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Lynx Ice Chill Christmas Gift Set with Powerbank Charger and LED Torch

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Cheap Torch Deals

Enjoy massive savings on your torch purchase with the help of the voucher codes, discount codes, and coupon codes that our community of bargain hunters have found, verified, and shared online. Take advantage of the clearance sales and seasonal sale announcements of various trusted UK retailers like Amazon, Argos, Go Outdoors, Blacks, and Wilko.

Where to Find Cheap Torch Deals Online

Amazon. It does not matter if you are looking for headlamps, standard torches, torch lanterns or key ring torches, Amazon’s wide range of torches are ideal for everyone and will surely satisfy you. Take advantage of their daily price drops on select items. You can expect over 50% savings on various torch finds. Do not miss out on retail events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Boxing Day Sale to get deeper discounts on your torch purchases and more.

Argos. Discover Argos’ wide range of torches, from LED models to rechargeable torches. Find the perfect light companion for home use, camping, and other outdoor activities. Take advantage of the great torch selections you can find at low prices at Argos’ Clearance section. Find offers from top brands such as LED Lenser, Energizer, RAC, Uni-Corn, AP Pro Series, and more. Have your torch delivered the same day for just a small additional amount of £3.95.

Go Outdoors. Discover over half price discounts on select torch deals from Go Outdoors. Find surprisingly low price reductions on their daily price cuts. Find the perfect torch for you by filtering out the ‘Recommended Use’ with the activity you are looking into. Find torches recommended for festival use, hiking, travel, trekking, walking, etc. In addition, Go Outdoors often holds sales that allows you to get up to 60% off.

Wilko. Whether you are looking for a bright work light or a compact pocket torch, Wilko has a huge range of torches for you to choose from. They feature torches from top brands like Energizer and JML, and they also have various torch models under their brand name. If you wish to receive exclusive discounts from Wilko directly, you can submit your email address on their official website.

Blacks. Find torches from top brands such as Vango, Coleman, Boyz Toyz, LED Lenser, and more at Black’s torch range. Take advantage of their massive price reductions. You can save as much as 60% off on select torches on sale here. You can also take advantage of free UK delivery if your order goes over £80. Get even deeper discounts with the help of voucher codes you can find at Latest Deals.

This UK legal self defence weapon is the Klarus XT11 Tactical LED Torch with strobe function.

Best Torch You Can Buy in the UK

Light has been one of the most important necessities we cannot live without. There’s no reason to walk in the dark anymore with our list of affordable torches that do not cost over £20.

Energizer 100 Lumen Metal LED Torch, Argos. This reliable torch that features a high intensity bulb is designed to last up to 15 years. It is capable of producing up to 100 lumens, and impressively has a 126 hour run time. This torch is also corrosion proof.

Eurohike Aluminum Focus Torch, Blacks. This torch is cased in an aluminum body that is impact resistant and it also comes with a wrist strap making it ideal for adventurers. It is capable of producing 45-50 lumen output. A lightweight torch perfect for walking and festivals.

Varta 1W Indestructible LED Torch, Argos. This long lasting and durable torch is near to indestructible. It is water resistant, shock proof, and has a 120 lumen output. It has an amazing battery life of 40 hours. It requires 3 AAA batteries to function.

Ledeak LED Torch, Amazon. This handy torch can easily fit in your pocket, making it easy to carry around. It is capable of producing up to 1200 lumens making its light brighter than a few flashlights combined. It comes in 5 lightmodes that allows the user to choose between spot and flood beam focus. This torch is water resistant and guaranteed durable.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing A Torch

Before you decide on purchasing a torch, make sure that you have considered the following important factors:

  1. The Purpose. Identify the ideal torch type you are needing by distinguishing the main reason why you need it in the first place. Do you need it for camping? For indoor use? For diving?
  2. Number of Lumens. The light’s brightness can be measured through the total light output it provides. The higher the lumens, the brighter its light production. For general household use, a torch that can product between 20 and 150 lumens is ideal.
  3. LED or Incandescent Light Source. If you are looking into an energy efficient source of light with an impressive battery lifespan, then it is wise to go with torches that have LED lights. Torches that have incandescent light source work find, but it often wastes energy with its heating mechanism.
  4. Power. Make sure that your torch is up and working. The longer it powers, all the better. Torches that have LED light source typically have longer lifespan -when we say longer, we actually meant 1000% longer,
  5. Impact and Water Resistance.There are really times that we cannot avoid unexpected occurrences, and dropping a torch is not far from impossible. That is why it is important to check if the torch you are going to purchase is both shockproof and waterproof.

