bukket pipe

The Bukket Pipe – Waterless Gravity Bong

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Product Details

Bong Listing Includes

  • FREE USA Shipping – Priority, Signature Priority, plus Worldwide Shipping Options Available
  • 1 Bukket Pipe Gravity Bong
  • 1 Metal Bowl Piece with Slide for herb

Gravity Bong Details

  • Waterless Gravity Bong
  • Very easy to use and delivers massive puffs
  • Base Diameter -3.5 inches
  • Length at Full Extension – 20 inches long You may be able to stretch it a little more, but going any further puts more pressure on the device and over time may cause damage.
  • Bong Bowl Measurements -2.75 inches long, 0.5 inch diameter, 0.5 inch deep for large herb packs

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Customer Reviews

User Manual

What is a Gravity Bong

The average water bong is tubular in shape with a bubble at the bottom designed for holding water plus the slide and bowl pieces, standing at about a foot tall or so. But not a grav bong, these look nothing like the usual binger. Technically they come in all shapes, sizes and designs, but a standard go to would be The Bukket – it is a single, easy to use piece, similar to an accordion, that brilliantly uses the airflow and pressure to function. The bukket is set up is however long it takes to pack a bowl, it is super portable, plus it is the cleanest grav bong set up by far.

The average gravity bong is homemade and can be used with a water filled sink plus the top half of a 2 liter soda bottle, some tin foil and a thumbtack. Just about endless variations exist to this homemade bong, whether it is downsizing to the 20 oz bottle or getting crazy and using one of those water cooler size bottles, you can get real creative.

To define a gravity bong exactly, it is less about the look or feel, and all about the functionality of the smoking device at hand. A grav bong differs from the average water pipe smoking method. The difference is clear, and it has to do with exactly how the smoke is created, how it is collected, and finally taking the ultimate hit. Instead of inhaling to milk the chamber, simply pull up on the top of the grav bong to expand the chamber. This expansion will suck air in from the outside, which acts as the artificial inhale. Continue to pull until satisfied, and then at your pleasure, take a puff and clear the chamber if you choose.

How to Use a Gravity Bong

In the case of a homemade gravity bong, it really depends on the exact McGyver’d masterpiece at hand. But, the Bukket Bong is one of the most popular, portable pieces on the market. Once upon a time the only options were homemade options, but not anymore.

The Bukket is simple to use. Just set it down standing upright without any expansion. There is a bowl piece that will sit at the top of the Bukket. Pack that piece with well ground herbs and slide into place. Next, grab the top of the Bukket with one hand, and with the other hand, start to light the bowl as if you were about to smoke. Once you spark up, slowly lift the top of the bong so that it expands. As you pull up, the bowl packing should be roasting, and smoke filling the corridor.

Once fully expanded there is not where else to go. Next, collapse the Bukket onto itself – be aware, as you collapse things, the smoke will be forced out quickly, and if not careful, you can deliver a monstrous hit. You can easily turn a full Bukket into a few hits if you properly expand and gather a bunch of smoke.

The Bukket has been delivering massive hits long before anyone knew what a vape pen was. This easy to use, water-less gravity bong will deliver massive hits every time.