bong prices average

Read This If You’re Wondering How Much a Bong Will Cost You

Buying bongs online can be a chore. After scouring through millions of bong sellers online, comparing online vs. smoke shop prices, you might realize this. will. not. end. The varieties are endless, and the prices are too many to compare. You just want to get over it and make your purchase.

To make things a little easier, here’s a brief 411 on average bong prices so you can easily hit your target:

Starting Small: Here’s What $5 to $20 Will Get You

Understandably, most people will want to spend as little as they can. Don’t worry; this is a possibility. Cheap bongs exist, and yes, they are functional. For a price of about $20 to as low as $5, you can purchase a bubble bong, which is a standard water pipe with a base and a carburetor. There are plastic and glass variants, and the bong cost can differ depending on the type of material that is used.

Better Quality and Aesthetics: Here’s What $20 to $30 Will Get You

For a little over twenty bucks, you can get options that are better in quality and design. Ceramic bongs belong to this price range, and you can choose from different intricately crafted bongs as well. You can expect a higher price tag if the artist is well-known, but sometimes, it’s well worth the investment if it can also serve as an art piece.

Size Sometimes Matters: Here’s What $80 Will Get You

For bongs, size can matter because bigger ones sometimes contain an additional water chamber. These percolator bongs help cool and filter the smoke so you can expect a smoother and cooler hit. The pressure from the percolator breaks down the bubbles and makes inhaling the smoke a lot easier too. For the additional price, you get your money’s worth because it also enhances your product and usage.

Newer and More Intricate: Here’s What $100 Will Get You

If you’re up for trying something new and a little crazy, what do you think about a bong with 13 carburetors?! Imagine the challenge (and the eventual satisfaction) of smoking purer smoke as a result of this scientific innovation. You can get a medium-sized version of this bong for about a hundred dollars, more or less.

Durability and Distinction: Here’s What $1000 Or More Will Get You

Some of the most high-quality glass bongs come at a hefty price tag, but for a good reason. Glass bongs are often difficult to make and are also a work of art. Some of them can also be customizable, and a distinct design can fetch a thousand-dollar bill. Like any piece of rare artwork, the more unique it is, the more valuable it is.

Sometimes it’s easier to compare merchandise in smoke shops because the bongs are right in front of you. However, if you’re busy, or would like to allot more time in choosing what product to buy, it would be a lot more convenient to find bongs on Amazon. There are several choices depending on your preferences, and you can take your sweet time picking out what exactly you are looking for.

Remember that the price will not always be equivalent to the quality of your experience. Sometimes, you can experience the same high from bongs that cost differently. If you are looking to buy a bong on a budget, there are products available for you. On the other hand, if you want to buy a more intricate model, or perhaps buy a collector’s item, there are also items specifically for you.

Finding the right product will usually entail research, but it begins by knowing what it is you want. It also helps if you already know how much you are willing to spend on bong cost. While this article won’t cover every bong there is, hopefully, it will give you an idea about how much you’re going to spend, or how much you’d be willing to spend for a bong cost. Just enjoy the process, and hopefully, you’ll find out what you’re looking for.

If you’re wondering how much you’ll need to shell out for a bong, then this article is for you! Read on to find out how much an average bong will cost.

Bong prices average

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Last year Canadians spent almost $908 million on legal cannabis. Just about three-quarters of cannabis consumers stick with good old-fashioned dried cannabis (flower).

There are many ways to consume dried cannabis. You can roll it into joint papers or blunt wraps, vaporize it, or use a pipe or a bong.

Out of all the paraphernalia, bongs seem to be one of the most popular smoking tools. They come in a wide variety of materials, shapes, and sizes.

So how much does a bong cost on average, and how much does a glass pipe cost? Bong cost depends on the type of bong and its quality.

Keep reading for a guide to bong pricing and what bong could be best for your smoking needs.

Types of Bongs by Material

There are two main ways you can categorize bongs: by their shape and the material they’re made out of. To start out, we’ll talk about all the different materials bongs can be made out of.

The first and most popular is glass. Glass is easy to blow in many different shapes for great design and functionality.

