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The Father’s Day Gift Guide for a Stoner Dad in 2020

Father’s Day is coming up fast and if you’re scrambling to get a unique gift, you’re not alone. Most everyone has a person in their life who is a father—whether it’s your own dad, grandfather, or stepfather, your husband, brother, uncle, or someone who is like a father to you, there are many types of men who deserved to be honored for Father’s Day.

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Does anyone really need a new bong? Unless theirs is broken, probably not, but do they want a new one? Of course, they do! Treat the special father in your life to a new bong for Father’s Day. Here are some of our top picks for water pipes for the different types of dads out there.

Reggae Loving Dad

The beautiful water pipe from Marley Natural elegantly combines function with design. The borosilicate glass and sustainably sourced black walnut is a luxurious piece to make any man feel like a king.

Artistic Stoner Dad

For the artist in your life, check out this limited edition Keith Haring Bong designed by the visionary artist himself in his unique style. The design is hand-applied to this glass piece, with bold lines, contrasting colors, and Keith Haring’s signature for a vibrant aesthetic that will wow dear ol’ dad.

Coffee Lover’s Bong

Thinking about getting that coffee-guzzling dad a coffee mug? Next level that idea with this coffee mug bong from the acclaimed Grav Labs. With this bubbler, he can start his day off right!

Science Minded Dad

Do you have a science minded dad in your life? Show him you know him well by shipping him this microscope mini bong for his latest garage “science experiment”.

Everyday Practical Dad

Looking for a gift for the practical dad in your life? Made in the USA, this bell base water pipe is the perfect Father’s Day gift for that no-nonsense father or father figure.



A good grinder is worth its weight in weed but it’s also something that most guys won’t treat themselves to. If the stoner dad in your life is wasting his bud on a busted grinder, or not using a grinder at all, it’s time for an upgrade. This Marley Wood Weed Grinder has precision grinding teeth and is made from sustainable black walnut with a removable screen for collecting that fine kief.


The serious dabbing dad in your life needs a unique gift. This first of its kind terpometer offers both a temperature readout and a way to enjoy your wax. So, if your dab-loving daddy-o is the type to get into the intricacies of temperature, this is the gift for him.


These ashtrays will be a welcome present for any type of smoker. If you know of a father whose been emptying his bowls into a trashcan or ashing into a soda can, this is the gift you need to get. Allow him to enjoy his smoking sessions with a proper ashtray. This crystal ashtrays from RAW and Higher Standards and this glass and black walnut ashtray from Marley Natural are our top picks!

Rolling Tray

Know a ganja grandpa who is using a sub-par rolling surface? Let him know you care by getting him a rolling tray! Perfectly designed for their intended purpose, these two rolling trays will make him feel loved as he assembles his materials and rolls to his heart’s content. Check out this large rolling tray and this extra large fold out tray option.

Pipe Cleaners

Every dad deserves a clean piece. Pair this ultimate cleaning accessory with any of the glass pieces in the list for a gift that shows you care.

Smell Proof Bags

Help dad keep his doobies under wraps by gifting him a smell proof bag. Not only are these bags odor proof to keep his weed discreet, they’re stylish protective cases that lock to keep his stash safe. Check out this blog post on why you need a smell proof bag then find the one that fits dad’s needs. A backpack for the guy on the go, a conspicuous duffle for the proud papa, or a dopp kit bag for the stylish dad.


Dab and Vape Gifts

The dabbing dad needs love too. We have rigs for just about any guy out there including the pinnacle Puffco Peak, Crafty+ Portable Vape, and the Mighty Vape from Storz + Bickel.

Slightly less expensive but still quality gifts are the Pulsar electric oil rig, or the G Pen Roam.

Make this Father’s Day one that he will remember for being a fun one. Check out these perfect gifts for that pot friendly papa in your life.

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Father’s Day is coming up fast and if you’re scrambling to get a unique gift, you’re not alone. Read about our top picks for Father’s Day 2020 on Cannabox!

Bong daddy

This instrumental is one of my personal favorite things we did. The Philadelphia band Wälly was always a huge influence on us and this is the song where that is most evident with it’s sinewy meandering heavy riffs played in unison by the guitar and bass over Tom constantly shifting the time signature. Tom’s ability to play angular odd time signatures while still maintaining a swinging groove is something I took for granted at the time, but I’ve come to realize just how rare his ability is.

This song highlights some of Justin Angeline’s best and most interesting bass playing during his time in the band. Particularly the second half of the song, a groovy odd time signature jam section. During this section there are actually two separate bass parts playing different things simultaneously. The main bass part features his use of an effect called Envelope Filter. On top of that he overdubbed a distorted bass track running through a Talk Box, an effect that allows you to process your instrument in such a way that you can shape your mouth to create a voice like sound to your instrument, allowing you to “make your guitar talk”. This effect is most commonly associated with Peter Frampton’s use of it on Frampton Comes Alive. The song opens with Justin’s bass sounding like it’s speaking the words “Daddy Bong Legs”.

Daddy Bong Legs by Count von Count, released 12 April 2019