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Modern hookah design | Top 15 picks from Hekkpipe

Modern hookah design is all around us. Wherever you go, you probably see a vivid choice of hookahs that look nothing compared to the traditional ones we have used to see. Forget about glass bowls and Persian-look – here are top 15 modern hookah designs! Read on to find out the current hits – from wooden shishas to metal waterpipes.

Kibardindesign Studio – ETNA hookah

Designed by Kibardindesign Studio and aesthetically inspired by sand dunes, this hookah mixes an age-old device with new technologies to create a modern hookah with upgraded functions.

Arch Hookahs – theBAT

Arch Hookahs are made in the USA, complete from Plexiglas. Its modern and fully handcrafted design easily captures attention. However, appearance is not the reason for its hype.

Sali Portable Hookah

The Sali Hookah is around 12″ tall and is made from high quality stainless-steel, which means it will never rust! The lid screws off so you can pull the bowl and downstem out of the base of the Sali.

Hoob Atom C

Hoob, known as creating magnificent-looking hookahs, has come up with a model called Atom C – hookah for those who wants to get some new hookah experience for really attractive price. Extraordinary modern minimalistic design and perfect shisha sessions. Designed for professional and home use.

Art Hookah by Hi-tech Club Modern

Although this hookah is – at least as far as we know – not on active sale, we found this brilliant enough to point out here. You can see more modern hookah designs on Hi-tech Club’s website.

Hoob Leaf C

Yet another Hoob’s modern hookah. Even though with a crispy price, it’s worth having a closer look. Hoob Leaf C is a hookah kit for those, who wants to get some new hookah experience for really attractive price. Extraordinary modern minimalistic design and perfect shisha sessions.

Meduse Pipes’ Mirage Grande Hookah

If you’re willing to spend around 4 000 euros (yes, euros!) or USD 4 700 on a hookah, Meduse Pipes’ Mirage Grande hookah is exactly for you. Each of their hookah is unique and made by glassmaking masters.

The Monster Hookah XL

The Monster is a truly remarkable Hookah that is made of 100% ceramic material. This glass Hookah is very durable and perfect for traveling due to its unibody design.

The VSQUARE Modern Hookah

As Hookah Wiz themselves put it: manufactured by hand, with the highest quality of Acrylic/Plexiglass, this product’s durability will outlast most other “high end” hookahs. Its modern hookah design creates n aesthetically pleasing, innovative and high performance hookah, that will fit compactly within any given environment.

Fumo POD 24 Hookah

The patented Fumo® POD Duo, with a 24 inch floor stand is a serious hookah with a unique contemporary style. Definitely stands out from the rest.

Woogl Nubes Hookah

We have seen the Woogl before, but we still love it! It one of the most beautiful modern hookah, built with real love and from real wood.

See more photos from the Woogl modern hookah design here.

Shisha Original Aer Hookah

As pure as snow – Shisha Original’s Aer Hookah . Enjoy the extraordinary smoking experience of the basic model which clearly demonstrates the beauty-in-simplicity concept. The hose finished in white leather and the handle of maplewood compliment pure white porcelain body with ice-clear vase.

KARO Design Cubus Hookah

If you’re rather a wood lover, see KARO Design Hookah for example. This one raises innovation onto a complete new level. Cubus represents power as well as a graceful and noble outward.

Hekkpipe Hexagon

Next up, our very own Hekkpipe Hexagon – light-weight, compact and eye-catching. This innovative hookah is super-easy to use and takes half the time to set up compared to your average hookah. Hexagon features a special compartment for the hot coals which reduces the need to use tinfoil.

Hekkpipe Deluxe – our top pick for modern hookah design

And last but not least – the only hookah to feature leather and mighty oak, making it the most exclusive portable hookah in the world. Meet Hekkpipe Deluxe!

Hekkpipe Deluxe is our sleekest family member. This elegant hookah packs a great deal of craftsmanship featuring a quality oak wood case and fine leather elements including a removable hand strap. It’s outstanding character gives you the ability to be a people magnet at every social gathering while maintaining the same level of safeness, ease-of-use and customizability Hekkpipes are known for.

These were our TOP 15 picks for modern hookah design. Do you know any other? Let us know for sure!

Update! We found a cool website where you can find a list of 30+ world’s most popular and best hookahs. Do follow!

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Modern hookah design are all around us. Forget about glass bowls and Persian-look – here are top 15 modern hookah designs! Find out the current hits.

Cool hookah pipes

NUBE UNIQUE shisha pipe, 55cm, AISI 321 stainless steel with exotic wood sheath, silicone hose

The NUBE UNIQUE shisha pipe is made in Russia in chrome-plated AISI 321 stainless steel. The shisha pipe’s stem and the mouthpiece are embellished with a magnificent exotic wood covering. A soft touch silicone hose is also included with the shisha pipe.

The NUBE UNIQUE shisha pipe is equipped with a revolutionary modular valve, which is a new purge control system controlled by a small metal regulator so you can purge the vase and cool down your bowl if it overheats without flooding it.

Turn the arrow on the logo horizontally to purge just your vase or turn it vertically to purge your vase and cool down your bowl.
Puff and admire the smoke billowing

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