blue point butane torch

Tool of the Week: Blue-Point Butane Torch

Small efficient package

Welcome to a new video series, Tool of the Week. The title is pretty self explanatory, but we are bringing you tools that will help you in servicing your motorcycle from the basic to the advanced, we show you the tools to get the job done.

In this episode Jon talks about the Butane Torch from Blue-Point. This tool will run you $64 not including a can a butane. This is a great tool when you need to heat up a bolt that is stuck due to rust or excessive loc-patch. Check out more from Blue-Point and keep that tool box full!

Jon shows us the Butane Torch from Blue-Point in this episode of Tool of the Week.

Tool of the Week: Blue-Point Butane Torch

Blue-Point gives you an alternative to a big propane torch with the handheld butane torch

This week’s Tool of the Week is a small handheld torch by Blue-Point. This cost around $50 through Blue-Point. You are going to wan’t to use this when using a propane torch is just overkill. You can use the butane torch to heat up seized bolts, heat up shrink tube all in a nice small handheld package.

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A look at Blue-Point's handheld butane torch.