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Best Portable Vaporizer Guide 2020: Find the Best Vaporizer for you

  1. Best overall portable
  2. Best flavor
  3. Best everyday carry vape
  4. Best vaporizer for discreet use
  5. Best battery life
  6. Best vape under $100
  7. Best vape under $200
  8. Easiest to use
  9. Most efficient vaporizer
  10. Smoothest vapor
  11. Biggest clouds
  12. Best vaporizer for microdosing
  13. Best vaporizer for large amounts
  14. Best dual use vaporizer
  15. Best for home use
  16. Best medical vaporizer
  17. Best concentrate vaporizer

Here at Planet of the Vapes, we believe there’s no one best portable vaporizer for everyone. Instead, we think there’s a perfect vaporizer for each person, and we want to help you find yours. For some people, that might mean a super compact vape for quick hits while you’re out and about. For others, it might mean a bigger vaporizer for home use that you and your friends can use to take down full ovens. Everyone is different, and your vaporizer should reflect that.

With that in mind, we’ve created a number of categories for specific needs, price ranges, and specific focuses, to help you navigate our small, curated selection of portable dry herb vaporizers. Each category has a main pick that we feel best fits the criteria, as well as an alternate pick that brings something else to the table.

That means that whether you’re looking for big clouds, big batteries, or just want to spend less than $200, we have specific picks for every person and situation.

Best overall portable vaporizer

These are our absolute favorite, all-around picks. Regardless of price, these portable vapes represent what we believe is the very best vaporizer experience possible. They’re widely praised not just by members of the Planet of the Vapes staff, but also by customers and reviewers for their consistency, ease of use, and of course, impressive vapor.

Our pick Storz & Bickel Mighty – Undeniably reliable

While some of the decisions in our guide took some debating, this pick was as easy as using the Mighty. There are no special techniques to learn or moving pieces to keep track of, it just works, pumping out smooth vapor that lives up to its name. It may feel a little on the large side at first, but with its amazing battery life and great sharing potential, it won’t be long until you’re finding room in your bag for the Storz & Bickel Mighty.

Storz & Bickel also makes sure that you’re ready to go right out of the box, with a grinder that perfectly shreds your herbs to the right consistency, and a loading tool that makes scooping it into the oven a little easier. It’s even charged to 80% when it comes out of the factory. It’s the little touches that make a vaporizer special, and the Mighty really nails it.

Runner-up PAX 3 – A stylish alternative

While the Mighty’s dressed down appearance is perfect for some, we wouldn’t blame you for wanting something more stylish. The PAX 3 has a sleek outer shell that comes in a variety of elegant and eye-catching finishes. There’s still a lot of power under the hood, and the PAX is happy to puff out consistently potent vapor. It’s easy to slip in your pocket with a loaded oven, fits in right alongside your phone and keys, and doesn’t sacrifice when it comes to vapor.

Best flavor

All of the vaporizers we sell boast great flavor, but there are certainly options that stand out above the rest. These vapes take extra steps to preserve and present your herbs’ full flavor, with extra cooling, carefully selected materials, and controls that let you dial in the experience to your personal preference.

Our pick Firefly 2+ – Premium flavor

When it comes to flavor, the Firefly 2+ goes to great lengths to stand out. It uses convective heat that reaches vaping temperature in just seconds, so you don’t have to wait around long for your session. It also has a stylish, pocketable look that’s sure to catch the attention of owners with more mundane vaporizers.

Unlike our other flavorful pick, the Firefly 2+ travels easily, fitting into any pocket or bag. If you’re looking to fine-tune your settings, the connected Bluetooth app can help you get completely dialed in.

Our Pick Arizer Solo 2, stems save the flavor

The Arizer Solo 2’s most noticeable feature — the glass stem — is also the most important when it comes to flavor. The heat passes into your herbs at the end of the stem, and from there on out, it stays in the glass, resulting in vapor that’s clean and flavorful. You can load up several stems ahead of time, and the Solo 2’s impressive battery is happy to keep chugging along.

Desktop Option EpicVape E-Nano – Pure taste all day long

The E-Nano is not a portable vaporizer, but it’s here for the same reasons as the Solo 2 – nothing but pure glass touches your vapor before it reaches your lips. The taste is amazing, and lasts a long time with this desktop convection vaporizer. With unlimited power at its disposal, the wood-constructed E-Nano also scores with smaller doses, and shines on a glass bubbler. This hand-crafted work of art features an adjustable bowl for any size dose you want.

