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An Honest Review of the Collapsible Coffee Mug Bong

Did you know that the Collapsible coffee bong coffee mug appeared in the movie, “Cabin in the Woods?”

It was when the movie’s stoner, Marty, goes out of his vehicle and telescopes his massive bong into a collapsible coffee mug.

What Is a Collapsible Coffee Mug Bong?

The bong coffee mug may appear like a demure mug, but it transforms into a tube when you need to smoke. From afar, no one will suspect that you are carrying a collapsible bong. You can bring it with you wherever you go, and people will assume it’s an ordinary coffee mug you have. It’s stainless steel and handy. Moreover, it can extend out to more than two feet.

How fantastic is that?!

How to use a Coffee Mug Bong

Take note: it’s initially not designed for your coffee. You fill it with water, and when it’s time to smoke, and you turn it into a bong, the water will go down to the base of your pipe, where it should be. Don’t drink the water in your bong coffee mug!

It’s hassle-free. Just unlock the base when you want to smoke your desired smoking product, and compress the unit out. It’s perfect for your smoking needs. The handle of your coffee mug then eases off and is infused to the mug’s base.

The mouthpiece that you’re going to smoke from is situated on the top horizontal area of the mug’s handle. The design of the unit makes it user-friendly.

How Much Is It?

It costs $79.99. It seems pretty pricey, but the price is worth it. You won’t see anything like the telescoping bong.

You won’t be able to bring the classic bong everywhere with you without people judging you as a person. Thanks to the bong coffee mug, you no longer have to deal with that kind of drama!

Is There a Downside to It?

After several usages of the coffee mug bong, the smell will start to surface. It is why even though it’s not made for coffee, it can help to drink some from your bong to camouflage the odor.

Different Types of Coffee Mug Bongs

The bong coffee mug comes in different editions: mini, silver, and rasta.

Both the Silver and Rasta Editions cost $59.99, while the Mini Edition costs $54.99.

How to clean a Coffee Mug Bong

Cleaning a travel mug is a common problem for many. There are tight places that are extremely hard to reach, and you can’t be too sure if it’s clean or not. You use your mug for coffee and for your smoking products, which makes it very important that you know how to clean it, especially those tight areas.

What You Need:

    • Soft cloth
    • Dishwasher liquid
    • Warm water
    • A small brush – dispensable mascara brush, pipe cleaner brush, baby bottle nipple brush

What to Do:

  • Fill your sink with water.
  • Add some dishwasher liquid.
  • Mix liquid into the water by shaking the mixture until you see suds.
  • Submerge your bong coffee mug into the water.
  • Let your coffee mug soak for a few minutes so that the dirt can loosen up.
  • Use the soft cloth to wipe the surface. You can use it both on the inside and outside.
  • Use your bottle brush to remove any residue or dirt on the base of your mug.
  • Use small brushes that can be bent so you can reach those tight areas. Bottle brushes are ideal because their handles can easily be curved.
  • Rinse the entire cup.
  • With a different soft cloth, wipe your mug dry.
  • Put it in your drying counter and let it air dry entirely.

Deep Cleaning

When regular cleaning doesn’t clean your bong coffee mug correctly, it’s time to perform some deep cleaning.

If you want to take your bong anywhere without prying eyes, you should get the collapsible coffee mug bong. It's a disguised mug so you can smoke…

There’s Now a Telescoping Coffee Mug That Extends Out To Become a Bong

Date Published: 04/20/2020 10:23 AM

This coffee mug looks like any other coffee mug you might see, until it’s time to smoke, then the bottom of it telescopes out into a giant bong. When you’re ready to smoke, simply unsnap the bottom and slide the bong down and it will telescope out from the coffee mug, then unscrew the that handle from the mug and slide it into the hole at the bottom to act as the slide for the bong. Perfect for taking on road trips, as seen in the 2012 movie ‘The Cabin In The Woods’ which you can see in the video below, the telescoping water pipe should not actually be used for coffee, unless you love the sweet taste of bong residue in your coffee.

If you fill the coffee mug bong up with water beforehand, you can then turn it into a bong and the water will move down to the bottom of the pipe where it’s supposed to be, just don’t accidentally take a sip from the mug which I would probably do out of some subconscious need to if I’m holding a drinking vessel.

Quite similar to the actual coffee mug pipe that we featured a while ago that’s made from ceramic, the telescoping coffee mug bong is made from stainless steel, and telescopes out to 2.5 feet, which is approximately three times the size of when it’s in the coffee mug form.

Check out the telescoping coffee mug bong in action via the videos below.

There’s Now a Telescoping Coffee Mug That Extends Out To Become a Bong Date Published: 04/20/2020 10:23 AM This coffee mug looks like any other coffee mug you might see, until it’s time to