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Cheap LED Torches. Winners or Binners? By Rollo Davies

CFirst of all, this was supposed to be a review of 4 cheap torches, all sourced from Amazon and all boasting an average purchaser review score of over 4 out of 5.

Unfortunately, lesson 1 proved to be: when ordering, ensure the distributor is based in the UK. Two of the four torches are apparently still in the safe, if not speedy hands of “China Post” the Chinese State postal service. Still, it has only been 5 weeks since ordering so I’m sure they will arrive any time now. (Don’t hold your breath……….. Ed!)

The 2 torches that are still AWOL however, are not causing more anxiety due to the amount I paid for them: 58p + £1.99 delivery and a whopping £1.85 + £1 delivery…. a grand total of £5.42.

Lesson 2: Not all reviews left by buyers of stuff on Amazon are actually, well, reviews by buyers of stuff on Amazon. Things to look for are reviews using terms and speech that don’t sound like they are written by a native English speaker. Amazon has recognised the huge ‘fake review’ problem to some extent, and now labels reviews from people that have genuinely bought the item from them as being from a “Verified Purchaser”. So regardless of how great the bulk of reviews are, look at the bad reviews as a better guide to the item concerned. If bad reviews only highlight minor issues then the item is probably not too bad a bet.

Anyway, I digress.

I have been left with 2 LED torches to review.

I bought them at the same time, so qualified for the free delivery.

Why did I pay “so much” for the Ledeak T6 kit? Well, it comes with the basic torch with wrist strap fitted, but also: a black nylon belt pouch; a half decent 18650 rechargeable battery with plastic sleeve, allowing a snug fit in the torch; USB battery charger; adapter enabling you to use 3 x AAA batteries; and a plastic bracket allowing ‘tactical’ mounting of the torch on a rifle, or more likely, your bike handlebars. All this in a military looking green plastic case!

None of this is what you would call high quality, but everything worked, and so far, nothing has broken.

The H&S Super Bright comes with a AAA triple battery adapter, 3 x AAA batteries and a sleeve to allow use of a 18650 rechargeable cell, but none of the other gubbins of the Ledeak.

Both torches are made of black painted metal with a sliding front lens housing allowing tightly focussed or widely spread, flood lighting. Both torches are operated by a single large button on the end cap. Both torches offer 3 light power settings, a strobe function and an S.O.S. setting, so they could not be more evenly matched.

Both feel well made and the sliding lens bodies are smooth in operation. The on / off button on the base of both units also controls the function by pressing the button numerous times until the desired setting operates. The buttons are positive to use with a reassuringly loud click.

The Ledeak unit is strangely slightly longer and less compact than the H&S offering, and slightly heavier but both torches are pocket size, making the belt pouch of the Ledeak somewhat redundant. The design and construction of the H&S seem to give it a more high quality feel.

With both torches on the maximum power setting there wasn’t much to separate the two, however the Ledeak had a slightly clearer and less diffused light when both were on the tightest focus position.

That being said, I tested both units using identical good quality 18650 batteries, and the maximum brightness setting will reduce operating time massively. Use the low or medium power settings on these and you would expect at least 2-4 hours mixed duty use.

The H&S and Ledeak both survived my normal 5 night shift week, before I had to recharge the batteries, but I rarely need to have a torch burning for more than 30 minutes per shift and this will be hugely dependant on the quality of battery you use so these findings are highly subjective.

Both of these torches were described as “waterproof” and I operated both in heavy rain without incident. Both survived drops on to concrete from 4ft but with scratching and paint loss.

I did not try out the “Explosion Proof” claim of the Ledeak, for obvious reasons.

Summary: If you don’t own a 18650 battery and decent charger then the extra money is still good value so go for the Ledeak T6 kit. Personally, I have a couple of good batteries and a charger already so the slightly better quality and more compact H&S Super Bright would be my choice.

Both of these offer high specs for not too much dosh so there is no loser…… My regular duty torch is American made, no bigger than these, no more powerful, ok I can charge the battery while it is still in the torch, but at nearly £70 I have to consider if I’m just a brand sucker?

Sometimes you get more than you pay for, which seems to be the case here.

Just be very careful when choosing your online bargain.

Overall Scores out of 10:

Ledeak. 7 (Lots of kit for the money and good performance from the torch, but the extras, other than the battery, really are cheap as chips quality.)

H&S. 8 (Feels like it should cost twice as much. Make sure you use a good quality 18650 battery and this should prove a decent duty torch.)

First of all, this was supposed to be a review of 4 cheap torches, all sourced from Amazon and all boasting an average purchaser review score of over 4 out of 5