Best everyday carry vape

If you want a vape that you can always have by your side, it has to be durable, compact, and consistent. It needs to be tough enough to slide in and out of your pocket or bag throughout the day without worrying about occasional drops or scratches, small enough that it doesn’t weigh you down, and provide a great experience every time, without having to tinker with settings or adjust any finicky parts.

Our pick Planet of the Vapes ONE, compact and versatile

The extremely pocketable Planet of the Vapes ONE would be happy to spend the day with you. This tough little vape fits easily into your pocket, and heats up super quickly, so you won’t be waiting when you have a moment for a session. When you get home, you can use the water pipe adapter or mini bubbler to settle in for the evening.

Even on the road, the ONE happily pumps out surprising clouds of vapor, considering its size. The only part that suffers a bit is battery life, but with the potency and efficiency of the ONE, we think it will carry most light to medium users through the day without any issue. Plus, at just $99 with your choice of glass attachment, it’s a great value.

Runner-up DynaVap VapCap – Unique and memorable

The DynaVap M doesn’t fit what most people expect out of a vaporizer, and that’s one of the reasons we love it. Rather than settling in for a long session, you heat the end of the VapCap for a big, bold hit, any time you like.

It’s extremely pocketable, has no batteries to recharge, and there are tons of awesome upgrades and even third-party mods. Buying a VapCap opens a whole new world of fun, and the VapCap M is a great place to start.

If you like what you see, but don’t want to use a torch lighter, check out one of these induction heaters. They’re amazing!

Best vaporizer for discreet use

Trying to fly under the radar? These are our favorite vaporizers for when you want a quick cloud without anybody asking questions. That means a vaporizer that fits in your pocket, and the palm of your hand during use, and sneaks back into your pocket when you’re done. It should heat up fast, power through an oven, and then disappear again, which also means it needs to have a great compact heater and an appropriate sized oven so you don’t have to reload often.

Our pick PAX 3, small, fast, potent

The PAX 3 does it all. It fits in your hand without drawing attention, heats up fast, and packs a lot of herb – or concentrates! The PAX 3 is small enough to travel well in any pocket, bag or purse. It only has one button, so it’s easy to turn on without looking, and vibration alerts tell you when it’s time to vape. You can sneak in a quick hit, or a full session, with its 30-second heat up time.

The smartphone app will blow your mind, with all its custom options and heating profiles to play with. Whether you chase flavor, clouds, or anything in between, the PAX 3 will fit your style. On top of all that, it comes with a ten year warranty, for long-distance peace of mind.

Runner-up Planet of the Vapes ONE – Small but potent

When it comes to compact vaporizers, few are smaller than the Planet of the Vapes ONE. Most average sized hands should have no problem completely concealing it, and its dressed-down appearance blends in with your other belongings. But it isn’t just size that helps the ONE fly under the radar, it also heats up extremely quickly, so you can snap a few quick hits when you find the time.

Best battery life

Battery life is an important feature for a lot of people, and for good reason. Having to chase down spare batteries or an outlet can be a real chore when all you’re trying to do is settle in for a relaxing session. These vaporizers can keep running until long after you’ve tapped out, and then some.

Our pick Arizer Solo II – Long-lasting flavor

The Solo II vaporizer has no equal when it comes to battery life. It’s capable of running for three hours on a single charge, without sacrificing flavor or vapor output. The glass stems help your herbs’ natural flavors shine, a luxurious touch that’s particularly nice for home use.

If you take it out with you, Arizer provides everything you need right in the box, like extra stems you can load ahead of time, caps to keep anything from falling out, and a holster to keep all your bits and pieces together. It’s not perfect, but it’s the best way to take flavor to a friend’s house, without worrying about charging up first.

Runner-up Storz & Bickel Mighty – A cloud-focused challenger

The Mighty falls short of the Solo II’s battery life, but really the difference comes down to the experience. Where the Solo II leans towards lighter, more flavorful vapor, the Mighty’s hefty cooling unit allows for chunkier, thicker clouds, without them tasting or feeling harsh. The Mighty is one of our favorite vaporizers overall, and even though it’s still fairly large, its all-in-one design makes it easier to take with you than the Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer.

