cleaning a glass bong

How Do You Clean a Glass Bong: Daily Habits

How do you clean a glass bong is a common question.

To clean your glass bong we got you covered with the safest and non-toxic method and a few daily habit tips to keep your glass bong sparkling like the day you got it!

It’s very tempting to smoke and leave your bong there for next time, but your glass can get nasty with all the buildup of resin over prolonged use. This can be detrimental to your health.

Resin build up promotes growth to harmful bacteria and mold that you want to avoid inhaling into your lungs!

Cleaning your bong doesn’t have to be a long or tedious process, either.

Today, we’ll check out ways you can keep your glass bong or pipe clean every day so you don’t have to scrape gunk out every time you want to smoke.

Plus did we mention that when you keep your glass bong you get a much cleaner, smoother, and better rip?

Quickest Way to Clean Your Glass Bong

There are specialized bong cleaning solutions that you can use for your bong or pipe that simplify the cleaning process.

Things like rubbing alcohol and salt are a much more DYI approach, but you want to be careful with the types of over the counter cleaners that you’re putting into your glass. You’re going to be inhaling weed from your bong or pipe so you want to make sure there’s no toxic residue left behind.

Alcohol and salt are harmful to your bong, your health, and your environment learn more on how to clean a bong without alcohol.

Resolution gel is the best cleaning solution. It is environmentally safe and completely non-toxic unlike rubbing alcohol. You don’t have to worry about anything funky getting left behind in your glass. Using Resolution gel is also ridiculously easy. The gel packs come with easy to use spouts that you can pour straight into your bong’s downstem.

The simplest way for how to clean a bong stem- get a bit of gel inside and let it soak. You’ll be amazed to see that resin fall off the down stem and how easily it cleans inside the bong.

For daily maintenance, you can let it soak for a good 5 minutes and it’ll melt any build up away like butter. Then rise it out and give it a quick scrub with a cleaning brush.

Not too complicated, right?

For a quick break down follow these steps on how to clean a glass bong:

1.Disassemble Dirty Glass Bong Pieces

Take apart any pieces that will come apart in your bong.

2.Shake to activate Resolution Gel Pouch

Shake your resolution gel pouch to activate the compound cleaning formula.

3.Pour Gel into Dirty Glass Bong

Pour resolution gel into the dirty glass bong and cover with carb caps. Let sit for 30 seconds and shake if necessary. You can also place any downstem or bong accessories into the pouch directly and let sit for 30 seconds.

4.Pour out gel and Rinse with Warm Water

Pour the gel from the dirty glass water pipe back into the pouch (yes, Resolution is reusable) and remove the downstem and other smoking accessories from your bong from the pouch. Rinse everything off with warm water and dry with soft towel.

5. Detail Bong with Cleaning Tool

Use a pipe cleaning tool or any bong detail cleaning tool to get any stubborn residue if left.

How to Get Resin Out of a Bong?

If you haven’t gotten into the habit of cleaning glass pipe, you might be dealing with a lot of build up and bong water smell.

Follow these simple steps on how to get resin out of a bong:

  1. Dump out any water in your bong. It’s recommended to flush down the toilet so your sink doesn’t stink.
  2. Grab some Gel and let your glass soak for roughly 30 minutes this time. You want to give the cleaner time to really remove everything that’s been caked on from not being cleaned daily.
  3. Give it a shake, wash it out, and scrub the rest with a bong brush. Easiest way to clean a bong.
  4. The Resolution gel soak also works if you have clogs that you need to break through. A paperclip or scraper won’t get everything out so if you want a thorough cleaning, give your glass a gel soak.

That’s all you have to do to keep your glass clean and ready for the next use. Click here to grab your Resolution cleaning kit for best way to clean bongs and bong maintenance. What to use to clean a bong is all included.

Can You Smoke Bong Resin?

If you use daily maintenance to keep a bong clean, the resin build up will be good for resin hits. The cleaner the bong, the cleaner the resin. Smoking bong resin that has been sitting for months is going to harbor bacteria, only smoke resin that has been sitting for less than 48 hours.

How to smoke resin out of a bong:

  1. Get as much resin buildup out of the bong as possible.
  2. Roll the resin into a ball with your fingers. You can add weed into the mix, if you want to had some fresh terpenes.
  3. Put the resin ball into your clean bong with fresh water and light up!

Can you smoke resin from a bong? Yes!

Empty and Rinse Dirty Bong Water if You’re in a Rush

For days where you can’t spare a few minutes to go through the cleaning process, you can do the “empty and rinse.”

  1. Grab your dirty bong water and empty it out.
  2. Take your bong and rinse with hot water. This is also the answer to how often to change bong water, after each use.
  3. With your pipe, you can scrape the resin out and also give it a quick hot water rinse. Save the resin to the side to take resin hits later!

While empty and rinse is quick and easy, It isn’t recommended to solely stick to this method because eventually, you’ll get a nasty build up of resin that isn’t going to go away with hot water alone. This method is good for keeping dirty bong water from sitting on your bedside table wreaking while you sleep.

What is Bong Water and Why do You put Water in a Bong

Bong water is the water added to a bong prior to a smoke sesh. It cools the smoke, filters it a little and makes smoking a slightly smoother experience, usually with less coughing.

Follow these water bong tips:

  1. Only use cold water to fill a bong past slit disc perc before smoking. Add ice cubes to smoke a chilled rip!
  2. Only use warm water to rinse when there’s still resin visible. Never hot! Warm water will soften the resin buildup just a touch to help loosen it up.
  3. Only use hot water on your bong and rinse the solution off this way. What hot water does to resin is it melts it back slightly and reinforces it to your glass, only prolonging the cleaning process.


Now you’re an expert on daily maintenance to keep your bong.

Resolution Gel is the safest most effective way to clean all your smoking tools! To learn more in depth details to cleaning your bong, click the link! If you would like to learn how to clean a grinder, click the link. To learn how to clean a grinder screen, click the link. If you want to be an expert on how to clean a dab rig, click the link.

A few minutes of better bong habits can keep your glass clean for a smoother inhale on your next rip. I can’t harp on this enough – you have to keep your glass clean daily. Find out the best practices to maintaining clean glass.