cloud v electro vs dr dabber boost

Is the Cloud V Electro making the greatest comeback of all time?

Posted by Affiliate Namaste on May 03, 2017

The CloudV Electro which is a amazing portable e-nail that packs a huge punch! I mean this unit will have you lying on your back staring into space.

There is no doubt about it the Cloud V can pack a punch that could knock you clean out. This unit is similar to the Dr. Dabber Boost which we reviewed and sell on our sites but is larger and more powerful with a better battery life. There are a few main differences between the Dr. Dabber Boost and the Electro that we will discuss in a little more detail.

But one thing I can say without any hesitation is that that the Dr Dabber Boost is pushing the boundaries when it comes to e-nail excellence. The first time that I used the the Cloud V Electro I was blown away by the device’s overall performance as it gave me the buzz of a lifetime. And unlike other machines out there that are prone to breaking and malfunctioning the Cloud has the ability to stand the test of time.

Cloud V Electro – How to operate

The Electro is super simple to use! Just push the power button three times to turn the unit on. The button’s LED will flash blue for a few seconds until it is fully heated, at which point the LED will turn solid blue. The Blue setting for temperature represents 800 degrees fahrenheit. If you hold down the power button for 3-5 seconds the light color will change from blue to red. The light will flash red for a few seconds then turn solid. The red temperature setting indicates 1000 degrees. So first thing, if you’ve not used dabbing rigs or concentrates before, they require much higher temperatures to vaporize than dry herbs! The batteries power a ceramic heating element which connects to a titanium nail which is essentially a cup which you drop your dab (concentrate) in to. Once the concentrate hits the nail it will instantly start to vaporize. The vapor formed is flowed through a water piece (there are two options with the electro) that will cool and filter your vapor.

Cloud V Electro Vs the Dabber

The Electro is a great portable e-Nail for vaporizing your concentrates. Its larger and more powerful than the Dr. Dabber Boost but not as portable. If I had to choose between the two, I would go for the Electro as I feel it is more substantially sized and better quality. The Boost I feel like its too light weigh and with the side mounted water tool it puts the unit off balance and tips over.

Don’t get me wrong the Dabber is a superb unit that will give you many pleasurable moments, its just that I feel it doesn’t match the overall performance of the Electro. One thing that you will be guaranteed if you own this device is consistency of buzzes and consistency of hits. This unit will be sure to perform time and time again without your encountering any issues.

Cloud V Electro – The Buzz

As we have already seen the Cloud V is designed with surgical precision to gives users the ultimate high. Without a doubt the buzz I received from the Cloud was unforgettable and left me in blissful ecstasy. Not seen the wheel was invented has such a giant leap forward occurred for e-nails. Make no mistake about it the Cloud has the capacity to transform the herbal landscape forever. The fact is that every last crevice of this unit is designed to give users the greatest buzz of all time. Natures Vitamins will be fired into your lungs like a laser guided missile. Once you own a Cloud V you’ll find yourself looking on at some of the other e-nails with a sense of abject disgust. Believe me, there is nothing that can compare to the to being with the full force of the Cloud. This machine is like a runaway train destroying, obliterating, and reeking havoc wherever it goes.

Any Negatives?

BE CAREFUL! This vaporizer is powerful! You only need to use a very small amount of concentrate to get a powerful effect! I must admit that one of the first times that I used this machine I overdid it and this resulted in me feeling not too good. Like everything new you just need to take your time at the beginning when getting used to something.

What I would recommend is that you take just a few small puffs and then wait and see what kind of reaction you get. After a few minutes if you feel that the hit isn’t potent enough perhaps you should go back and take another draw from the Electro until you get the desired buzz. Just play around with the device at the beginning until you discover the perfect hit for you.

Overall – Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to get your hands on a top e-nail well then you cant go wrong with the Cloud V Electro. The cloud will be sure to revolutionize the art of getting stoned. No longer will your buzzes fail to match their billing with this unit your buzzes will be taken to a whole new level of excellence. What I found with the Cloud was that the potency of my hits began to take on a whole new level- they became educational, informative, and utterly delicious.

Almost akin to eating some sublime five course meal in a a gourmet restaurant. And like I’ve already explained above the Cloud is very simple and easy to use and so you shouldn’t be encountering any issues when it comes to operating the device. You certainly wont need a degree in astro physics to get the buzz that you need! In finishing all I can say is that you need to get out there and get your hands on a Cloud V Electro, and get your hands on it NOW!