Best vape under $100

Shopping on a budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise where it counts. There are plenty of great vaporizers under $100 that still pack in premium features, great versatility, and of course, awesome vapor.

X MAX Starry – Pocketable and feature-packed

One of the reasons we like the X MAX Starry so much is that it offers a lot for less than $100, while still being easy to use right out of the box. It heats up surprisingly quickly, and is almost immediately ready for a light, relaxed session. Swappable batteries keep the party rolling, and digital temperature controls let you quickly and easily tune your hit.

The slim Starry offers a lot of great features, which makes it a great starter vape with room to grow into. It’s also sturdy enough to take with you, and compact enough to slide into your pocket or bag without taking up too much room.

Runner-up VapCap M (by DynaVap)

If you’re looking for something unique, the VapCap M is a great place to start. Instead of warming up for a long session, you heat one end of the VapCap, then take a thick draw off the other end.

It has a strong community of tinkerers and modders who swear by it, and the VapCap M is a great place to start, without spending very much.

Best vape under $200

With $200 to spend on a new vaporizer, you have your pick of a ton of great options, and only a few of our best-selling vaporizers will cost you any more than that. Our favorites are easy to use, consistent, and a great value.

Our pick Planet of the Vapes ONE – Way less than $200

If you only have $200 to spend, the Planet of the Vapes ONE will leave you well equipped, with some cash left to spend. It’s extremely compact, and heats up super fast, so you can bring it with you and sit down for a session wherever you might be. It’s built on an already popular vaporizer, with our special accessory attachment that lets you settle in for home sessions.

It’s also a great starting point if you’re new to vaporizing. It comes with everything you need to get up and running, and we include your choice of extra mouthpiece for the accessory attachment, like a tiny bubbler for well-cooled hits, or a water pipe adapter for your existing glass.

Runner-up Arizer Solo II – Flavor and value

If it doesn’t have to be quite so compact, the Arizer Solo II has a lot to offer. The glass stems are awesome for flavor and efficiency, and Arizer sends you everything you need to get started right in the box.

It’s easy to use for personal sessions, or share with friends, and the huge battery means you won’t have to worry about charging it often.

Artisan Pick Sticky Brick Runt – Exceptional power from a dinky vape

Technically, any Sticky Brick vaporizer could qualify as a candidate for a best under $200 list, but the Runt is special. It’s the smallest of the bunch, and the lowest-priced handheld model as well, but packs the same punch. With the power of fire at its disposal, after a little practice the Runt delivers massive hits that electric portable vapes can’t match. The Runt also packs an over-sized-bowl for larger appetites. Did we mention that it’s also a beautiful work of art?

Easiest to use

Sometimes the most important factor when buying a vaporizer is how easy it is to get up and running. Fortunately, we have some vaporizers that require little to no instructions to take you from vaporizer novice to session master, without sacrificing important features. These vapes are ready to go right out of the box, and are among our top-rated vaporizers.

Our pick Storz & Bickel Mighty – No fuss vaping

Beginning to end, the Mighty is the easiest vape around to use. It turns on with a single press of the clearly marked power button, has a large, easy to read screen with direct temperature control, and the adjustment buttons are up front and bright orange. It even comes out of the box with an 80% charge, so it’s ready to go immediately.

But it isn’t just the controls and simple setup, the Mighty is also easy to hit. You can draw as fast or as slow as you like, and the Mighty will happily produce flavorful, potent vapor. It’s easy to pass around and share with friends, without having to teach them how to use it. Everyone has a good time, and no one has to teach any lessons on how to vape.

Runner-up Boundless CFX – The big screen

The medium-size, yet pocketable Boundless CFX boasts a big screen, clearly marked buttons, and a spacious oven for easy loading. It doesn’t need any special instructions, so you can hit it right away or hand it off to your friends for a quick session. Boundless is known for chunkier clouds, which makes it easy to see how much you’re taking in.

Most efficient vaporizer

To us, efficiency means squeezing every last bit out of each bit of herb you load into the oven. We want full extraction not just in terms of flavor, but in terms of the herb’s practical effects too. Our preference is for vaporizers that provide mostly convection heat at the beginning of the session, with more conduction heat as the oven itself heats up around the herbs.

