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Marijuana and Accutane

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I stumbled upon an article on the internet where someone asked the same question. A doctor replied that marijuana and accutane shouldn’t be mixed. One because accutane is said to cause depression, and two because marijuana is a depressant drug. Putting two and two together would cause you to be. depressed. That’s what the doctor said.

Now, I’ve been smoking marijuana habitually for the past, few years, everyday. I’ve been smoking marijuana while I’ve been on accutane. I really do not notice a difference in my demeanor. I have not noticed any increase of depression.

The fact that I know that accutane should work and my face will be clear is my driving force at using accutane, I have no regrets, I am not depressed because of it, nor does my marijuana habit effect me.

Experts say the darnest things don’t they?

I don’t want to scare you away from using accutane and smoking pot. But, be cautious, what I say might not effect you, but then again what some others say about accutane not being a deppresant might not be true either. You never really know untill you try for yourself.

But, yes, in ‘some cases’ accutane has been shown to give a side effect of depression. Notice that quotation marks, it is said to cause depression in ‘some.’ There are a number of links you can find pertaining to accutane and suicide. Go to a search engine and type out ‘suicide and accutane’ they will give you about as much information you need to know about the depression side effect of accutane. Accutane even has it’s own suicide help line. If that isn’t enough of a no-brainer that goes to show accutane in ‘some’ cases causes depression. then I don’t know what is.

Just becareful with accutane, even though some people say it’s as safe as any other acne medication, there have been some rare occassions where accutane has ruined lives. Becareful and goodluck.

Here’s a little excerpt from the accutane suicide helpline.

Accutane has been linked with more than 1,300 psychiatric side effects including severe depression and more than 66 cases of suicide.

The FDA now requires doctors to have patients sign a consent form that says they understand the risks associated with Accutane including depression and suicide. Pharmacists must also hand out a detailed warning brochure called a Medguide. Accutane is one of only 3 drugs that has ever required a Medguide.

For some it may be too late.

If you or a loved one has taken Accutane and have experienced side effects such as depression or suicide you should speak to a lawyer to protect your rights and pursue compensation. This site is for victims of Accutane side effects. Our lawyers will provide you with a free consultation. We provide referrals to attorneys nationwide. Please review the information on our site and contact us for immediate legal assistance.

I'm currently 1 month in my second course of Accutane and am liking the early results already. My first blood test will be in a few days.I have been avoiding alcohol, except for a beer or two every now and then again to prevent the raise of triglerycides. But, because of this, i have been using marijuana more

Smoking Marijuana While Using Accutane

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Is it bad for you to smoke marijuana while using accutane? I’m not looking for pot is illegal and bad for you answer. I just want to know if pot while on accutane has any added health risks then if I was smoking without being on accutane?

There is some controversy surrounding this question. To start there have been studies done on marijuana that indicate that the use of this can induce nervousness, panics, anxiety, etc. On the other hand there are studies that indicate that it actually assists in reducing these symptoms. To be honest I do not know which is the correct answer here. Pro-cannabis organizations are going to publish these studies that say that it is good for the body and/or health. Organizations against the use of marijuana are going to say it is bad for the body and/or health. Those against the use of medical marijuana state that smoking marijuana while also taking Accutane may increase the likelihood of depression, mood swings, anxiety, panic attacks etc. Those for the use of medical marijuana are arguing that smoking while taking Accutane is going to relieve those symptoms.

Bottom line is you have to personally make the choice as to whether you want to combine the use of these two drugs. I hope this is helpful.

Is it bad for you to smoke marijuana while using accutane? I’m not looking for pot is illegal and bad for you answer. I just…