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If you have a smoke shop or dispensary business, then you probably know by now how hard and time-consuming the process of filling cones by hand can be.

If you want to save yourself a lot of time and work, one proven way to do so is by getting an automatic pre-rolled cones filling machine.

What Are Automatic Pre-Rolled Cones Filling Machine.?

Automatic pre-rolled cones filling machines are devices that have slots for cones that you can fill up the machine with, and a place to insert the herb so that it can fill up all cones perfectly every single time, in a matter of minutes.

The flower needs to be separated from the stems first, and ground up, before the machine gets filled, and turned on.

Once you have the ground herb, you can scoop it up in the plastic bins and feed it into the machine.

Before you fill up the mix tray with cannabis and turn on the rolling machine, you will need to fill up each slot with pre-rolled cones first.

Once you will up each slot with a pre-rolled cone, you can place the filled mix tray on top, choose your preferred density (available on some models), turn the machine on and watch it do its magic.

Although these machines are suitable for home use as well, there are larger ones, like the Cool Box 120 that makes filling pre-rolled cones a piece of cake for smoke shops and dispensaries.

Pros and Cons of Automatic Pre-Rolled Cones Filling Machines

If you still haven’t figured out whether or not an automatic pre-rolled cones filling what you need in order to take your business to the next level, let’s have a look at some of its pros and cons, to help you make the right decision for your business.


  • Make use of buds which aren’t large enough to be sold separately
  • Rolling up a 100 joints by hand would take hours of work, whereas a machine could do it in under 3 minutes
  • The joint would all be the same size, consistency and density
  • The process is easy for everyone to learn
  • Quickly and easily fill up cones with no mess
  • There’s no waste of herb
  • The process is very fast
  • The joints will be packed at the right consistency, not too loose or too tight
  • Convert raw flower into thousands of pre-rolls in a day
  • It accommodates different sizes of pre-rolled cones
  • Saves you time and money in the long run
  • It operates very smoothly
  • You get a perfectly filled joint every time
  • Available in various sizes for commercial and individual use


There aren’t a lot of disadvantages when it comes to automatic pre-rolled cones filling machine..

The only possible downside is that they are usually a bit costly, but if you factor in the time and work it saves you and your business, and the return on investment and output from that one single device, you’ll realize that investing in an automatic pre-rolled cones filling the best thing you can do for your smoke shop business.

All busy dispensaries rely on the efficiency of automatic pre-rolled cones filling machine.. Manual rolling just doesn’t cut it sometimes which is why efficient rolling machines can quickly become your most valuable asset when it comes to saving time and money and most importantly meeting your customers’ demands.

So if you want to smoke out the competition by rolling out up to a 100 or more perfectly filled joints at once, then you might want to consider investing in an automatic pre-rolled cones filling machine..

Futurola KnockBox – The automatic pre-rolled cone filling machine will fill 100 Pre-rolled cones in 2 minutes. Learn more about how to boost your business!

Cones CoolBox Cone Filling Machine for 98mm – 109mm Pre-Rolled Cones

• This Cone Filling Machine works with 98mm – 109mm Sized Pre-Rolled Cones

• Loads 120 Pre Rolled Cones at a Time

• Reduces Costs for Rolling Pre-Rolls

• Works with any Brand of Cones

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The Cones Coolbox Cone Filling Machine is a great choice for individuals and businesses that need to roll a great quantity of pre-rolled cones in a short amount of time. Simply lift and turn the main component, stuff each hole with a cone, and fill it with you favorite herbs or tobacco. The Cones Coolbox Cone Filling Machine can roll 120 cones in as little as 30 minutes!

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Roll 102 pre-rolled cones at once with Cones Coolbox Cone Filling Machine, great for businesses. Works with 98mm-109mm pre-rolled cones. Order online today.