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Bong Vodka 700ml

We have 5 awesome limited edition designs to choose from our imported Bong Vodka’s.

All bongs are designed by award winning TATTOO artists from across the globe! Simply tell us what your choice is from designs 1-5 in the check out section via our website and we will send it straight out to you!
Remember, they are limited edition, so that means limited stock!

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Bong Spirit Vodka is manufactured in a distillery in Holland at the hands of a master distiller who performs a craft that has been handed down for five generations. The vodka is produced according to a recipe of over 150 years of age. It is distilled six times based on wheat and then filtered four times through different layers – sheet, candle and charcoal. Bong Spirit is very smooth and gives you an often much-needed kick when relished on ice!

A bong and premium vodka in one! Imported direct from Holland, enjoy this premium vodka, each bottle is designed by award winning tattoo artists.