The CloudV Electro which is a amazing portable e-nail that packs a huge punch! I mean this unit will have you lying on your back staring into space. There is no doubt about it the Cloud V can pack a punch that could knock you clean out. This unit is similar to the Dr. Dabber Boost which we reviewed and sell on our sit

Cloud V Electro Review: Pros & Cons

When vaporizers first became popular, options for those who prefer to use waxy concentrates over dry herbs were primarily limited to vape pens. The advent of the portable nail has changed that. A portable unit for waxxy concentrates, an electric nail is battery-operated and larger in size than a pen. Cloud V has recently introduced a brand new version of this model, and the unit is truly impressive. Read on to learn more about the dab vaporizer.

  • Incredibly high vapor quality
  • Water tool for cooling and filtering
  • Works equally well with all types of wax
  • Adjustable temperature settings with high max option
  • Excellent build quality
  • Simple to operate

  • Difficult to load
  • Batteries are internal
  • Short warranty

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In-Depth of Cloud V Electro

Cloud V Electro
Price $250 (MSRP)
Materials Type Wax/Concentrates
Heating Style Conduction
Oven Material Titanium
Vapor Path Glass
Removable Battery No
Battery Life (Usage time) Average
Charger USB
Charge time 7 hours
Bluetooth / APP No
Heat-up Time 15 seconds
Easy to Load? No
Draw Resistance Low
Vapor Production Moderate
Vapor Smoothness Moderate
Flavor / Taste Moderate
Odor Level Low
Precise Temp Adjust / Temp Range Up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit
Vape While Charging No
Warranty 1 year

Price – The Cloud V Electro retails for $250, which is a competitive price for a small vaporizer for waxy concentrates.

Vapor Quality – With the Cloud V Electro, the vapor quality is truly second to none. No matter what type of wax you’re using, the dab vaporizer works efficiently, maximizing the potency of the material for very powerful draws. The vape has a very high quality glass water attachment to filter and cool down vapor, making the taste and smoothness impressive. This dab pen vaporizer truly excels at what it does, and is sure to suit the tastes of even very experienced wax enthusiasts.

Guarantee – The Cloud V Electro only has a 1-year warranty, which is on the short side when you consider its cost of the portable vaporizer for wax concentrates. Still, this unit is very well built, so it’s likely to outlast its warranty with ease.

Prep Time – The biggest downside of the Cloud V Electro is that the unit is difficult to load when it’s in its upright position. Once you do have the dab vaporizer loaded, the unit reaches working temperature very fast.

Portability – At 11 inches in size when fully assembled, the Cloud V Electro is rather large and not really meant for use while traveling. Still, the unit is lightweight compared to wax vaporizers of its kind, making it easy to carry and use at home.

Ease of Use – The Cloud V Electro is simple to operate and easy to maintain. The vaporizer has little to no draw resistance to meet the needs of those with breathing problems, and users can master the correct way to draw from it without any effort.

Heating and Temperature Regulators – The Cloud V Electro features adjustable temperature settings, with an incredibly high maximum heat of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. You truly can customize the heat to the exact level you choose to get the best vaporizer results from any type of wax.

Power Supply – The only other drawback to the Cloud V Electro is that it does not have a replaceable vape battery like some of its competitors. This means that you can’t have a spare on hand to load when the battery becomes depleted. Still, the battery allows you to vape for long periods of time before it needs charging, and you can charge it two different ways for your convenience.

If you want to vape wax and get the same results you would from a high quality portable or even a desktop vaporizer, the Cloud V Electro is for you. With its competitive price point, high quality build, and state-of-the-art technology, this versatile dab vaporizer stands out. You can use it with any wax material you desire and have an enjoyable experience.

The Cloud V Electro has often been likened to the Dr. Dabber Boost, another handheld dab vaporizer that is similar in nature to the Electro. But how similar are they? For starters, the Cloud V Electro and the Dr. Dabber Boost are both made from top quality materials and are strong builds. Both of them also feature a handy glass water pipe attachment that helps to diffuse and cool each and every hit to provide a more comfortable vape every time. They both are also minimalist in design with only one button so they function in a similar way–but where do they differ?

The first main difference between the Dr. Dabber Boost and the Cloud V Electro lies in the fact that the Cloud V Electro only has two temperature settings which are low and high, while the Dr. Dabber Boost offers three preset temperature settings, which some might prefer. The Dr. Dabber Boost also excels in terms of its portability. While neither vape is meant to take with you on a walk about town, the Dr. Dabber Boost does have a smaller battery and a smaller glass piece that makes it much easier to tote around.

Another major difference between these two vaporizers is the price. For around the same functionality, the Dr. Dabber Boost only costs $199, while the Cloud V Electro is going to run you $249. Which one you prefer ultimately comes down to how much portability you are going to want and what sort of temperature control you prefer.

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