use to smoke.

8. Spring T5 Mini Twisty by RimaGal

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If you never used a glass blunt, then you probably have no idea of what you’re missing out on. The Spring TS Mini is great for social and personal smokers. It doesn’t matter if you smoke alone, with friends, or to curb social anxiety, whichever your smoking habits are; there is nothing more useful than a mini twisty glass blunt. Smoking a glass blunt is a healthier alternative to smoking a blunt or joint, which can damage your lungs and stain your teeth. As you probably would’ve guessed it the Mini Twisty is smaller than a typical glass blunt, which features a convenient design that you can carry with you wherever you go.


  • Compact Design
  • Heat-resistant Glass Tube

7. Pipe Kit for Herbs and Spices-Includes Replacement Parts and Cleaning Brushes

When it comes to smoking, less is never more, which is why the Herbs and Spices Pipe Kit is a must-have smoking accessory. The glass blunt pipe is made from durable heat-resistant glass, which can heat up to 400 degrees without melting or cracking. If you’re sick of rolling joints, all you do is simply pour the tobacco and gently screw on the lid. The kit also includes one extra replacement glass, along with brushes to keep it clean. The five chamber rainbow glass herb splitter can help up to 1.5 grams and comes with extra parts, which can be easily interchanged.


  • Heat-resistant Glass Tube
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Replacement Glass Tube

6. Glass Tool Kit for Herbs and Spices with 2 x Glass bottle 4 x O-Rings 2 x Rubber Caps 2 x Cleaning Brush 1 x Packing Box

This glass tool kit includes 2 glass tubes, rubber caps, a cleaning brush, and a carrying case. The glass blunt features a rainbow spiral design, which eliminates the mess of rolling a blunt. The tubes are made from heat-resistant glass, which is completely environmentally friendly and can heat up to 400 degrees without you ever having to worry about it cracking or busting. The five chamber glass blunt can hold up to 1.5 grams and if you ever want to empty the ash, you simply turn the screw. The kit also includes additional rings, caps, and an extra glass tube.


  • Cleaning Tools
  • Extra Glass Tube
  • Convenient Carrying Case

5. Premium Round Shape Glass Tool Set for Herb Leaves, Spices with Drawstring Bag

This premium Round Shape Glass Tool Set comes with virtually everything you need, along with a convenient drawstring bag, which allows you to bring it with you wherever you go. The kit includes a premium 2mm glass tube, which can be easily taken apart and cleaned. It also comes with instructions, which explain how to load the blunt, along with cleaning instructions.


  • Carrying Case
  • Easy to Use

4. Premium Flat Mouth Glass Tube Tool Kit with Cleaning Tools + Storage Bag

The Premium Flat Mouth Glass Tube Set features the best glass blunt, I’ve ever encountered. The kit comes with a 2mm glass tube that easily comes apart for cleaning. The kit also comes with a carrying bag and easy to follow instructions.


  • Heat-resistant Glass Tube
  • Carrying Case

3. 98mm Airtight Waterproof Odor Proof Storage Container Tubes

This set includes a pack of 40 multi-color beamer tubes. The tubes are completely waterproof and heat resistant. Each cylinder tube is 3.85 inches in diameter and made from high-quality polypropylene, which is completely odor-free. These tubes are ideally made for carrying cigars, cigarettes, and other herbs and spices. It’s designed to lock in the freshness and prevent them from becoming stale.


  • Limited-edition Beamer Sticker
  • 40 Odor-free tubes
  • Completely Waterproof

2. 120mm Airtight WaterProof Odor Proof Storage Container Tubes

If the 40 pack is a bit too large for you, you could just go with the 30 pack display. These colorful display tubes are great for storing cigars, tobacco, spices and more. These tubes are often used to keep cigars fresh and moist, which reduces the likelihood of them becoming dried out or stale. The tubes are made from high-quality, durable plastic, which happens to be water and heat-resistant and able to withstand 330 degrees. The tubes are 4.76 inches in diameter, which includes 30 lightweight, odor-free tubes.


  • Limited-edition Beamer Sticker
  • 30 Odor-free Tubes
  • Water and Heat-resistant

1. Twisty Pipes Replacement£¬3 x Twisty Glass Tubes with Rubber Caps and 6x O-Ring

If you’re a smoking enthusiast like me, then I’m sure that you have more than likely misplaced either a cap or a glass tube at one point or another, which is why I decided to purchase a twisty pipe replacement kit. The kit comes with 3 twisty glass tubes, rubber caps, along with 6 o-rings, which seal on tightly to your pipe.


  • 6 O-Rings
  • Rubber Caps
  • Glass Replacement Tubes

There is nothing I love more in this world than smoking. I smoke pipes, joints, blunts, and bowls; if you name it, I more than likely have smoked out of