chanel paper bag for sale

Chanel paper bag for sale

Usually after you received a brand-new Chanel bag, you would get excited, thrilled and overwhelmed by happiness. That is for the most people, but in Jasmine’s case, it’s exactly the opposite.

Jasmine felt in love with the Chanel GST, but she wanted it fresh-baked from Paris. So when her cousin decided to travel in France, she quickly asked her to do a favor. ‘Please help me buy a Chanel GST bag in Paris’. Finger crossed!

So her cousin went to the famous Galeries Lafayette in Paris and she hit the jackpot. They had the Chanel GST in black and gold hardware in stock, exactly in the same style that Jasmine wanted. ‘But’, the Shopping Assistant said: ‘It doesn’t come with the original box and the paper bag’.

Honestly, the Chanel experience is partly ripped if you don’t get the paper bag and the white flower. The box is not only for decoration purpose, it has a function. If you’ve been a fan of Chanel for a time, you will learn that the dust bag is for protection purpose. Now you’re back from shopping all day long, together with your Chanel GST. Where to drop? In your closet? Hang it in your room where it can be exposed to dust, light and sun? No way, the color will fade and slowly, it will eat up your beautiful leather. Give me the dust bag and I will put it nicely back into the box, where it belongs!

Now about the paper bag, wouldn’t it add a lot of value if you decides to sell it one day and you still own the complete package? I mean, the box, dust bag and the paper bag with the iconic flower on it?

Back to the story, where was I? Oh yes, at first Jasmine was very happy to receive her very own Chanel GST, but partly disappointed because of the box and paper bag of course. Her mom had a Chanel GST too, and naturally she put the two bags together for comparison. And you know what she saw? THIS:

Can you see the difference? I would personally freak-out. A lot of questions were running through Jasmine head:

‘What is this?’.
‘Why is this happening?’.
‘What went wrong?’.
‘Did her cousin damage it while traveling back to Malaysia?’.

‘Is Galeries Lafayette selling fake bags?’.

She was worried, her mom took her to the Chanel boutique in KLCC and asked the Shopping Assistant for support and explanation. The SA couldn’t comment and didn’t want to accept the bag. Now she is torn.

Fortunately she still had the original receipt, but she didn’t know what to do. Eventually she found Bragmybag and posted her experience on our forum: ‘The right bag is less shiny, more mature feel and there is less of a bounce on the diamond shape stitching’.

Chanel has changed leather on the GST in 2010, so we asked the date of purchase of her mom’s bag. Surprisingly, her bag was bought 5 days after, so it was roughly the same time, but in another boutique.

Jasmine’s second worry was that she passed the 21 days of warranty, she doubted whether she had a chance to fight it.

So our advice was: ‘go fight it, because this is unreasonable’. I mean she loves Chanel, she doesn’t deserve such awful experience. Does she need to spend her life with a GST that is handicapped? Eventually she will have no love for the GST. But she rolled up her sleeves and decided to fight.

1 Day later: She went back to the Chanel boutique at KLCC, filed a complain and requested for a total exchange. Cleverly, she also wrote a complain letter to the customer care in France. Chanel decided to investigate the issue.

1 week later: Her request was declined and instead Chanel offered to repair the loose thread and have her bag polished. She was furious, called the supervisor and wrote another complain letter to the France customer care.

2-3 week later: The product manager of Chanel immediately called Jasmine after returning from holiday. She made her case an exception and gave her a brand-new bag in exchange.

We are very happy that despite of everything, she still got her favorite Chanel bag and in the exact shape, color and style she wanted.

There are a few lesson to learn here. First, never give up without a fight. Second, we do not belief that the Chanel boutique in Galeries Lafayette sells fake Chanel bags. The GST was real, but there was something fishy about the quality. It could be a sample version. Whenever you buy a designer bag, Chanel or not, you should make sure that everything is included and check the quality before you leave the store.

Anyone have experience a similar situation? If you have a story, please share with us in the forum.

