davinci portable vaporizer review

Davinci portable vaporizer review

The DaVinci MIQRO is a tiny portable herb vaporizer that offers the signature DaVinci great tasting vapour.

The DaVinci MIQRO is the smaller and younger sibling to the DaVinci IQ which was already a pretty compact vaporizer. DaVinci have ironed out many of the issues that I had with the IQ but thankfully they kept several of its redeeming features; such as the gorgeous looks and wonderful vapour quality.

DaVinci MIQRO: how small is that?!

DaVinci MIQRO User Friendliness

The MIQRO is very easy to use, thanks to DaVinci’s Smart Path technology.

DaVinci MIQRO: comes shipped with a sticker displaying how to operate

– Loading

The MIQRO loads from the bottom. The entrance is smooth, clean and provides the perfect funnel to ensure that all your ground herb finds its way into the heating chamber. You can easily scoop it off the palm of your hand. I’m surprised that other brands out there don’t integrate this kind of design.

DaVinci MIQRO: easy loading from the base, the cover has an integrated zirconium “pearl”

– Setting Temperature

The default setting for the MIQRO is to use the predefined Smart Paths. These are a range of temperatures that rise over the duration of your session. There are four paths in total and you select it using the up and down buttons on the side. It’s really simple.

If you wish you can control the temperature directly to the exact degree. However, the display is so small it only displays one number at a time. You have to concentrate as the numbers flash by to see what the actual temperature is. Luckily, for a casual vape such as this you’ll probably stick to the Smart Path system.

DaVinci MIQRO: lights indicate which smart path you are using

– Ease of Use

The MIQRO is easy to load and easy to select the temperature. It starts to heat as soon as you turn it on. I can’t think of a more simple way to operate a vape – top marks to DaVinci for nailing this experience so well.

DaVinci MIQRO: flat mouthpiece

DaVinci MIQRO Performance

You may be concerned that such a small device does not perform so well. It performs great but not for very long. Such a small size means that the battery is tiny. This means that you’ll need to recharge more often. For casual users – or people for whom this is a second vape – this should not be a major problem.

DaVinci MIQRO: awh so cute, little battery

– Heating time

Despite the small battery the MIQRO does not take so long to heat up. It’s not instant but it’s not frustratingly slow. They include haptic feedback which gives you a handy buzz to let you know when it is ready to go so you’re not forced to stare at it whilst it heats. On the topic of heat – it’s worth noting that this unit can get quite hot to the touch. I highly recommend picking up a DaVinci MIQRO Glove that will keep it less hot to handle. If you opt for the explorer pack you get a glove and a much needed extra battery.

DaVinci MIQRO: extended mouthpiece

– Vapour Quality

The excellent vapour quality of the IQ remains in the MIQRO. You may lack quantity of hits due to a smaller battery but you definitely do not lack quality of those draws.

DaVinci MIQRO Build Quality

Build quality is excellent. It has the same gorgeous finish as the IQ but tidies up a lot of the fiddly design issues. No more fiddly puzzle in putting it back together after cleaning or opening up. It’s as solid as it is beautiful.

DaVinci MIQRO: the finish is gorgeous

DaVinci MIQRO Maintenance and Cleaning

The battery can be replaced adding to the longevity of this vaporizer. You may want to pick up a second battery to avoid it running out on you. Kudos to DaVinci for keeping the ability to swap out the battery. Everything that can be removed can be soaked in alcohol for easy cleaning. Even the zirconium air path can be removed thanks to a handy concealed poker within the device.

DaVinci MIQRO: handy tool to remove zirconium air path

DaVinci MIQRO Value For Money

At €159 the MIQRO sits at quite a sweet price point. It’s a little more than the entry level vapes but offers premium vape quality. It’s the perfect price for a Christmas or Valentines gift for a loved one who likes to micro dose their herb. If you opt for their explorer pack you get a second battery and glove and a few other useful items.

DaVinci MIQRO: what’s in the box?

Who Is It Good For?

The DaVinci MIQRO is the perfect size to drop in your pocket or handbag before heading out with friends. It’ll give you a little something to spice up your evening or take the edge off your day. To get an idea of who this vape is best for the clue lies in the name – MIQRO – this is the perfect portable vape for those who like to micro dose their herbs. It could also be a great buy for an experienced vape enthusiast as a second vape for times when they fancy a cheeky draw but bringing a larger portable vape is not an option.

