cigarette filter joint

Cigarette filter joint

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TheDude said:
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Coaster is an idiot.
[quote]Coaster said:
but i thnk everything thats pure is white?

I dunno if they filter out thc, but i prefer a roach cos you can take bigger sucks with less effort.

I smoke filtered joints, not all the time, but often enough.

I get high every time.

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Dimmy said:
i think they filter out a noticeable amount thc. I once packed two cigarettes full of bud, which is a fair amount of bud. (i did this for a concert as to be less conspicous) When i smoked them, i was surprisingly sober. If i had smoked the amount that was in just one of those doobies, be it a bowl or regular joint, i would have been much higher. Though it maybe just one incident, it has made me a firm beliver that cig filters do infact filter out thc.

when I blaze at a concert I don’t even notice I am high until I leave. And I have smoked weed out of a cig, and got just as fucked up. Also, it is fact that if you smoke weed from a pipe or bong, you will get higher than if you roll up a joint and smoke it.

I smoked so many “cigaweeds” in college my freshman and sophomore year. We’d empty out the tobacco and put some bud in there, then go smoke it on the front porch of the dorms. If anyone asked we just said it was one of those herbal cigarettes that you smoke to help quit smoking normal cigarettes. We still got incredibly high.

sleepy said:
ive smoked weed/tobacco mixtures with NO sucess. i end up getting dizzy from tobacco way before i can get high, and the tobacco makes me cough WICKD hard. i have a theory that cigarette smokers dont inhale AT ALL or else their thorats must be burned really bad. its possible that i havent gotten used to smoking cigarettes but i think smokers dont wanna admit that cigarettes are useless. the buzz most people get is from the fiberglass that cuts their mouth (where the smoke stays) and the nicotine slowly gets into the blood. ONE inhalation of tobacco smoke gets me really dizzy so those people that smoke cigareetes alot cant be inhaling, and are liars. every smoker i’ve confronted denys it

Hell yes, I inhale. Of course smokers you’ve confronted deny it; it’s absurd. And the fiberglass thing you’re talking about are those “minty” menthol cigs. But those are gross, IMO.

Tobacco does make your throat hurt more, but good tobacco (like some bali shag or some such) is considerably more agreeable. On that note, try smoking unfiltereds.

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No, no, inhaling all the way. Maybe it looks like they are swallowing the smoke, but thats because most people take puffs into their mouths and then inhale a gust of air. This works with weed as well, and makes it less harsh. But it goes into your lungs, every inhale.

As for kicking cigs, for what they are they’re pretty nice. I smoke handrolleds almost exclusively, so I don’t get the bad chems commercial cigarettes have in them. I think, as in many cases, moderation = success.

Edit: As for cig filters and THC, I say don’t do it. I filter with a thin cardboard spiral tube at the end of the j. It makes pulling easier and it catches at least SOME of the heavy tar.

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durban_poison said:
i dont believe the theroy that you get higher from bongs either. i think you just think your getting higher because one hit burns a lot more herb so its more potent per hit but i still think your getting the same bang gram per gram.

Its a matter of efficiency. You do not get the same bang gram per gram if you are comparing a bong or pipe (More efficient smoking system) to a joint or blunt (less efficient smoking system). It comes down to the amount of wasted material, and a bong or pipe (especially single hitters) will have little to no wasted material, when compared to a joint or blunt.

So, gram per gram, there is absolutely no doubt a bong gets you higher then a joint or blunt.

sleepy said:
do you smoke weed? do you know what inhale means? i picture it with water. its like sucking water thu a straw. if you suck it like you are supposed to, the water goes in your mouth but notyour lungs. if you smoke weed like this you wont get high because the smoke goes in your mouth/stomach and not lungs and thc is only absorbed in the lungs. using correct techniques with water, you would choke. many of you experience this sometimes when you breath in and drink. this is how most people smoke cigarettes i think (into mouth/stomach). so you are saying you inhale it into your lungs every single drag? i doubt it. i’ve smoked probably 3 ounces of weed. thats notmuch but enough to get pretty good at it. that works out to be like a couple hundred bowlpacks, and i know that for many of those, i wasnt inhaling. i’d say that with cherry bowls and other wasted smoke, and not inhaling, only about 20 percent of my weed ever got into my lungs. and then only a little bit of that goes into the blood
eat weed
kick cigs
rock on

Ha ha, you must’ve smoked all three ounces at once to write something so ridiculous.

Do they?

Weed Filter – A Cleaner, Better Tasting Rip

When it comes to elevating your smoking experience, using a weed filter ensures a cleaner and better-tasting rip.

There are many advantages a cannabis filter has to offer for the recreational and habitual smoker. Inhaling marijuana smoke through a carbon filter improves taste and reduces the number of toxins and carcinogens entering your lungs.

In this article, you’ll learn what makes a marijuana filter a stoner’s favorite essential. So, roll up a fatty and continue reading with us to become the expert on the healthiest way to get lit!