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Emalina Zulaikha

Hey everyone! ☺️
Thought I’d drop a comment to say that the signature Chanel white flower on the white bag packaging is exclusively done only when purchasing their products from the Chanel store in 31 Rue Cambon and nowhere else. Instead of going to Galleries Lafayette, I would advice everyone to go to the Rue Cambon boutique for their Chanel experience in Paris as it is the first Chanel store in Paris and Coco’s apartment right above it. Also, yes their customer service is A+.



It’s made in France


I don’t know how to upload the photos so I have to upload every single pic.
Sorry everyone.


Hi Alex,
Could you please tell me this Chanel gst is real or fake,I’m gonna buy it and so happy because it’s made in France but a little scared when I heard the seller said she pulled off the serial code.
Thank you so much.

Juliyanti salim

Hi… I ask my friend to buy chanel medium bag in caviar yesterday in paris. I want to ask the serial number in bag can prove the authentication? If i give time date and what store she buy in paris from the receipt. Because nowsaday fake are getting better. I just want to make sure mine is real chanel. Thank you

Hi Juliyanti, to authentic a bag, you need to look more than the serial number and authenticity. There are a few clever way to do so, first is the tag:

Other way to authentic is to look at the stitching, the leather, the structure of the bag.

I bought gst bag burgundy but made in france not in italy. Is it fake?

Hi Luch, where did you buy it? Chanel bags can be made in three different countries: France, Italy and Spain. If you have one in France, that’s a dream come true =)

Can someone help me verify this pleaseeee..

May I know where the pictures are from and what is the price?

Ladies beware ,
the YSL shops are selling fake bags and they are scamming customers especially the Las Vegas aria store. They sold me a fake bag and charged me 10 times the cost by using distracting techniques- watch the news for the expose on these scamming luxury brands.

Hi was just wondering.. My mum got me a gst as well few years back and Im still not convinced it’s real although she bought it from Chanel. My gst has buttons so the bag could close besides the zipper but I’ve seen so many gst that has no buttons on the insides. So confused. Sigh.. Anyone’s gst has buttons like mine? Could it be the shop sold my mum a fake?

Hi Joy, if your mom got it form the Chanel store, then I can’t belief that its fake. But are you sure you got the GST, not the PST? btw where did your mom got it?


Hi… I just need a help over here. I asked a friend to buy me bags from la fayette.. Customs took the receipt before she came back for the vat purpose. Can we asked the boutique to reprint the receipt?

Hi Donna, which boutique, your local or email Galleries Lafayette?


Can we request for another copy of receipt via email from chanel at galleries lafayette if the custom took the original receipt for VAT purpose ?

I do not think this is possible, because they can’t verify you through email.


hi, just like to ask in your picture which is the real chanel bag? the right or the left? i just bought a 2nd hand bag and its just like the left one of the first picture. am afraid its a scam!

Hi Stacy, can you post a pic on the forum to judge?


To add on to my context of great service. The rue cambon staff listens to what the customers’ want and comes back with products close to the requirements. Hence, I always find gems behind the wardrobe.


Being a Chanel bag lover, I would grab a few bags each time I go Europe. However, by far rue cambon store has been most consistent in terms of customer service.,my experience with other stores in other countries and cities have not been great. Have been to Manchester,Barcelona,Berlin,Munich,Florence and Venice stores. I recently bought a Chanel boy from the boutique at Berlin (not kadewe). The SA brought out a Chanel boy but the first one has a part of the leather with deep chain marks. It’s really bad. The second bag has scratches at the side. The SA tried to rub the scratches with her fingertips but it didn’t go away. She said to me that there are so many ppl who visit the store and touched the bag so its common to have scratches. She added by saying that she only have these 2 boy bags in the size and colour that I wanted. I walked around in the store and I found the 3rd boy bag on display and asked to see that but unfortunately there is a sratch mark too. She again added those were all she had in the store. I think god is on my side. She has lost her credibility already. I actually found the fourth piece on display and finally I bought that. She was really annoyed with me. She didnt want to give me the box but since I insisted,she has no choice.
My friends here,we are paying so much for a bag and we should buy a good quality bag. I am lucky that they happen to display so many boy bags on the shelves. However, it is very common for the SA to turn you down and said there is only 1 left and you take it or leave it. For Asians who are paying 20% more in price in their home countries, the savings can very often be a temptation and ended up with a less than perfect bag.