Our pick Storz & Bickel Mighty – Works every time

Storz & Bickel has plenty of practice dialing in their vapor, and it really shows. The Mighty’s blend of convection and conduction ensures every oven gets fully roasted, with no stirring required. Whether you like to take little sips, or long draws, you’ll see impressive results and smooth vapor. Plus, with some of the best battery life of any vaporizer we sell, it’s great for a long weekend.

The Mighty’s digital controls aren’t just convenient, they also help with efficiency. You can slowly turn up the temperature over the course of a session or oven, or turn it down if you find you want some more flavor. With plenty of battery life, and support for the Storz & Bickel dosing capsules, you can run some easy side-by-side tests and see what you prefer, while getting the most out of every bit.

Runner-up Arizer Solo II – Hybrid heating

Like the Mighty, the Solo II’s efficiency comes from the balance of convection and conduction heat. The glass stems keep the herb chamber cooler between hits, reducing waste and preserving flavor.

With a small bowl and gentle heating when you’re not hitting it, the Solo 2 can be dialed in to really stretch your herbs.

Smoothest vapor

The most important factor when it comes to smooth vapor is cooling it down, typically by running it past a heat-absorbing material, or by slowing it down with fins or a circuitous airpath. Our picks go out of their way to cool down that hot vapor before it can make you cough, for the smoothest experience possible.

Our pick Firefly 2+ – Light and tasty

The Firefly 2+ has a unique take on cooling vapor, with a wide and shallow, mirrored channel that lets the vapor expand and cool before hitting your lips. Even on the hottest mode for concentrates, every sip is smooth and tasty. Slow draws help cool the vapor even more, making this handheld convection vaporizer a shoe-in when it comes to preventing coughs.

You can also dial in the experience to exactly how you like it with the app, so all you need to do is hold the buttons for the perfect hit. If you like to tinker and try out different settings, this vaporizer lets you get under the hood and find the sweet spot for you.

Runner-up Storz & Bickel Mighty – Old school cool

The Storz & Bickel Mighty is one of our favorite vaporizers overall, and the cooling unit up top plays a big role. It may not look like much, but the series of fins packed inside lets you take big, hefty rips off the Mighty without worrying about coughing or sputtering. It’s also extremely easy to use, which makes it a great vape for sharing with friends.

Biggest clouds

Looking for a vaporizer that produces big, chunky clouds of vapor? These picks eschew delicate flavors and tiny ovens in favor of visible vapor, and lots of it. They may not provide the smoothest hit, but you’ll definitely notice their potent effects and impressive clouds.

Our pick Storz & Bickel Mighty – Big vape = big clouds

When it comes to clouds, there are few portable vaporizers that can compete with the Mighty’s prowess. Even though it doesn’t have the largest oven, its powerful, well tuned heater produces thick, luscious hits at any draw speed. Plus, it’s sizable cooling unit means you can hit it hard, and at high temperatures, without having to worry about coughing.

And of course, when you need it to, the Mighty is a great vape for passing around or taking on a long weekend. Everyone will appreciate the ease of use, and of course, its potent effects, even at lower temperatures. When you need it to, the on-board digital controls let you bump up the heat to get the party going.

Runner-up Planet of the Vapes ONE – Compact power

The Planet of the Vapes ONE, despite its small size, is capable of pumping out a surprising amount of vapor. Particularly when paired up with the water pipe adapter or mini bubbler, you can take down an entire oven in short order. Turn the heat up, and you’ll definitely see the results, without the coughing.

Best vaporizer for microdosing

While there are certainly vapes that let you sit down for a full session, vaporizers built for quick hits of small amounts of herb are becoming increasingly popular. Our picks let you dial in exactly how much you want, in individual hits, without the need to sit down and plow through an entire bowl. That’s a valuable asset if you don’t need to have a whole oven to yourself.

Our pick DynaVap VapCap – Personalized vaping

If you just want a quick hit, the unique DynaVap vaporizers could be just the trick. You heat one end for around ten seconds, then take a pull off the other end. You can pull slowly for just a little vapor while you’re busy, or take a big draw when you’re trying to relax. The closer to the tip you point the lighter, the cooler the vapor, so you can dial in the experience both while heating, and while drawing.

All VapCap vaporizers work with just a small amount of herb, in some cases in an adjustable oven so you can dial in the perfect hit size for you. Plus, the cleverly-designed DynaCoil (available seperately) can help you get set up with concentrates and other stickier substances, without having to change any of your existing habits.

