boundless cf review

Boundless CF Review & Vaporizer Tutorial

Hey everyone, today we’re taking a look at the Boundless CF vaporizer. It’s a small vaporizer that comes in at a cheaper price point. It’s a smaller brother to the Boundless CFX.


  • Easy to use
  • Simple functionality
  • Big bowl
  • Vapor production
  • Nice size

Typical Price: $119.99

  • No overcharge protection
  • No pass-through charging
  • Feels a bit cheap
  • Flavor
  • Tricky to load
  • Annoying to clean

Overall I’ve really liked using the Boundless CF vaporizer. It’s a really nice, portable vaporizer that comes in at a cheap price point. An alternative might be an XMAX Starry, or something like that. The XMAX Starry is a little bit smaller. But if you’re looking for maybe an entry level, portable vaporizer with no frills, it just works out of the box quite well with a decent battery life, then yeah, definitely check out the Boundless CF.

I’m going to show you:

In the Box

1 x Boundless CF Vaporizer
1 x User Manual
1 x USB Cable
1 x Concentrate Pod
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Packing Tool

Boundless CF Review

✅ Easy To Use

The first pro of the CF is that it is easy to use, it’s pretty foolproof. You just toss your herb in the chamber and then turn it on, wait for it to heat up and it’s ready to go. There are other vaporizers that are far trickier to use. The test I like to do is give it to a friend to try. If they can get it working the first time without help, it’s a success. The CF passed with flying colors.

✅ Simple Functionality

The second thing is that it’s super simple functionality. There’s no screen on it, but you can just choose your temperature easily with the five lights. It also has a battery meter, so you just press the button three times to get a sense of where your battery life is at. It’s just simple, no frills, but it just works well. Sometimes you don’t need an app to make your vaporizer work well.

✅ Big Bowl

The third thing I really like about it is that the bowl is very big. You can fit quite a lot of herb in there… I believe you can fit at least 0.3g and possibly more. That means you can fill it up and it’s good to go for a while. That being said, it can also do a little bit of herb quite well. You don’t need to fill it completely I’ve found, but then it does start to gunk up the mouthpiece screen faster when you have less in there.

✅ Vapor Production

The fourth thing I like about the CF is that I do get a lot of vapor from it. Even from a small, cheaper vaporizer, you can definitely hit it quite hard. That’s a big step up from other low-cost vaporizers made in China that barely produce any visible vapor. That won’t be a problem with the CF.

✅ Nice Size

The fifth thing I’ve found is that it’s small. So it has a really nice form even compared to the CFX, which is the bigger brother of the CF. It feels nice in your hand and can fit in your pocket no problem. The size is even quite nice for at home use and is super comfortable to chill on the couch with.

❌ No Overcharge Protection

I think the first con I found is that you can overcharge this thing, so you can’t really leave it to charge overnight. You need to keep an eye on it for when it’s done charging. And I think that’s actually a big nuisance because if you just forget, you can ruin the battery after a few times and really drain that battery. It can severely shorten the life of this vaporizer since you can’t replace the batteries.

❌ No Pass-Through Charging

The second thing is there’s no pass-through charging. So pass-through charging means that you can charge it while using it. With the CF you need to wait for this to completely charge before you use it. Unlike the Arizer Solo 2 or the Mighty, you can’t do pass-through charging with the CF, which is a little bit annoying. If you blasted through the battery and you want to keep going, you might need to use another vaporizer to smoke instead of using it.

❌ Feels A Bit Cheap

The third thing I don’t like about it is that it is made almost entirely of plastic. It feels a little bit cheap. This feels like something that’s made in China, and it is made in China. but there are other vaporizers like the Fury Edge that are too, but feel much sturdier. That being said, that’s just my opinion and doesn’t really matter that much.

❌ Flavor

The fourth thing I don’t like about it is compared to other vaporizers, and you might not care about this, but the flavor isn’t great. There are better tasting vaporizers when it comes down to it. If it’s your first vaporizer that won’t matter. I’ve tried over 30 vaporizers, so the different flavor becomes more apparent the more vaporizer you use. But I don’t think it’s a big problem for first timers or somebody who just wants a portable unit.