As much as customers r advice on care tips for bags, SA should be extra careful. There is always one SA attending to one customer so i wonder if the damages on those bags are a result of SA mishandling or a result of customers’ wrongdoings.

Lady Bug

I find that rue cambon has more stock than other boutiques. I love the rue cambon too, the customer service is flawlesss!!


Hi BMB, do u have the price for Chanel GST GHW in RM as at Jan 2014?
If you dont mind sharing 🙂


Hi. I have a question. I would be grateful for any comments or help that anyone can give. I saw a Chanel caviar jumbo flap in ebay. Actually 2 of them. As far as i know that Chanel changed there dustbag since 2 years ago to the new one in white and the flaps do come with a big book and also a white fell cloth. The ones i saw in Ebay has a serial number starting 17 which means the bag is produced either end of last year or early this year. But the dustbags are still the old black one and it only comes with the black authenticity card. By looking at the pictures and also the hologram sticker inside the bag. It looks authentic. Does anybody know the explanation why is this happening: The Ebay item number is: 161145598239 You can also check the pictures inside the auction.


I was in GL in March. The difference is due to the different colour and texture of leather. Also depends if they are made in France or Italy.

I just have to ask them for more GSTs and choose the one which is shinier.


Hi there. I would like to ask for ur advice. My friend is going to paris next week and I would like to ask her to buy a bag for me. I was thinking of asking her to go to a place in paris where resellers are. Perhaps one that sells authentic chanel bags. Thanks

Hi Sheena, are you looking for brand-new Chanel bags or pre-owned. You see, there is not many re-sellers selling Chanel bags, especially in Paris because they have boutiques everywhere.


I m thinking of getting a chanel caviar jumbo flap from one of the online store-curated bag they mention that the bags are brand new and direct from europe. However the bag does not come with the chanel box just the dustbag and authenticity card. I’m pretty worry that my bag will go out of shape without the box.

The most important is the dustbag, but if you can get the box too, that will be great. What do you mean go out of shape, the box is only for protection purpose.


hi i do have a question. I just noticed my WOC bag recently purchased did not come with a dust bag. it came with a box but no dust bag (purchased in rome) and I asked another sa in florence if it did and she said that it doesn’t come with one, is that so?

Hi Jasmine, Chanel wallets usually don’t come with a dust bag. Its wrapped around black felt in the box. However, you could request a dust bag if you wanted.


Hi, I’m looking for Red GST bag and i will travel to London & Paris on this December. I heard from my frd that Red color is limited addittion and out of stock.

Anyone can advise is that true?

Red is seasonal and limited color, you could be lucky to find the red. Please keep us informed about your journey =).


yes, its 101percent a seasonal color for red.
and i dont think its available for this season or next,
if u really want, why not consider classic beige or black?

I’m in Paris now and I just got myself an XL GST from their Rue Cambon store… I saw the red GST on display… Hope u get a chance to get it. Good luck!


Hello every body, I want to share my opinion I was very terrified when I have read about Jasmine’s experience in galleries lafayette. well I have just came from paris and I bought my dream bag: GST chanel bag in black/golden hard ware, its an iconic baaaag I looooooooooove it I still see it with love:p. What I want to say that my frensh friends adviced me to not buy a luxury bag like lv or chanel or prada … from galleries la fayette or de printemps and that the best thing is to buy it from a boutique JUST LIKE WHAT “BI” SAID TO US !! she is right I had the best customer service ever from there, and they even called the Airport charles de gaulle for me to ask about my free tax:). I have the box of chanel signed from 31 rue de cambon the dust bag and also a piece to clean up my bag and I am very happy for that:). Also the boutique thay had many pieces in stock they showed me different styles of the gst …

Hi, congrats with your new bag! Did your friend tell you why you shouldn’t buy at Galleries La Fayette, I am going there tomorrow. Thnx.


