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Dave Chappelle Vaping in Equanimity & The Bird Revelation, Netflix Special

Former Chappelle’s Show star seems to have hit the jackpot in the last few years. After his comeback to stand-up comedy in 2013, he managed to sign a huge contract with Netflix in 2016 for three specials. In his most recent show called “Equanimity + The Bird Revelation” we noticed this great artist vaping and immediately asked ourselves what he was using. After some zooming and rewinding we think we found the answer.

High profile comedian trades Cigs for a Juul

Dave Chappelle used to chain smoke on the stage like a steam engine, this time it looks like the artistis making a smarter and more stylish choice. In his New Years Eve special the comedian was constantly puffing from, what looked to be a JUUL vape while entertaining the audience.

It was noticeable that most of the audience haven’t seen a tiny and compact vape like that before. Someone in the crowd even asked for a hit. To which he replied that he was not planning on getting herpes.

It seems Mr. Chappelle made a health-conscious decision somewhere between the second and third special and we can’t but applaud him for this. Smoking so many cigarettes on stage wasn’t just unhealthy for the artist, but he also set a bad example for youngsters looking up to him.

And truth be told, if you want to stay away from cigarettes, the a compact vaporizer like the JUUL vape is one of the best alternatives out there. This ultra portable pod style vaporizer is very easy to use, consistent and dependable. It fits inside any pocket and it’s roughly the same size as a real cig.

Why the JUUL ?

The JUUL is so efficient because it combines two key elements: high nicotine concentration and a tight draw, suitable for mouth to lung inhaling. It consists of a small battery and swap-able pods. Each 0.7ml pod is filled with flavored nicotine salts e-liquid. This allows for a nic concentration of 50mg but with a much smoother throat hit.

Plug and play is another great feature of the JUUL vape. You just slide in the pod and it’s ready to be vaped. No leaking, no mess, no hassle and no previous experience required. Also, the battery is fully charged in less then 1h. This way you’ll always have it ready before leaving for work.

Great variety of PODS

JUUL pods are available in five different flavors. Virginia Tobacco is their classic and it’s what we recommend to beginners. They also have Cool Mint, Fruit Medley, Creme Brulee, and Mango, the last one being our personal favorite. The cool thing about this ecig is that it comes with four different pods inside the box. This way you can easily sample them out and find your personal favorite without having to spend extra. Besides the five classic flavors, there is also the limited edition line. This includes Classic Tobacco, Classic Menthol and Cool Cucumber. Cool Cucumber has to be one of the most interesting ecig flavor we tried so far. It may feel strange at first but once you get used to it it’s an absolute revelation. It’s a subtle cucumber with a hint of mint and works perfectly as an all day vape.

Works better for beginners than other vapes

And it’s not just Dave Chappelle. Thousands of new vapers vouch for their JUUL ecigs. It’s one of the most efficient, portable and easy to use devices on the market today and it’s the ideal tool to experiment e-smoking with.

Dave Chappelle Vaping in Equanimity & The Bird Revelation, Netflix Special Former Chappelle’s Show star seems to have hit the jackpot in the last few years. After his comeback to stand-up comedy

This sleek-looking vape pen is hard to quit

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In 2017, Thomas Wyatt, a film editor based in Bed Stuy, was smoking up to a pack of cigarettes daily. But when his girlfriend pressured him to cut back on his smoking, he decided to try a Juul, a sleek vape pen that delivers a hit of nicotine without emitting any smoke.

“It definitely satisfies my craving,” says Wyatt, a 29-year-old who goes through a pod of Juul, which contains a cigarette pack’s worth of nicotine, every other day. “I’d like to eventually completely get off nicotine, but it’s worked really well as a way to transition from smoking cigarettes … [Juul feels] like a cigarette — it doesn’t look dorky or obnoxious.”

The Juul is the best-selling e-cigarette on the market, according to Nielsen data from last fall. Its sleek design and the fact that it doesn’t emit smelly smoke has made it popular with everyone from high school kids to celebs. It was spotted backstage at Fashion Week, and comedian Dave Chappelle, a former cigarette smoker, uses a Juul throughout his new Netflix comedy special. But, experts caution that just because the Juul allows users to consume nicotine in a subtle, stylish manner doesn’t mean it’s harmless.

“It may be less bad [than smoking], but the jury’s still out there,” says addiction specialist Brad Lamm, who is based in the Flatiron District and is the author of “Stop It: 4 Steps in 4 Weeks To Quit Smoking.”

Dave Chappelle’s 2017 Netflix special included footage of the comedian using a Juul e-cigarette. Mathieu Bitton/Netflix

Studies by e-cigarette manufacturers have found that vaping doesn’t have the same adverse effects on the lungs as smoking, but Keith-Thomas Ayoob, an associate clinical professor in the Department of Pediatrics at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, is skeptical.

“You’re making a deliberate effort to inhale these chemicals, and most users will use them frequently through the day so that’s repeated exposure day after day,” he says. “That’s not what I would call best practices when it comes to lung care.”

And, a new New York University study exposed lab mice to nicotine vapor for 12 weeks and found that e-cigs (not specifically Juul) cause DNA damage and could increase risk of cancer and heart diseases.

And it’s not only nicotine that Juul users are inhaling. While the trendy vape’s pods are free from diacetyl and acetylproprionyl, chemicals found in some competitors’ products that have been proven to be harmful to your lungs, they still have glycerol, a substance found in antifreeze and some personal-care products such as toothpaste, but which is generally recognized as safe by the FDA.

“We don’t know the effects of inhaling these chemicals because they were never designed to be inhaled,” Ayoob says. “And if we want to [have] healthier lungs, the fewer chemicals we deliberately inhale the better.”

Courtesy of Sard Verbinnen & Co.

Another concern is that Juul’s colorful pods in flavors such as crème brulée and cool cucumber may have particular appeal to teens and young adults, a growing market for e-cigs. In October, Sen. Chuck Schumer pushed for more government regulations, citing info that one in five teens in New York state vape, and mentioning Juul by name. (Juul’s website does have an age verification process to prevent anyone under legal purchasing age to buy Juul through the site, and a Juul spokesperson tells The Post, “We strongly condemn the use of our product by minors, and it is in fact illegal to sell our product to minors. No minor should be in possession of a JUUL product.”)

No matter what your age, Lamm cautions against using the Juul to quit cigarettes.

He says the best way to cut back on smoking — or vaping — is by going cold turkey.

“Why not really give it a go to stop smoking first?” Lamm says.

And, it’s clear that for many, the Juul is its own addiction. On social media, young people post tongue-in-cheek videos about disposing of the device, showing it tied to helium balloons or strapped onto fireworks, with sad music playing in the background. Such videos have gotten more than 61,000 likes on millennial Instagram account, @TFM, which stands for Total Frat Move.

That’s no surprise, says Ayoob.

“Vaping is a nicotine delivery system,” he says. “Nicotine, no matter how it gets to you, is an addictive substance.

In 2017, Thomas Wyatt, a film editor based in Bed Stuy, was smoking up to a pack of cigarettes daily. But when his girlfriend pressured him to cut back on his…