dab pick

Dabbers & Picks

Dab Nails, Dabbers, carb caps, picks and torches are the bare essentials you’ll need to get going with your new rig. Nails and bangers are made out of quartz, titanium, or ceramic, and are available in an assortment of styles and designs.

Regarding banger nails in our meticulously curated collection, you will find them in many different sizes. You’ll want to determine the size of the dab banger to purchase by determining the size and gender of your water pipe’s joint. If you have a 14mm male joint on your piece, then you’ll want a 14mm female dab banger nail. Banger nails are a great upgrade to using a dome and nail. You just have to torch the underside of the banger’s bucket, then place your dabs in the container.

Apart from dab bangers, which are often made of quartz glass, there are also ceramic and titanium nails. Quartz dab bangers are considered to be the best for flavor and thermal heat resistance. However, we have found the titanium nail is the way to go if you are going for durability. Not only are titanium nails very durable, but they also retain their heat for a much longer time. This is due to the mass and material they are made out of which can retain the heat.

Dabber and dab tool are an essential thing for all your dabbing needs. Dab picks and dab containers take your dabbing experience to an Elev8ed level.