black mamba dry herb vaporizer

Black Mamba | Dry Herb Vaporizer

The UK’s favourite budget vaporizer

The Black Mamba is a dry herb, conduction vaporizer with precise and even heating. The unique shape and design of this vaporizer allow for a large ceramic chamber that can hold up to 0.65g of material.

With a food-grade glass mouthpiece and rapid heat-up time, it’s no wonder the Black Mamba is a bestseller in the affordable dry herb vaporizer niche.

Who should buy the Black Mamba Vaporizer?

The Black Mamba is a great option for someone who is considering buying their very first dry herb vaporizer but is apprehensive about spending too much money.

Despite its entry-level price, it has a fast and powerful conduction heater and its safety is guaranteed by its air-path which uses only food-grade materials.

Crazy quick heat-up time

The Black Mamba’s conduction oven is powered by a 1600mAh battery which impressively produces vapour from your herb in under 2 seconds and heats to its full temperature in just 20 seconds.

Great taste, great vape

A budget price no longer has to mean a budget vaping experience. The Black Mamba boasts a food-grade isolated glass air path. This maximises the taste from the vapour whilst ensuring non-contamination.

Ease of Use

The Black Mamba vaporizer can be operated with just one button and is probably one of the easiest and most straightforward vaporizers to use. It is a great vape for beginners who desire a no-nonsense vaping experience.

The built-in LED indicator comes equipped with 5 temperature settings to choose from :

  • 428°F (220°C)
  • 410°F (210°C)
  • 392°F (200°C)
  • 374°F (190°C)
  • 356°F (180°C).

This gives its users a degree of control over their vaping experience. The LED changes from red to green to indicate that your herb is now ready to be vaped.

The device can get hot to hold after extended use – this is an indication to pause your session!

The UK’s favourite budget vaporizer The Black Mamba is a dry herb, conduction vaporizer with precise and even heating. The unique shape and design of this vaporizer allow for a large ceramic chamber that can hold up to 0.65g of material. With a food-grade glass mouthpiece and rapid heat-up time, it’s no wonder the Blac

Black mamba dry herb vaporizer

Here at Namaste, we take pride in providing the best of the best, the budget vaporizers are no exception! If you’re new to the vaping community and you are looking for a good entry vape, or if you’re a vaping enthusiast and you’re looking for a vape that you can carry around with you on the go, or if you’re simply on the market to add to your collection, look no further! The Black Mamba has made waves in the vaping community for all the right reasons! From its large chamber size and performance, right down to its unique and elegant design, the Black Mamba is a force to be reckoned with in the vaping community!

This dry herb conduction vape has captured our hearts here at Namaste and we simply can’t get enough of it! Holding approximately 0.65g of your favorite dry herb you can pack this little powerhouse and take it with you just about anywhere! It boasts a variety of features that, for a budget vaporizer, we find to be truly incredible! The Black Mamba Vaporizer is one of our favorite vaporizers on the market, so, take it from us, you and your bank account will thank us later!

Technical Information

Vaporizes Dry Herbs
Storage capacity 0.65 grams
Pre-configured temperature levels 5 Settings (180 ° C to 220 ° C)
Initial warm-up time 20 Seconds
Heating system Conduction
Heating chamber material Ceramic
External coating material Plastic
Battery capacity 60 Minutes
Charging time Full Charge in 3 hours
Compatibility with chargers USB
Compatibility with smartphone applications No
Other functions One Button Operation
Dimension (W x H x D) 14.5 cm x 4.6 cm x 2.6 cm
Weight 190 Grams
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Design and Features

Black Mamba Vaporizer Design

This is an area in which the Black Mamba excels compared to other budget and even some high-end vaporizers! It’s elegant tear-drop design makes it fit nicely in your hand. Coming in variety of colors the Black Mamba was designed with every type of user in mind! If discretion is an important feature for you, we would recommend that you choose the black option! Despite having a large chamber, the device is surprisingly compact, making it easy to conceal and pocket. With dimensions of 14.5cm x 4.6cm x 2.6cm, the Black Mamba is easy to conceal in your hand while sitting comfortably, thanks to its unique shape and rubberized finish for improved grip!


No vaporizer is perfect though and if you’re a little lazy when it comes to your vaporizer’s maintenance (we’ve all been there!) your glass insert in your mouthpiece can build up residue and will over time begin to lose the wonderful flavor of your vapor! When this happens don’t panic! Here at Namaste, we have the perfect piece of kit for you! To make it even better, it’s not going to break the bank! The Black Mamba Vaporizer Glass Insert costs a measly £3.95 and will get you back on track to enjoying amazing vapor as if it was your first session! We recommend that you order this wonderful piece of kit with your Black Mamba Vaporizer so when the time comes to replace the original, you’re already a step ahead of the game!

Ease of Use and Portability

The Black Mamba Vaporizer is a perfect entry level vape, using a one-button system working the Black Mamba is merely a practice of common sense, loading your chamber is simply a matter of removing the mouthpiece! It is also an ideal piece of kit for anyone who is always on the go and who would like a quick session every now and again as you can pack a large amount of your favorite herb and you’ll be ready no matter where you are!

One feature that we were most surprised by was the fact that the Black Mamba Vaporizer is a budget vape but boasts a 1600mAh battery! Taking 3 hours to fully charge and with battery life lasting for approximately 45-60 minutes depending on the frequency of use, the Black Mamba Vaporizer is the ideal piece of kit for short journeys away, but if you are planning on a longer trip, we recommend that you bring a battery pack!

With 5 temperature settings on the Black Mamba, you have the freedom to find the right temperature for you! The temperatures are displayed via the LED lights on the side of the device which can easily be concealed with your hand if discretion is a key factor, if not it simply adds to what is already an aesthetically pleasing vaporizer!

Black Mamba is a dry herb conduction vaporizer with precise and even heating. The Black Mamba is high quality at a competitive price. Perfect for beginners. ]]>