clear pipe

PVC Pipe Clear

Our clear PVCu pipe is available in sizes 20mm to 160mm, in 1.25m or 2.5m lengths.

Clear PVC pipe is suitable for many low pressure applications, such as engineering, automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, and photofinishing, due to its impact resistance and lightweight, yet durable design.

Should you need to connect our clear PVC pipe to inch / imperial pipework, just contact us and one of our sales team will be happy to advise you of the right adaptors.

This PVCu pipe is not suitable for use with compressed air.

Please note: we cannot offer any returns or refunds on this product.

Pressure Rating Up to 16 bar at 20°C (dependent on size)
Standards BS EN 1452 Part 2
Pipe Size (mm) Average Outside Diameter (mm) Average Bore Inside Diameter (mm) Average Wall Thickness (mm) Max Operating Pressure (bar)
20 20.1 17.1 1.5 16
25 25.1 21.3 1.9 16
32 32.1 27.3 2.4 16
40 40.1 34.1 3.0 16
50 50.1 42.7 3.7 16
63 63.1 53.7 4.7 16
75 75.2 68.0 3.6 10
90 90.2 81.6 4.3 10
110 110.2 99.6 5.3 10
140 140.2 134.6 2.8 4
160 160.2 150.8 4.7 6

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