ceramic dab rig

Ceramic Nail with Dab Rig Adapter

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Product Details

Domeless Nail Listing Includes

  • FREE USA SHIPPING – International and Priority options available
  • Ceramic Sandclock Domeless Nai
  • Dab rig adapter

Ceramic Nail Details

  • Nail an Adapt to fit -14mm to 19mm male and female joints
  • Height with adapter attached -3.75 inches tall
  • Dab Plate Diameter – 0.75 inches
  • Dab Hole Diameter – 6mm

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User Manual

What does Dab mean

In the context of this world, if you hear someone mention something about taking a dab or looking to dab, they are referring to vaporizing wax with either a vaporizer pen or a domeless nail and oil rig.

Typically with vapes, users refer to the act as vaping and not so much as dabbing. So the majority of the time, the term taking a dab involves the use of rigs, domeless nails dab tools, and a blow torch unless you have an electronic nail. A domeless nail is connected to an oil rig like a bowl piece would connect to a water pipe. Wax needs to be heated at a much higher temperature than herbs so the nail surface needs to be heated with a blow torch. Once the nail surface is hot enough, with a dab tool, wax is applied and it immediately turns to vapor. The user will take a pull similar to most smoking methods and vapor will travel down throughout the rig for a proper dab experience.

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This domeless nail set includes an adapter so it can fit more than one rig stem size. Ceramic nails are highly rated as they are associated with some of the most tasty vapors while dabbing.

Ceramic Nails, Tools, & Carb Caps

As all dabbing enthusiasts know, a reliable nail is needed for high-quality taste and smoking sensation. As an alternative to quartz and titanium nails, ceramic nails are a reliable tool for the casual dabber. Ceramic Nails, Ceramic domeless nails and carb caps are accessories used for the consumption of legal oils and concentrates. Ceramic nails can hold heat for the longest amount of time. The ceramic used is food and medical grade so it is safe to use.

How Dabbing Works

During the dabbing process, the concentrate oil or wax is placed on the nail, which is then heated. It’s important to select a dabbing nail that can maintain this heat well, as this quality is central to your overall enjoyment of the dabbing process. Ceramic nails have the distinct advantage of maintaining this heat for the longest period of time. This means that they will heat the concentrate oil or wax the most effectively, without compromising the taste. However, be sure to exercise caution during the heating process to avoid burning the wax. Looking for more information about dab nails? Find out which material is perfect for your needs in our nail selection guide.

Our premium online headshop offers other ceramic tools as well. Without a proper dab tool, it’s impossible to transport pure oil or wax from the container to the nail without contaminating it. Moreover, the correct dab nail can vary greatly based upon the consistency of the wax, and your personal preferences.

Why Use a Carb Cap?

When conserving wax is a priority for you, carb caps can make a meaningful difference. Carb caps contribute to the dabbing process by covering the nail, therefore lowering the temperature within this enclosed space. By keeping the wax at a reasonable temperature with the ceramic carb cap, you can ensure that all of your wax is used at a reasonable pace.

Finally, our ceramic grinders are the ideal material for breaking down your herbs into reasonably sized pieces.

Our ceramic products are manufactured with food/medical grade ceramic, meaning it is entirely safe for smoking purposes.

We carry a wide variety of dab tools and dab accessories. Dab nails, carb caps, and dabber tools are all essential to dabbing successfully. We carry a large selection of high-quality concentrate nails and accessories at the lowest possible prices.