Runner-up Firefly 2+ – On-demand vapor

Another way to microdose, instead of using tiny bowls, is to use a vaporizer that lets you take a hit and come back later, without cooking the herbs between hits. The Firefly 2+ is perfect for that one-hitter style of vaporizing. With instant, on-demand heating, it lets you pack up to 0.15 grams of dry herbs, and take eight to ten hits at your own pace, even if it takes days! There are seven on-board temperature controls, with more options via the smartphone app.

Hold the buttons down, and within seconds you’ll have your perfect hit ready to go. Take as long as you want to finish the bowl, or chain your hits together for a supremely tasty session.

Desktop Option EpicVape E-Nano – the New Microdose King!

The E-Nano isn’t portable, but it’s so good with microdoses that it must be mentioned. Desktop vaporizers usually satisfy bigger appetites, but if you’re looking for the best microdosing desktop vaporizer, the E-Nano from EpicVape shines with any sized dose. The all-glass stem has an adjustable stainless steel screen that slides up and down to accommodate doses as small as 0.015 grams! You can leave this desktop vape on all day, with a quick hit always ready. The E-Nano is beautifully crafted from a choice of woods, and paired with a pure glass stem for perfect taste.

Best vaporizer for large amounts

Sitting down for a big session? These vapes will help you and your friends take down considerable amounts of herb in short order. Our picks have big ovens, so you don’t have to stop the session every few minutes to reload, and powerful heaters that make sure everyone gets in on the fun.

Our pick Boundless CF/CFX – The endless oven

Both the Boundless CF and CFX have massive ovens that can hold up to 0.35 grams, the most of any portable vaporizer we sell. Pair that up with Boundless’ penchant for big clouds and hefty rips, and either vape would be happy to entertain an entire party. They’re easy to pass around and share too, which is perfect, since you’ll likely need some help. The Boundless vaporizers tend to lean towards big clouds and slightly higher temperatures, which is also perfect if you’re trying to really settle in for a big session. The difference between the two vaporizers mostly comes down to size and feature set, with the CFX adding in full digital temperature controls and fast charging. Otherwise, you’ll see similarly chunky clouds and deep ovens on both sides.

Runner-up PAX 3 – Sleek and powerful

It may look sleek and gentle, but the PAX 3 vaporizer packs a serious punch with the temperature turned up, and you’d be surprised at how fast you and some friends can chew through its sizable oven.

It’s a bit more delicate with your flavors than the Boundless options, but can be picky about how you prepare it, while still being easy enough to pass around.

Artisan Choice Sticky Brick OG Vaporizer – Old School Rules!

Looking for the most potent hits we’ve found from those larger doses? Sticky Brick gets it done with fire, for massive extraction. We like the Sticky Brick OG (the original) for this cause, because it has a longer intake that’s more forgiving, so it doesn’t combust as easily when you’re pushing the limits. Everything about the OG is bigger, from the size of the body to the glass mouthpiece, so buckle up!

Best dual use vaporizer

In general, we find that vaporizers that try to work with both concentrates and herbs typically do one well, but not the other. If you often find yourself reaching for stickier substances, we recommend a concentrate-only option like the Saionara, and our full Sai guide can walk you through those options, which are surprisingly affordable. If you just want a great herbal vape that can also handle concentrates on occasion, check out our picks below.

Our pick Mighty and Crafty+ – Power and consistency

The Crafty+ and Mighty are two of our favorite vaporizers for their impressive vapor output with herbs, and that power can translate to concentrates too, if you turn up the heat. Both vapes include stainless steel pads to prevent anything from dripping down into the heating element, and they’re as simple to use as they are with herbs. Just a little dab on top of the pad, and off you go.

That also makes the Mighty and Crafty+ more shareable and more pocketable. You can load up dosing capsules with both herb and concentrates and head off to your destination knowing you and your friends are totally set, no matter the situation.

Runner-up Firefly 2+ – Flavor first

The Firefly 2+’s concentrate mode works excellently right out of the box, with the included concentrate pad that fits perfectly into the oven. Place a small amount of concentrate on the pad, set the Firefly 2+ to the highest heat setting, and enjoy tastes you’ve missed before. The gentle, convection heat preserves your concentrates the same way it does flowers, extending the herbal taste much further into your sessions. Instead of monster dab clouds, the Firefly 2+ delivers longer sessions with your concentrates, that are gentler and tastier than high temperature dab hits, but still effective. The Firefly 2+ is a solid choice for someone who mainly vaporizers flower, and has the occasional concentrate on hand to enjoy.

