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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So what’s the most important part of breakfast? Smoking weed out of your coffee cup, of course! These Coffee Mug Pipes make it all possible.

Yes, this is an incredible invention. And what a time saver. Think of all those times you were rushing to get out the door in the morning, checking to make sure you’ve got everything, keys, wallet, coffee, phone…oh no! I forgot to smoke a bowl! Problem solved: Coffee Mug Pipe.

These super fun and functional ceramic Tea Cups & Coffee Mugs with built-in pipes come in several cool styles and colors.

Cool and clever, you’ll want to leave this pipe mug out on the counter as a conversation starter. “Ooh, where’d you get that coffee mug pipe?” everyone will ask. “I saw it on Weedgadgets, it’s the coolest website in town!“, you’ll say. (Thanks for the plug, btw)

Wake and bake like a champion with this amazing coffee cup with a built-in pipe! Just fill the mug with coffee, fill the bowl with weed, sip, puff, and boom. Best day ever.

Check out this coffee cup pipe, a mug with built-in pipe let's you wake and bake like a champion!

Coffee and Cannabis Mug

Coffee and cannabis are a part of my morning ritual when I want my day to feel proactive, productive but, you know, keeping it light and coming back to center. This makes the perfect statement piece mug for your next smoke sesh, study sesh or self care slow down. The perfect gift or treat yourself wake and bake accessory. This mug is perhaps a more than subtle way to spark conversation on cannabis. Cheers to that!

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Coffee and cannabis are a part of my morning ritual when I want my day to feel proactive, productive but, you know, keeping it light and coming back to center. My life’s mantra is written across this one! This coffee and cannabis mug is perhaps a more than subtle way to spark conversation on cannabis. Cheers to that!

Pair your coffee and cannabis with a bit of a ritual and include self care! Or give it away to your best buds. This mug is the perfect gift for the flower child in your life, your friend who is gushing over ganja, or even your favorite budtender. It’s a conversational piece and in desperate times can even double as an ashtray 😉

• Ceramic
• Dishwasher and microwave safe
• White and glossy
• 11oz (325ml)
• 15oz (442ml)

Stoner gifts for everyone from the cannacurious to the ganja girls, to the full on cannabis activist.

The “Today’s Good Mood Sponsored by Coffee and Cannabis” mug is just one of several weed gifts in the B+A 420 Shop! Wake and bake with a crystal pipe and our sometimes serious sometimes funny coffee mugs (why so serious?), glam up with our gotta have weed accessories, or develop HIGH fashion with a variety of cannabis clothing.

Blazed + Amused: the weed blog hyped up on coffee and cannabis!

Did you know that with every purchase you’re contributing to the progress of Cannabis Culture in a unique way? We believe in clean + safe access for all when it comes to cannabis healing.

For each purchase from the B+A 420 store, a percentage of proceeds goes towards Cannabis Non-Profit Organizations. Annually, we pick a foundation or charity that funds research + public cannabis education or even aids critically ill patients. So you get a gold star, you modern day cannabis advocate, you. I’ll smoke to that one!

420 Friends! Welcome to the B+A smoke sesh!

Lindz here- cannabis activist, strategist + catelyst for those healing holistically with a little ganja guidance! I’ve gotta thank you for taking the time to feast your eyeballs on my “products with purpose,” as I lovingly like to refer to them. If you’re curious why I’m such a passionate pothead, feel free to poke around the Blazed and Amused blog or ‘About Me’ page. Join me over @shezblazed on instagram where I chat about cannabis health + wellness, productive pothead life hacks, and share stoner thoughts from myself and the BA Cannabis Community. 420 friendly with a side of vulnerability comin’ atcha!

I’m excited to be spending my energy on the progressive Cannabis Movement. Most importantly, my meaningful work is to destigmatize and normalize cannabis use for healing, self care, and (gasp!) recreational use. Haven’t you heard? Hemp heals. Cannabis cures. It’s not a panacea but it can change the world if we let it- and it all starts at home. So why don’t you slow down with some self care and a journey inward? A little CBD, THC, + TLC can do the body (and mind…oh and spirit) a lotta good;)

Welcome! My name is Lindsey. Blazed + Amused is a space for personal growth, development and empathy with Mama Ganja as our intuitive healing tool. I serve those looking to change their story from burn out and apathy to Blazed and Amused, a lifted lifestyle from the inside out. By combining cannabis wellness, cognitive science and creative inspiration, I create tools of change + connection. My meaningful work is to help bring more mindfulness and fulfilment to your rituals around Mary Jane. Check out my weed blog or 420 Shop for more. Cheers!

Coffee and cannabis are always sponsoring my good mood as a part of my morning ritual, how about you? My life's mantra is written across this one!