can you roll a joint with printer paper

alternative to rolling paper

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no man..please never use printer paper

tampon wrapper is the only thing ive ever substituted a paper for and it was “alright”

minus the fact your smoking a tampon wrapper

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If you’re desperate, REALLY desperate, pocket Bibles usually roll really well. Those with thin old-looking pages. I don’t do it, not for religious reasons, but for I don’t like shredding books — But I have friends who claim it makes a hell of a rolling paper.

But if you’re just trying to do something different, you should REALLY (Matter of fact, everybody should) try smoking on dry Banana palm leaves. It’s one of the BEST smoking experiences I ever had.

I don’t mean the industrial thing (I don’t know but there might be), I mean leaves you literally cut from the tree, wait a couple days in the sun, and cut. And you might wanna tie a knot around it.

It’s just GREAT! ‘Cause it’s kinda moist y, makes the smoke so. refreshing.

I sounds weird, but it really is great.

Or you could smoke on corn leaves, but I don’t like it so much. Rather rolling paper. Corn leaves are good for tobacco with weed, though. I don’t know, just. Harmonizes well.

what's a good alternative to rolling a joint with rolling paper. Is printer paper ok. ]]>