Best for home use

These powerful vaporizers may ditch the cord (contrary to our selection of desktop vaporizers), but they do it in a way that won’t leave you wanting more. Great vapor, easy to use, and a slightly larger size that’s just a little too big to be pocketable all add up to a great experience that you can take with you from the living room, to the kitchen, and everywhere in between.

Our pick Storz & Bickel Mighty

The Mighty is the closest you’ll get to a desktop experience in a portable vaporizer, and consistently great to have around the house. It’s easy to load and fire up at a moment’s notice, and no special techniques or buttons means anyone who happens to stop by the house can join in on the fun. There are no hot parts or extra steps, so you can hit it as you please, and not worry about leaving it in the bedroom when you sit down to have dinner.

It’s a little on the larger size for a portable vaporizer, but still small enough to take with you in a bag or purse. The extra long battery life means you don’t need to worry about charging it, and as long as you’re at home, you can use it while plugged in. It’s convenient and reliable, which is exactly what you need when you come home and are just looking to relax.

Runner-up Arizer Solo 2 – Flavor first

Glass stems may not sound groundbreaking, but Arizer’s unique system helps preserve the herb’s natural flavor, and slowly adds conductive heat to your herbs for a full, flavorful session. They aren’t the easiest to carry around, but they work perfectly at home, where you can load them up as you need them, or prepare a few before anyone comes over.

Artisan Choice Sticky Brick Hydrobrick Maxx – The Display Piece

The Sticky Hydrobrick Brick Maxx packs up everything but the mouthpiece into an inconspicuous block of handcrafted wood that can be left out on display. Pop off the lid for access to the flame intake tube, stash container, and stir tool. The Maxx comes with everything you need to vape through water, except the bubbler. Use the included whip and adapters to connect to your glass. With a little practice, this kit is ready for anything!

Best medical vaporizer

If you’re looking for a medically licensed vaporizer, you only have one real option.

Let our 2020 guide help you find the best portable vaporizer for you. Whether you’re looking for big clouds, big batteries, or just want to spend less than $200, we have specific picks for every person and situation.

Best Vaporizer For Micro Dosing? Our #1 Top Picks…

By vapebeat | October 02 2020

Micro-dosing is all the rage right now. They even do it in silicon valley. But what is the best vaporizer for microdosing? Here are our #1 picks based on our extensive testing of over 60 portable vaporizers during 2018 and 2020…

The Best Vaporizer For Microdosing

The Davinci IQ is a killer vaporizer. But its successor, the Davinci IQ 2, is a vastly superior weed vaporizer. The design remains largely unchanged, it still looks amazing, finished in brushed aluminum, but it now features an adjustable airflow, located on the bottom of the device, faster heat-up times, and 30% more performance. For me, the IQ 2 is 2020’s #1 portable vaporizer. Bar none.

Why The DaVinci IQ 2 ?

The design is killer. DaVinci makes some of the best looking portable vaporizers on the planet.

The IQ 2, like its predecessor, runs on a single 18650 battery (which is included in the box), so you can swap out batteries during sessions and not have to wait while it charges back up, as you do with the PAX.

The vapor it produces is stunning too. You have several power modes, as well as a phone app for really dialing things in, but, unlike the PAX 3, the DaVinci IQ 2 can be used WITHOUT a phone app which is definitely a plus in my book.

Mostly, though, I love the fact that the IQ2 has adjustable airflow. For me, this is what really makes it the perfect vaporizer for microdosing. You can have it nice and tight, for a super restricted hit, or wide open for more vapor. Either way, the choice is yours because it is fully adjustable.

