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Find Good Bong Names Using the Name Generator

Owning your very own bong can be great fun. For one, you get total control over your own relaxation. You decide what to smoke when to smoke, and how much to smoke. There are lots of ways to increase your fun, but using a bong name generator is definitely one of them!

As a bong owner, you are entitled to the great privilege of naming your bong. It might sound lame, but most experienced smokers have a moniker for their precious piece.

Certainly, you are not required to name your equipment. However, choosing a name is not only fun, but it also comes with considerable benefits:

Why Should You Name Your Bong – Your Bong, Your Friend

Having a bong is like having a friend by your side. After a long and tiring day, a smoking session with your piece can make everything less stressful. It can be the difference between a restful night’s sleep or tossing and turning in bed for hours.

With such fervor ascribed to an inanimate object, it seems like it would be almost disrespectful to keep calling your bong “it.” Assigning a name to it creates a relationship between you and your equipment. The joy and relaxation your bong gives you are definitely worth the 15 minutes you would spend coming up with a name that would perfectly describe it.

A Name Creates a More Meaningful Experience

Sure, you can use your bong without naming it. It is, after all, a means to an end. However, naming your bong and assigning an identity to it creates an elevated experience.

When you name your bong, you associate the act of smoking with your equipment. The identity you attach to it can influence the hits you would get in the future.

Practical Take: Your Bong Would Last Longer

Even the most basic of bongs cost money. It doesn’t matter if you spend $20 or $250; you want to get the most use for the money that you shelled out.

It is fairly simple. The moment you feel affection towards something – you take better care of it. In the end, naming your bong can help you keep it for longer.

You save some money; you save time buying a new bong, and you get to enjoy the same smoking experience – surely a win-win in anyone’s book.

Tips for finding bong names

Pick a Bong You Like

The process of naming your bong would be infinitely easier if you pick something that you are drawn to. Maybe it’s the colors; maybe it’s the style – when you choose a bong that speaks to you, you don’t even have to think twice about its name.

Take the First Hit

Sometimes, the name of the bong doesn’t come from how it looks but how it performs. So, when you are out to buy a new pipe, make sure that your first hit would come from that pipe. This way, it would be easy for you to determine how the new bong affects your smoking experience.

Three Words: Bong Name Generator

If all else fails, there is no shame in using a generator in order to come up with a brilliant name for your bong. You have a lot of options on where to turn to. It is all a matter of finding the best bong name generator.

Take your time, make a bong name list, and enjoy the process!

Best Bong Names

As discussed earlier, naming your bong has plenty of benefits. Not to mention, the whole process is just fun! You get to stretch your brain and test your creativity.

Unfortunately, coming up with a name, even with a generator, does not come easy for everyone. Below are five of the wittiest bong names you should consider:

  • Bong Almighty
  • The Rolling Stoned
  • Be-Weed and Bong-head
  • Bong Solo
  • Bongye West

So, what would you name your piece? Reach out to us today and give it your most creative shot.

Assigning a name to your bong can do wonders for your smoking sessions. Stumped on what you should name your new piece? Using the bong name generator is a good..

How High: The 30 Best Bong Names Of All Time

There is nothing better than a freshly packed bong on a hot summer’s day. Well maybe someВ barbecue and boobs, but that’s another story. Why smoke blunt after blunt when you could just take a couple of rips from the binger and be Gucci for the entire day? They’re cost-effective, mind-altering and powerful — that’s why it’s important to exhibit the utmost reverence whenever using them.

The bong’s strength is not to be taken lightly. So many times have we seen people go in, thinking that you can pull one clean, and leave coughing their face off in pure delightful misery. Don’t underestimate the bong!

Over time, these things become much more than just another smoking device, but rather an extension of yourself and pretty much as valuable as a pet or family member. You take care of them like your first-born, so it only makes sense that we give these bad boys a name! Right?

It’s the least we can do for this magical device that brings such joy into our lives. But don’t just settle for any corny name that people wouldn’t truly appreciate and think about every damn time before they took a hit. Give your friends something to talk about and build the legend around your bong.

Test your stoner intuition and get creative with it. That’s what we did. These are the 30 best bong names of all time. Feel free to leave us some of your favorite bong names below. Enjoy!

There is nothing better than a freshly packed bong on a hot summer’s day. Well maybe someВ barbecue and boobs, but that’s another story. Why smoke blunt after blunt when you could just take a couple of rips from the binger and be Gucci for the entire…