box top papers

Box top papers

Total school earnings with Box Tops since 1996. and counting


If you discover a traditional Box Tops clip on a product, you can still clip it and send it to school. Every valid Box Tops clip is still worth 10¢ for your school. Make sure each one you turn in has a clearly visible product acronym and expiration date.


If you see this label on a product, you can use the Box Tops app to scan your receipt. The app will find participating products purchased at any store and instantly add cash to your school’s earnings online. Please note that some Box Tops products are not labeled; check our product list for a complete list of participating products.


Check out this week’s Teacher Spotlight, recognizing under-resourced teachers and schools across the nation.


Thank you to everyone who submitted Box Tops this fall! Schools will receive their earnings checks next month.


Scan your receipt for a chance to win $20,000 for your school!


Another reason to be thankful this Thanksgiving: You can earn Box Tops for your school with participating products.

Box top papers Total school earnings with Box Tops since 1996. and counting THE OLD BOX TOPS CLIPS If you discover a traditional Box Tops clip on a product, you can still clip it and send

Box Tops Collection

It’s hard to believe that school will soon be starting. Where did the summer go!?

We just finished our school shopping at Wal-Mart and are working on getting everything organized for move in night and the first day of school.

While shopping at Wal-Mart for back to school supplies we made sure to grab products that earn double box tops, which equals money for our school.

One of the easiest ways to support your child’s school is by collecting box tops. Each box tops you collect earns your school $.10. Schools can use the money for anything they need from computers to books to playground equipment and much more.
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Earn Double Box Tops

Between our three kids, we needed 7 boxes of Kleenex, so we picked up a 4 pack of Kleenex Everyday Facial Tissue and a 3 pack of Kleenex Everyday Facial Tissue-Captain America (My 1st grader is pretty excited about these!). Each pack had 8 bonus box tops, that is $1.60 between the two packs for our schools! Just imagine if everyone family in the district were to do the same. That’s a lot of money for our school!

We seem to blow through paper towels, so we also grabbed a 6 pack of Viva Vantage Big Rolls. That earned us 8 more bonus box tops. Are you following along with the math!? We are now at $2.40 for our school.

We needed a system for storing and organizing our bonus box tops, plus all the box tops we will be collecting throughout the year. We loved the fun designs on the Kleenex Tissue boxes, so we turned the empty box into a box tops collection container.

Create a Box Tops Collection Container

The box tops collection container was super easy to do. All you need is a label or piece of cardstock, marker, and glue.

  1. Cut out a piece of paper to fit on your Kleenex box.
  2. Using a marker, write box tops on the box. We also taped a couple of box tops on the label to help our preschooler identify the purpose of the container.
  3. Attach the label to the front of the Kleenex tissue box and start filling with box tops.

Attach the Box Tops to Collection Forms

At some point, it became Grandma’s job to organize the box tops on collection forms when she visits. Our middle child is always anxious to help attach the collected box tops the collection forms. We created some fun collection forms to have on hand for her visits.

Tip from Grandma: Use double-sided tape to go faster.

Collect box tops to help your school earn money with this super easy DIY collection container and free printable collection forms.