Other Good Options:

  • Pax 3 – The Pax 3 used to be my go-to vaporizer until the Davinci IQ 2 dropped, It costs the same as the IQ 2 too. It has one of the fastest heat-up times in the business, quicker than the IQ 2, and it looks and feels exceptionally premium. You also control it exclusively via your phone with the Pax app.
  • Crafty Vaporizer –I love the Crafty vaporizer; pound for pound, it is probably the best portable vaporizer in the world. But it is expensive. Really expensive. For this reason, most will not be able to afford it. If you can, excellent, it is basically the vaporizer of your dreams

If you can stretch to $250, Storz & Bickel’s Crafty vaporizer is the one to go for. This thing is utterly fantastic – it’s easy to use, it kicks out a ton of vapor, and the battery life is NEXT-LEVEL. This thing is the Elvis Presley of the vaporizer space.

For more options, including cheaper vaporizers, check out our FULL guide to the best portable vaporizers right now.

What is Micro-Dosing Anyway?

It’s kind of an interesting story! In this post, we’ll cover the history of micro-dosing, the BOOMING cannabis economy in the US, Terrence McKenna, and the importance of vaporizers for those that regularly smoke weed

Cannabis, not so long ago, was viewed as a scourge on society.

Hemp was outlawed in the US, despite the country having huge production capabilities for it, and many viewed cannabis, a simple plant, in the same context as cocaine and or heroin.

And this was pretty much the way things worked from the 1950s right up until the beginning of the 21st century.

Cannabis is now enjoying something of a renaissance in modern America, however, following the legalization of it in some states and the rise in popularity of medical marijuana.

Indeed, medical marijuana is BIG business in the United States.

The History of Hemp (Image Source)

Colorado has generated billions in revenue from the legalization of pot; and this, in turn, has helped the state generate jobs and additional revenue which can be used for increased spending on public programs and initiatives.

The cannabis industry, the fastest-growing business sector in the state, also is credited with funding 18,005 direct and ancillary full-time jobs in 2015, according to the report from the Marijuana Policy Group, a Denver-based economic and market research firm that consults with businesses and governments on marijuana policy.

Economic Benefits of Cannabis Legalisation In US

Colorado was the first state to take a progressive approach to cannabis, and since 2015 this approach has paid dividends:

The Marijuana Policy Group highlights the following points as KEY aspects for all states in the United States to follow Colorado’s lead:

  • In 2015, marijuana was the second-largest excise tax revenue source, at $121 million—three times higher than alcohol.
  • Warehouse space that was previously under-utilized is now in great demand for indoor cultivation operations, manufacturing, and warehousing.
  • The Front Range—the urban corridor that includes the city of Denver—has seen a significant increase in the number of new cannabis-related businesses and it is now labeled “the Silicon Valley of Cannabis.”
  • The cannabis industry generated 18,005 new full-time jobs in 2015 in Colorado. Of these, 12,591 were directly connected with the cannabis production and retail industry, while 5,414 were generated by ancillary industries and the increased consumer spending generated by those employed in the cannabis industry.
  • The legalization of recreational marijuana has prompted cannabis tourism in Colorado. Tourism operators such as My 420 Tours organize cannabis-themed vacations with visits to greenhouses and dispensaries.

How Micro-Dosing Works – And Why Google Employees Do It

Off of the back of the legalization of weed in the US, mountains of research has now been conducted. Before, this was an impossibility as cannabis was prohibited from active research – just like most other drugs.

You might have heard of micro-dosing? It’s basically where you ingest small amounts of a substance, not enough to get you high, but enough for your body to metabolize it, with the idea being you get all the benefits associated with the drug (increased dopamine production, more productivity, better problem-solving abilities) without any of the downsides.

In the case of weed, downsides would be feeling lethargic and unable to perform your job. And with LSD, tripping your nuts off.

Employees in many of Silicon Valley’s biggest tech companies are now micro-dosing LSD.

Why? Simple: they’re working on some of the biggest problems around, and a dap of LSD helps them solve problems and think more creatively.

I’ve heard anecdotally of people using it for depression, seasonal affective disorder, anxiety, OCD [obsessive compulsive disorder],” Burge told Live Science. “With microdoses, the point would be to create subtle changes in people’s psychopharmacology or experience, in much the same way as most traditional pharmaceuticals are used now.”

Terrence McKenna Was Right All Along…

And this is a subject that Terrence McKenna, now deceased, has been writing about and discussing for years: how materials like cannabis and LSD allow humans to really tap into their true potential, harness more of their mind’s creative abilities.

Mr. McKenna was more of a “heroic dose” kinda guy, but his words on the positive effects of ingesting just a bit of cannabis to get the creative juices flowing pre-date the rise in popularity of micro-dosing by decades, as any long-time readers of his works will know.