I have found the Chanel customer service to be EXTREMELY bad. I have had issue with my smaller Chanel bag in caviar leather fading and Chanel did not want to hear about it. I didn’t really pursue it, but i wish i did. My mother also had a camellia fall off her Chanel evening bag and it was only a couple of days old – it was extremely difficult to return and they wanted to give her a credit note. I just think for the price the service could be a lot better. It could be an Australian issue, but i find that Prada and others are a LOT better.

They offer you drinks and gifts when you are going to buy a Chanel bag, but after that, the service goes down hill.

Hi Chloe, which Chanel bag was it? And which leather? lambskin, calfskin or caviar?

Well, she is not the alone. I also had my share of unpleasant experiences at Galleries Lafayette

I was at Prada and Louis Vuitton store in Galleries Lafayette early this year, I almost bought a bag from each store, but changed my mind due the experiences of customer service and quality of the product is not up-to-standard of luxury brand.

First at LV store, I’m about to pay for the chosen bag and the sale assistance came out and present me with a LV bag, a dust bag and a brown LV paper bag. Then she asked for my credit card. I was surprise ! Then i ask is that all? She said yes. And I asked, what about the box ? she said “since you are a tourist there is no need for a box”. I just couldn’t believe what I just heard. Well, how did you know that a tourist like me don’t need a bag ? This is a structure bag and obviously, i need a box to properly store it when not in use.
Due to the fact that there are a lot of tourists shop at Galaries Lafayette, some does not want carrying around boxes due to weight and space allowance, but this doesn’t mean to judge all tourists are the same. At least, she should have asked whether a customer wants to have a box or not.

With this unpleasant experience I was not in the mood to own this LV bag anymore and had to cancel the purchase and move on to the next, Prada store.
Soon after I fall in love with Prada saffiano in Pink, the sale assistance was nice explaining the product, craftsmanship and how beautiful it is but when i had a closer look at my selected bag, the golden brass near the Prada logo and on the zipper were chipped off. The sale assistance was quickly bring out another bag, then with another closer look, the leather scratched, the the golden brass near the logo was in two different gold tonnes colours. In my mind, would i settle for a nearly 2,000 euro handbag with this quality from Prada? absolutely, No.
I felt the sale assistance was a little embarrassed with what she just said about the excellent craftsmanship of this product, so she had nothing to say and bring out the store manager and she quickly apologise for the quality of the product and promise to rise a case with quality assurance team but they only have two of these model in stock.

Still in Love with Prada saffiano in Pink, next day I went to Prada Avenue Montaigne and got my lovely bag and received excellent customer services expected from Luxury brand. You know that you made the right choice, when you leave the store with a big smile on your face !

My suggestion, if you are in Paris and in the mood for luxury items, go to the Boutique store instead of Galleries Lafayette or Printemps. You deserve an excellent service and quality from the luxury brand, don’t settle for anything less !

Hi Bi, I shocked about your story about the Galleries Lafayette. I went there a few times (and this weekend again for sightseeing and shopping). I think it has to do with the way they treat their stock, maybe they not carefull in the inventory room. But I am kind of suprised that the LV-SA made the decision whether you need a box or not, it’s like she teaching you how to shop. I bought a LV for my GF before (champ elysees) and it’s very pleasant to have the box included. And it’s good that you are sharp and double check the bag before giving out your credit card.

I’m going to Paris again soon and will check out LV boutique store in Champ Elysees … still wanting to add another LV to my collection

I just came back from Champ Elysees, if you don’t have the new neverfull in epi leather, it’s highly recommended. Or check out the new Dallas bag.


That’s so terrifying! I’ve never heard of Galeries Lafayette, is it a vintage reseller? Otherwise I can’t imagine buying a bag that DOES NOT come with the original box and bag.

Hi Vanessa, no it’s kind of a department store, very famous in Paris. We think it was a sample version, they might have lost the box.


i dont think they sell a sample item. most likely it could be different leather, we all know all cow leather are different, cant expect all to look 100percent same texture and color.
it could be the “made in” itally or france.
otherwise may be a display item.

Usually after you received a brand-new Chanel bag, you would get excited, thrilled and overwhelmed by happiness. That is for the most people, but in