What is a weed filter?

A weed filter comes in many forms. Some filters have been made by hand, while others were perfectly invented for smokers to use for each sesh.

The basic paper filter.

Have you ever seen someone roll a joint? The handmade weed filter used is simply cardstock, folded origami-style, in the shape of a W wrapped in a circle. Airflow is increased through this filter because the cardstock that is being used creates a clear passageway for the smoke to travel within the joint paper, and the way it’s folded keeps the joint from collapsing when saliva is introduced.

Furthermore, this type of smoke filtration stops a bit of the unwanted debris that comes from pulling on the joint. Cleaner rip? We’ll take it. Take a look at what real people are saying about using a MouthPeace weed filter.

How to make a cannabis smoke filter

To make a cannabis smoke filter by hand, you can do one of 3 things:

  • Tear a rectangle shape cardstock and fold in the shape of a W, then wrap it in a circle
  • Insert a glass tip filter in the tip of your joint or blunt
  • Cut a cigarette filter and insert it into your joint or blunt (This method is not ideal with pure cannabis joints as cigarette filters clog very quickly and can reduce THC intake as they are too tight. This is best used for tobacco heavy spliffs.)

These are clever ways to improve airflow but not very effective for filtering out the harmful tar and resin. Toxins still manage to make their way through the makeshift filter and into your lungs.

MouthPeace is a proper filter for cannabis. Its triple-layer carbon filter protects your lungs and also makes your hits taste better. You feel a “cleaner” high. Is your mouth watering, yet?

Why is it important to filter marijuana smoke?

Whether you’ve been smoking pot for the majority of your life or you’re just starting out, it’s safe to say the health of your lungs is taken into consideration before you begin to inhale weed. So, let’s touch on the importance of using a weed smoke filter.

Have you ever wondered what all the smoke is about once you exhale after a large rip? It can’t all be just THC, although we wish…

The big cloud of smoke that follows a hit of weed includes harmful toxins and carcinogens that could be damaging to your lungs.

Furthermore, did you know that tar is a byproduct of burning ANY plant matter, not only tobacco? So every toke you take is laced with nasty tar that gets on your lips and, ultimately, in your lungs.

Many stoners fear that using a marijuana filter reduces THC intake. This is a myth. Thank you weed gods!

THC and CBD molecules are teeny tiny and they make their way through the filter and cling to your lungs. Toxins and harmful bacteria are larger, so the weed smoke filter catches those particles while letting the much smaller molecules pass through.. Once you use a filter for cannabis, you taste and feel the difference. It has been described as a more energized high. Less sluggish and weighed down.

Plus, you can taste the pure cannabis better. Why spend lots of money on marijuana that smells so amazing only to ruin it by not using a carbon filter?

Bong Filter

Another great thing about a MouthPeace bong filter is that you can use it for different variations of smoking marijuana. Joint, blunt, waterpipe, rig, you name it!

To use MouthPeace as a bong filter, you simply insert the MouthPeace filter into the bong mouthpiece. After the first inhale, you’ll see the color of the carbon filter change. And that, my friends, is what isn’t going into your body.

The triple-layer carbon bong filter removes resins, contaminants, and tar from your weed smoke before it has a chance to enter your lungs.

Advantages of using a joint filter

The top advantages of using a joint filter that is built into the pre-roll:

  • It makes rolling the perfect joint easier
  • It improves the airflow
  • You can smoke the whole joint
  • It is healthier for your lungs and more hygienic

If you’re not the Pinterest, DIY type, and you don’t want to start now with making a weed smoke filter, MouthPeace is for you!

You insert your joint into the small end of MouthPeace then inhale and notice the elevated high you feel. Ever smoked a spliff? You’ll know the difference of using a filter compared to not, once you do. One thing to note, the MouthPeace narrow opening is slightly larger than your average joint. You’ll need to either use MouthPeace Perfectly Sized Pre-Rolls, which are properly sized to fit or make your pre-roll tip slightly larger. You can also wrap a bit of paper around standard joints to get a secure fit in your MouthPeace.

How to filter weed smoke

Using a filter for cannabis can be really easy with MouthPeace. But now you have a better understanding of why it is important to filter weed smoke.

A MouthPeace is the perfect addition to your bong accessories and can be used for different methods of smoking pot. Whether you want to smoke a blunt, joint, use a glass pipe, bong, rig, smoke with the fam or solo, you have a way to protect your lungs.

The carbon filter will sort through the THC/CBD and the toxins and only allow the good stuff in.

Now that you have the facts laid out in front of you, you can’t unsee it. Using a weed smoke filter is the smartest thing you can do for yourself. Especially during a pandemic.

Remember, if you’re sharing a bong with your friends, you each need a MouthPeace to keep those germs separate! Be well and stay lifted!

When it comes to elevating your smoking experience, using a weed filter ensures a cleaner and better-tasting rip. Continue reading this article to become an expert in keeping your lungs healthy! ]]>