No other drug can compete with cannabis for its ability to satisfy the innate yearnings for Archaic boundary dissolution and yet leave intact the structures of ordinary society. If every alcoholic were a pothead, if every crack user were a pothead, if every smoker smoked only cannabis, the social consequences of the ‘drug problem’ would be transformed. Yet, as a society we are not ready to discuss the possibility of self-managed addictions and the possibility of intelligently choosing the plants we ally ourselves to. In time, and perhaps out of desperation, this will come – Terrence McKenna

The medical benefits of cannabis are myriad; there are hundreds of applications for its use in modern society, ranging from treatment for pain and anxiety, right down to things like cancer and overall mood augmentation.

We now have CBD oil too, which people can take, without getting any of the high normally associated with cannabis.

With CBD, you’re just getting the non-psychoactive elements of the plant, and the benefits of this alone are well documented.

And yet, with all this documented research and science, there is still resistance to cannabis and CBD.

Why? Simple: Big Pharma doesn’t want you using natural things to cure or treat your issues and ailments. It wants you taking patented pharmaceutical-grade drugs instead.

As marijuana legalization swept the US in November, Arizona was alone in its rejection of legal weed. There, a pharmaceutical company called Insys was a major backer of the successful campaign to stop the state’s recreational cannabis measure, publicly arguing that pot businesses would be bad for public health and endanger children – The Guardian

And, for those of you following the more recent developments in the vape industry, you’ll notice that Big Pharma is once again using the “children card” to make its point. The irony of this, considering America’s growing opioid crisis, should not be lost on anyone.

But this is the way things work in the US: you have Big Government and the people – and neither seem to care for each other very much.

And in between these two groups of segregated peoples, you have lobbyists, action groups, and corporate interests, and inside this slither of reality the only thing that talks and buys power is money.

The Rise of Vaporizers (And Why They’re Essential)

Up until very recently in human history, you had two possible methods of consuming cannabis: eating it or smoking it.

99.9% of people smoked it, and this is bad – noxious chemicals are produced which wreak havoc on your lungs and overall physiology.

A vaporizer, which is a small portable device, cooks the materials, usually via a ceramic oven contained inside it, so there is no burning. Once the materials are heated (not burned), you inhale the vaporized cannabis and get the same overall effect that you would from smoking it – only without ALL the noxious chemicals.

Benefits of Vaporizing Weed vs Smoking

Two studies have shown that vaporizing weed is dramatically healthier than smoking it. In one study, the findings noted that all inhaled matter consisted of cannabinoids with a few trace elements.

Smoked cannabis, meanwhile, consisted of over 111 noxious compounds that included a wide range of toxic elements.

Another study found that people that use vaporizers to smoke weed were less likely to develop and/or report respiratory symptoms and/or diseases.

Why Aren’t More People Using Vaporizers?

The main reason, I think, is convenience – rolling a joint is always going to be easier than making sure your vaporizer has fresh batteries in it.

Or, if you do have one and it runs out, you’re going to turn to the tobacco and papers again.

Another is the price – a decent vaporizer is NOT cheap.

But when you factor in the health benefits of using one, the price shouldn’t put too many people off – it is infinitely healthier and you get exactly the same effects.

Devices like the PAX 3 and DaVinci IQ are considered among the best in the business.

I own both and can attest to this, however, you can pick up older models of the PAX for a lot less than the company’s current flagship.

Yes, it lacks some of the features of its bigger brother, the PAX 3, but for $100 less, this should be of no concern.

Both produce excellent flavor and vapor, the PAX 2 is just A LOT cheaper because it is older.

My advice? If you smoke weed, and you’re not using a vaporizer, you’re no better, health-wise, than someone who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day.

The technology is now readily available to make smoking pot safer and easier than ever before.

The more we embrace it, the more the harm associated with it is reduced, and then the case for criminalizing things in the name of public health and safety goes away.

Health, liberty, creativity, and enjoyment of reality are the only things that matter.

So quit burning things to get high.

The revolution of vaporizing has already begun. And it’s time you joined the party. Check out our #1 picks for the best vaporizers right now – and start your journey.

Micro-dosing is all the rage right now. They even do it in silicon valley. But what is the best vaporizer for microdosing? Here are our #1 picks…