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Save your money and your time

Save your money and your time. The davinci IQ itself produces some of the best vapor. I had the pax 3 for 2 years and just got the IQ. I love how it hits but the product quality is complete trash for a $200+ product. Customer service is flaky at best. Had to ship my unit in twice already in first 30 days of owning product. Received replacement and same issues a week later. If u get a working one then you’ll love it but good luck with that. You’ll soon be acquainted with customer service and be without your device for weeks at a time. Such a shame because it could be a spectacular product if it wasn’t fully of faulty manufacturer defects.

This company ruined my product which…

This company ruined my product which was reported to them and they refused to remedy the situation which is their fault. The customer ‘support’ dept. is useless especially that Sammy with his rotten attitude and dismissive chatters. Should have seen this earlier due to the other results to consider what runs this business. Will go to their competition from now on. The 1 star rating is too High!

Worst experience ever.

Worst experience, I have lost 300.- and my warranty is declined because it fell down once.

Almost $400 deep

Almost $400 deep. The silver top came out after a month of use. Called, left messages, emailed. they never called back or replied to my emails. It has a warranty but they will not honor it. Too late for me; save yourself.

Horrible company do not stand behind…

Horrible company do not stand behind there product

Outrageously unprofessional

Outrageously unprofessional, de-facto scammers. As many other have mentioned here, once the device breaks you will never get a replacement despite the warranty which is a scam. Emailed for months, never received anything back.

Disgusting company

It’s been 2 months and I still haven’t received the replacement I was promised from Davinci. Don’t be fooled by their ’10 year warranty’ because it’s useless if they don’t actually honour it. I’m going to be contacting trading standards. Such a horrible company who don’t respect their customers at all. Give your money to someone, anyone, else.


I was looking for a new vaporizer and after looking a lot of producers’ websites I thought the best one was the Da Vinci IQ2: what a mistake!
I’ve been cheated from Da Vinci.
They show all the additional features managed by the app available from end 2019 but that app does not exist!
The only one available is for the IQ and it is not compatible with the IQ2.
But you must buy the IQ2 (239€) before notice something.
So, if you want to set up the device you have to get mad playing with the 4 buttons and the useless display.. a chinese brain teaser, because those american devices are made in the PRC, of course..
I use, for medical purposes, two kind of cannabis and I should set the dosage monitoring two time a day without the app. And it is not so easy as the show on their fake videos!
Also the smart paths, I needed to change the settings and I tried with the app several times before asking the customer service and discover that it doesn’t work on my device.
So, I can only say they are liars. So how can you trust them about the quality of their products? Liars never tell the truth.

This customer service is so bad that I…

This customer service is so bad that I would rate it as no customer service.

They asked me to send the unit back with charger and after a 6 weeks and a complaint to the credit card company they sent me a unit back with out the charger. Life should be this hard for a very old man. Think I will buy a glass pipe, works every time I think.

Poor product, poor service.

First off, let me start with the service. I ordered my DaVinci Explorer’s kit all excited then the next time I was on the site, a random 10% off coupon popped up. When I asked customer service about that, I was told basically “too bad, the order is complete” not even offering to give me a coupon for future orders. That is just not cool. Now, onto the kit – read the fine print on the site! The Explorer’s kit comes with a bunch of stuff, but since it’s not really listed well on the product page, I wound up buying an accessory kit for an extra $10 that I didn’t need. The Miqro itself: the first vape is nice and flavorful but that’s about it. The subsequent draws were weaker to the point that it felt like air, not even a hint of flavor. The heating recovery time after each draw is loooong. Not a quick-hitter. The loading system is okay at best. The herb sticks to the pearl, so be ready to scrape it a lot with the little tool they give you. You’ll be scraping it often as I found you have to stir the chamber at least twice if you plan on completing a session. The heating paths are not really usable. I wound up having to increase the temp as the session went on to complete the pack. Don’t plan on multiple sessions out of one pack. This is a session-per-pack device. The chamber winds up drying out your product during cooldown, leaving not so much to vape the next time you try to pick it up. Battery life is the real killer of this device, or should I say lack of it. I’m glad they included 2 batteries with the kit, you need them! I found usable battery life is about 1 session (pack) per charge. The little stash/battery holder is a nice touch. I have a good Nitecore 4-battery charger and I kept cycling through batteries faster than the unit could ever charge on USB. When they say this is for the light user, they mean it. If a small session works for you, then this device might be for you. If you’re expecting anything more than “light use”, go with something else. I would try the IQ, but I’m not to thrilled with DaVinci now. 2 weeks later – Bought a Pax3, far superior in every way. Go with that.

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Davinci iq warranty

Just wondering how everyone’s experience with warranty and cs is?

mine has been a little annoying. My first ticket was about the battery door not staying shut and staining and they said they couldn’t do anything about it.

my current ticket is about taste and the metal piece coming apart that sits around the flavour chamber.

Hey guys update.

got my new davinci thanks to the help with the rep over @ fc

the email rep was still pretty useless.

I’ve gotten 2 replacements now to Canada. Both times I had to pay to ship, but got it back for free. The second time I asked for a new color and was given it without any hassle.

This has all been via email, and the process was very smooth both times.

They even set up a Canadian RMA depot, which helps a lot with return shipping. I think it has been under $10 both times.

The first time I had an issue support wasn’t great. It took a few months of up and back with long times between responses before I got an RMA. But, eventually I got it and the process from then on was easy.

The second time was entirely seamless. I asked for a repair, they asked for a video, I sent it, they gave me an RMA number. I then forgot to send it in for a month, emailed to make sure the RMA was still valid, and got an answer within an hour that it was. I sent the IQ in, and had a new one within a week or so.

I do think their email support has gotten far, far better than it was near launch.

Just wondering how everyone's experience with warranty and cs is? mine has been a little annoying. My first ticket was about the battery door not staying shut and staining and they said they couldn't do anything about it. my current ticket is about taste and the metal piece coming apart that sits…