Glass bongs allow for the best accessories, like percolators and ice catchers. Because glass can be easily manipulated, glass bongs have the most variety of any material bong.

Silicone bongs are on the rise of popularity amongst smokers. The best part about silicone bongs is that they never break (unless you try to break them.)

They’re also extremely clean and come in a wide array of sizes and colors.

Unfortunately, most silicone bongs are kind of small which makes for a rougher smoke. They also don’t have a lot of roof for percolators, which make your hit smoother and cooler.

Metal is another material used to make bongs. Metal bongs aren’t as popular for a few reasons.

The first reason is taste. Metal bongs tend to give a metallic flavor to your hit, which some smokers don’t enjoy.

The other reason is the fact that metal is completely opaque. You’re liable to accidentally rip a huge hit when you aren’t able to see the smoke you’re pulling through.

A great thing about metal bongs is their durability. You’d actually have to try to break your metal bong.

The last material we’re going to touch on is acrylic. Though there are other materials like bamboo, wood, and plastic, they aren’t as widely available.

Acrylic bongs are kind of like silicone bongs in that they’re meant for the clumsy stoner. They were made to solve the problem of shattering glass.

It was a great concept but a bad idea. The hard plastic still cracks easily and you don’t really know if the acrylic used is safe to smoke from.

Acrylic bongs are usually the first kind to pop up when googling ‘cheap bongs near me.’ The price doesn’t really make up for the poor quality.

Types of Bongs by Shape

Of course, there is an endless amount of possibilities when it comes to the design of a bong. Some are shaped like elephants, some look like science equipment.

When it comes down to it, there are a few main basic shapes that bongs follow.

The smallest bong you’ll find is called a bubbler. These are the size of a dry pipe, but allow you to use water to make the hit smoother.

These are good for smokers who don’t partake too often. They’re easy to keep in a drawer or closet until you want to smoke.

Another shape is a beaker base bong. This is the classic bong shape that looks like a scientific beaker.

Beaker base bongs great entry-level bongs for someone who smokes often but not every day. Their long neck allows for the smoke to cool enough for a fairly smooth hit.

Straight-tube bongs are exactly as they sound. The bong is one long tube with a mouthpiece at the top and the down stem at the bottom.

Straight-tubes are typically taller to allow for more water and their glass is usually thicker. This makes them super durable and great for casual smokers.

Round based bongs are almost the same as beaker base, but the bottom is a rounded bulb. Again, this is great for smokers who aren’t too serious about their sessions.

Now we can get into bongs with accessories. These bongs are perfect for someone who smokes multiple times a day and is serious about their flower.

You can have a bong with a single percolator, which cools down the smoke and filters it for a smooth hit.

One step up is a multi-chamber bong, which uses different sections of the bong to cool your smoke down even more. Along the same lines is a recycler bong, which runs your smoke through the same chambers multiple times.

All of these specialized bongs are worth it if you spend a lot of time smoking. They’ll help ease the tightness in your lungs that can happen after one too many hits.

How Much Does a Bong Cost?

How much do bongs cost? By now you realize just how many variations of bongs there are.

The answer to ‘how much is a bong’ isn’t simple, so here is a rough outline of cost based on size, materials, and shape.

  • $5-$20 – This lower price range will buy you a really good bubbler if you’re looking for something small. Smaller silicone bongs can also cost around 20 bucks, but any glass bong at this price will be small and fragile.
  • $20-$80 – This price range will get you a medium-sized, high-quality bong. You may be able to find one with a single percolator for this price, depending on where you shop.
  • $80-$300 – This price range is where you’ll find big bongs and lots of accessories. Multi-chamber bongs, recycler bongs, and intricate glasswork will be amongst this price range.
  • $300+ – If you’re paying more than $300 for a bong, you’re likely adding a ton of accessories or buying from a well-known glass artist. If you’re an avid smoker who likes smooth hits and eccentric designs, a high-priced bong may be for you.

Which Bong Will You Choose?

We’ve answered your question of how much does a bong cost depending on the type you choose. Now it’s time to evaluate the size, shape, and material that fits your needs.

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Are you wondering how much does a bong cost along with which one should you pick? If yes, you can check out our guide right here to learn more.