❌ Tricky To Load

The fifth thing that I don’t like is the way the mouthpiece screws on, you can get herb in the crack. When you load it, herb can get in the crack and when you put this lid back on, it can stop you from doing that and it gets a little bit dirty. There are funnels that can help you funnel your herb in there, but I feel like they could have done something a little bit better so it didn’t get as dirty. Other vaporizers like the Davinci IQ2 are so clean and simple to load in comparison.

❌ Annoying To Clean

The sixth thing I don’t like is that it is a little bit annoying to clean. I’ll show you how to clean it later in this article, but it’s not as simple as other vaporizers. With the Firefly 2+ you just pretty much brush out the bowl and with the Arizer Solo 2 you just put the stem in some rubbing alcohol. With the Boundless CF you need to pull apart some pieces and put it back together. It’s not hard, it’s just not as easy. Maybe I’m just spoiled by having tried many vaporizers.

How to use the Boundless CF

Now I’ll show you how the Boundless CF works, it’s pretty easy. You just need to load the top. Twist off the mouthpiece to reveal the chamber. Toss your ground up herb in the chamber (up to .3g) and brush out any extra that didn’t make it in the chamber. A funnel may be useful here if you’re not very dexterous. Then twist back on the mouthpiece.

Okay, so we have our herb in the chamber! Press the side button five times and then it starts blinking like it’s ready to heat up. The lights will blink until it’s ready to go. Then take a long draw from the vaporizer. I usually get a better hit on the second go. Also play around with different temperatures to see what’s right for you.

The other functionality that’s good to know is how to check the battery life. Press the side button three times to see what your battery is at.

How to clean the Boundless CF

Okay, so now I’ll show you how to clean the Boundless CF. All you really need is some isopropyl alcohol, maybe some Q-tips, and the pokey tool they provide . There’s also the brush which is good for brushing out the bowl. After every use, make sure you do brush out the bowl.

First thing’s first, separate the mouthpiece. It breaks off into two pieces which just pull apart. The plastic piece that you breathe into, you can just clean that out with a Q-tip. Then there’s the one with the mouthpiece screen which should screw off and leave you with three metal pieces.

Then poke out the chamber screen with the pokey tool. You should see it in the chamber, just poke it down on one side.

Proceed to put all of the metal pieces in a bowl with some rubbing alcohol. You can leave them in there for a few minutes, then give them a better rubdown with a Q-tip, and then rinse them under warm water to get off all the alcohol.

While the metal pieces are soaking you can give the plastic pieces a rub with a Q-tip and some rubbing alcohol. Make sure they’re completely dry before you put them back together.

The bowl should stay relatively clean as long as you brush it out every time after use. If not you can use a little bit of iso alcohol on a Q-tip, but do it holding the unit upside down so no alcohol trickles inside.

Once you’ve done all of that, and everything is dry, you can reassemble! It’s not that tough to clean but it does take a bit of practice.

Check out my 5 Pros and 6 Cons to purchasing the Boundless CF vaporizer. I go in-depth on what I like and don't like about it. Watch the video to also learn how the Boundless CF works and how to clean it! It's a great entry level vaporizer that comes in at a reasonable price point.

Boundless CF Review

The Boundless CF Vaporizer is one of the best vaporizers of all-time and is very similar in performance to its elder brother, the CFX . This version is simplistic while still producing high quality vapor and remaining extremely portable. You can treat yourself to this beast here at Vaporizer Chief and enjoy a quality dry herb vaping session.

Here are just some of the top reasons why you need to add this device to your herbal vaping collection:

  • Highly portable and discreet
  • High quality vapor from the hybrid heating chamber
  • Solid build
  • Ease of use
  • Low and consistent of heat up times
  • Holds a decent amount of herbs
  • Isolated vapor path

There are a few minor cons with this device:


  • Lower Battery capacity
  • Less durable due to the plastic shell
  • No battery Indicator


Boundless Technologies entered the herbal vaporizer scene with a big bang. Their first vaporizer was the CFX Vaporizer. It instantly becomes a hit due to its authenticity and most people can attest that this was one of the most powerful vaporizers of all times. So, you can imagine the Boundless CF- a combination of power and portability. Simply put, you couldn’t ask for more.

