brass vs stainless steel pipe screens

Brass vs stainless steel pipe screens

FAQ’s – Care Instructions Here is where you will find all the answers. Everything You Need To Know about what makes Titan Smokescreen So Different!

Ideal for use in virtually all smoking devices; from hi-tech vaporizes to old-corn cob pipes.

Likewise, with vaporizers – BE GENTLE when you push the new screen into the neck; use something like a long fireplace matchstick.

NEVER use metal objects, knives or coat hangers to fit (or clean) your Titan Smokescreen.
6. Is my Titan Smokescreen safe for water-pipes and vaporizers? A: Yes. Although all metals are subject to corrosion, your Titan Smokescreen has THE HIGHEST “corrosion resistance” level available! that means it can better resist the affects of water evaporation, vaporizing or atomizing.

Vaporizers-Titan Smokescreen is ideal for vape users! As they know, it’s a real pain to replace the screen in most models; so the longer your pipe screen lasts the better. The Titan VapeScreen is designed to last longer than any other.

ALL sizes of Titan Smokescreen are ideal for vaporizers/pens/etc. and ALL Titan Smokescreens are designed to the same High Exacting Standards.

7. What is High Temperature Stainless Steel and why should I use it instead of regular steel or brass? A: As discussed earlier, ordinary pipe screens are made of extremely fine wire in order to cut costs. This wire also has a relatively low melting point (the temperature at which heat begins to breakdown the molecular bonds of the metal). A Titan Smokescreen is made of wire that has a considerably higher “melting point”, which means it can take more heat for longer periods. Additionally, the “gauge” or diameter of the wire used to create a Titan Smokescreen is considerably larger than ordinary pipe screens – again, allowing the Titan Smokescreen to handle higher temps for longer. This is most beneficial for vaporizer users and those who use “torch” lighters. A Titan Smokescreen also dissipates heat faster than ordinary pipe screens, getting rid of the heat faster reduces molecular breakdown. Titan Smokescreen and VapeScreen are made from the highest quality level High temperature Stainless Steel available. This all means that you get a pipe screen that lasts longer and is safer to use. 8. Why is My Titan Smokescreen so stiff? A: A Titan Smokescreen is stiffer than ordinary pipe screens because they’re made from a stronger material, larger wire and a closer weave. You can see and feel the difference; and Trust us, it softens with use! 9. Is Titan Smokescreen more expensive than ordinary pipe screens? A: Yes, Titan Smokescreen is more expensive than ordinary pipe screens; but our studies show that, when you average your cost of replacement for ordinary pipe screens, a Titan Smokescreen will cost you the same or even less. Besides, how can you put a price on your Health/Safety? Remember the old saying-”You get what you pay for!”? It’s true with Titan Smokescreen. Now all you need to know is: “Where can I buy a Titan Smokescreen?”
Just visit the Find A Retailer page to locate a store near you.
“Care and Feeding of My Titan Smokescreen” TOP OF PAGE
Simplicity; extending the life of your Titan Smokescreen doesn’t require that you do anything extraordinary. Follow the simple instructions below, clean your Titan Smokescreen when you normally clean your pipe and always feed your pipe the best you can afford – starting with a Titan Smokescreen. 1. Keep your TS clean. Cleaner is always better. Use rubbing alcohol , soft toothbrush and hot water. NEVER use household cleaners or harsh chemicals. 2. NEVER “burn” your TS even to “clean” it. Excessive overheating is the #1 cause of damage.
3. NEVER use metal objects (like knives) on your TS.
NEVER “scrape” your TS to clean it.
4. NEVER “wiggle” clean your TS. Manipulating your
pipe screen back/forth loosens the weave and weakens it.
5. Don’t “overpack” your pipe. This restricts airflow and
can create excessive heat which can cause damage .
6. Replace when necessary or as recommended.

7. Always feed your pipe the best you can afford -starting with a
Titan Smokescreen.

The Safer Healthier Longer Lasting Pipe Screen!

Screens – Brass or Stainless

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  • McFitch
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    I have seen a variety of answers to the above question across various web sites and including 420M. So, I went to Wikipedia to see if they had any light to shed on the subject. Especially concerning the question as to whether Brass has any lead content and the danger from such an alloy.

    Wikipedia noted that many Brass mixtures can vary wildly and can include metals that are not actually true Brass. The article noted that many Brass alloys also do contain lead with concentrations up to 2%. The article discussed technical details of how the metals merge and that the lead can present a greater surface area of exposure when later worked through a manufacturing process resulting in significant leeching. It noted that key manufacturers in California were threatened with action by the state because the state determined that handling Brass keys twice a day exposes CA. citizens to exposures of lead greater than allowed under current FDA regulations.

    How can Brass be allowed to be sold as pipe screens given the information above. The Wiki article includes numerous references for the information it contains. I invite readers to visit the Wiki site and judge for themselves the information contained under BRASS.

    Personally, I do not believe any agency is validating the lead levels contained in pipe screens. Plus, how do you know whether the pipe screen you are smoking out of was manufactured in the US to US standards or whether it was made in some other country with zero regulations.

    I have seen a variety of answers to the above question across various web sites and including 420M. So, I went to Wikipedia to see if they had any light to… ]]>