Vapor Quality

When it comes to vapor quality, I would give this portable vaporizer a five star rating. Just like the Boundless CFX, the CF uses a hybrid ceramic heating chamber, which has both a convention and conduction system, delivering the highest quality vapor. The isolated airflow also adds justice to this device. There is a more of a free flow air style, making your vape session all that more enjoyable. You will notice that the flavor improves as you heat up the device. However, as you go up through the wattages, the intensity of your flavor rises. Therefore, you need to moderate on the temperature, in order to achieve a balance between the flavor and the vapor production.

Ease of Use

Hearing all about the high performance of the Boundless CF, one might think that this is a very complicated device, but it is easy to use. It has a one button operation, where you click five times to put this device either on or off. To scroll down the temperatures, click the button two times, then hold it down. From there, you can easily navigate through your preferred temperature setting. Additionally, you will notice that the LED screen starts to blink as it scrolls down the temperatures and only becomes solid once you have arrived at your selected setting.


If you are looking for a portable vaporizer that will not disappoint you in terms of performance, then you should go for the Boundless CF Vaporizer. The CF (4.5 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide), is 0.5 inches slimmer and 1.5 inches slimmer than the CFX. Therefore, it easily fits in your pocket or purse. These features make it easy to travel with and vape your herbs at your convenience. However, it is important to note that with portability comes a smaller battery with a lesser capacity.


The Boundless CF is a good investment. Get it from a reputable supplier like us and you get a three-year guarantee against defects. Also, you get an additional 1 year warranty on the battery. However, after the warranty time expires, you can easily get a replacement battery from Boundless.

Heating and Temperature Regulators

The Boundless CF vaporizer has an auto-shut function, which puts the vaporizer off, after every 10 minutes of use. This works to lengthen the life of your batteries. Also, it helps improve the functionality of your vaporizer, for each session.

Prep Time

Anyone who has used this vaporizer in the past can attest that it is one of the smoothest, in terms of heating up. It can heat up to any temperature in approximately 20 seconds, thus, making it ideal for those times when you are impatient and cannot wait to vape your herbs. Also, you don’t have to feel obligated to vape a whole bunch of herbs all at the same time, just because your vaporizer will take too long to heat up if you switch it after a few puffs.

Power Supply

The Boundless CF Vaporizer is packed with a 1300mAh Lithium-ion battery. The battery capacity allows you to vape for a few sessions without having to recharge. And, if you are to recharge, you can use the 5V USB Charger. Charging at a rate of 2.0amp, you can get your battery full in an hour’s time.


For just $129.99, you can get this awesome Boundless CF vaporizer here at Vaporizer Chief. Considering the authenticity of this device, this is a throw away price. In fact, for the same performance, you cannot get any other vaporizer going for that price.

To enjoy your vaping experience, it is important that you give your Boundless CF vaporizer a few minutes to of burn-off cycles. This entails selecting your preferred temperature and allowing your vaporizer to heat for a few minutes without any herbs. Also, once you start vaping, take a few short puffs to get rid of the factory-like flavor; from there you should be good to go.

To get the right balance between flavor and vapor, it is important that you vape at a regulated temperature. Vaping at temperatures over 410 degrees Celsius might give you the best vapor production, but it will also give you a very harsh throat hit.

Fill up the chamber past halfway for you to get the best results. Because of this factor, the CF might not be the ideal choice for vapers that prefer to vape only a few puffs for every session.

Bottom Line

The Boundless CF Vaporizer is a must-have vaporizer. It is affordable, a high performer and will give you a great balance between flavor and vapor. If you are ready to experience a whole new level of herb vaping, then the CF is for you.

Boundless CF Review The Boundless CF Vaporizer is one of the best vaporizers of all-time and is very similar in performance to its elder brother, the CFX . This version is simplistic while still