The DaVinci MIQRO is a tiny portable herb vaporizer that offers the signature DaVinci great tasting vapour.

DaVinci IQ 2 Review


The original DaVinci IQ was released late 2016, and it’s been users and critic’s favorite thanks to special and unique features. DaVinci has released the Miqro on July 2018, which is essentially a smaller version or the IQ, but there were no other major releases. Until today.

DaVinci just released the IQ 2, which builds upon the strong aspects of the original unit. It has the same general look and feel, but a lot has changed under the hood. The IQ 2 is primarily a dry herb vaporizer but is also compatible with Solid concentrates.

Kit & Accessories:

In the box:

  • Davinci IQ 2 Vaporizer
  • Dosage Pad & Ceramic Extract Disc
  • Flat & Extended mouthpiece
  • Alcohol wipes, Organic cotton pads
  • Charging cable, Manual, Spare pick tool
  • Dosage Pad

The Dosage pad is a little Ceramic canister that can be used with Dry herbs or allow the use of Solid Extracts.

With dry herb: the dosage pad fits 0.2gr of dry herbs instead of the 0.5gr that fits into the oven. So it can be used as an oven reducer for microdosing.

With Extracts: also included in the IQ2 kit, is a Ceramic Disc that can be inserted into the Dosage Pad, and used with Solid Extracts such as Wax or Dab.

As always, I recommend avoiding the use of concentrates in your primary dry herb vaporizer. Over time, residue will build up, and everything will become sticky. You should use a dab pen for your extracts and use this vape only for dry herbs.

Mouthpiece options

The IQ2 comes with a flat mouthpiece installed and ready to use, and there is another (extended) mouthpiece in the box. The extended mouthpiece can also be used as a 10mm adapter for various accessories or water filtration devices.

Inhaling from the extended mouthpiece feels more natural, and the longer airpath helps to cool down the vapor. This was my favorite mouthpiece by far. The downside is that it reduces portability a little.

Both mouthpieces are made from Zirconia, which is an advanced, pure material that has similar properties to Ceramic.

18650 Battery

The IQ2 uses a replaceable 18650 battery (view on Amazon), and there is one included in the box.

The battery lasts for around one hour of continuous use, which is not bad at all. But when using the micro USB port that’s on the device to charge the battery (inside the device), it takes 6 hours to reach a full charge. An external charger can reduce the charge time to three hours, but most users do not want to pop batteries in and out of the vape and a charger constantly.

Additional Accessories

Glass Spacers: There are optional 10mm and 6mm glass spacers available for the IQ. They are inserted into the herb chamber, reducing its capacity for users who want to use less herb. So, they give you the choice of three different oven sizes:

  • The full oven without any spacers
  • A roughly half-sized oven with the smaller 6MM spacer.
  • And the smallest oven size when using the larger 10MM spacer.

The spacers are great accessories because they make efficient use of the oven and your weed supply.

External Charger: There is also an optional external charger for the removable 18650 battery, which halves the charge time of the included micro USB cable. You can purchase more 18650 Batteries on Amazon and always have one in the charger and one in the vape.

Design & Features:

The original IQ featured an exterior made from sandblasted Aluminum, and that has been changed to brushed Aluminum with the IQ2. It makes the device a little smoother. It feels very well made; it is sturdy and has a good balance while holding.

Both the top and bottom of the device open up with a latch mechanism to expose the internal components of the IQ.

On the bottom, there is an oven with a nice funnel-shaped sink that slides the herb right into the oven. The oven is made from Glass and Ceramic and is shaped like a deep cylinder.

The top latch opens to reveal the battery, the flavor chamber, and a small pick tool. Both lids are magnetic and easily pop on and off.

Zirconia Pearl

The bottom lid of the IQ has a Zirconia Pearl connected to the bottom lid that slides right into the oven. It reflects heat back into the oven, resulting in an efficient and even “roast” of the herbs.

The Zirconia Pearl can be adjusted to reduce the size of the oven, but I suggest just leaving it in the default position and not messing around with it. The reason is, when screwing it out too much, it sticks out, and the latch doesn’t close smoothly. When it is screwed all the way in (or up to halfway), there is no problem at all.

Flavor Chamber

Just like the previous IQ, the IQ2 features a “flavor chamber,” which cools down the vapor, and can double as a small storage container. The flavor chamber sits under the top lid and can be pulled out and opened with the small pick tool that’s tucked right next to it. You can place enough herb there for about a session so you can have an extra bowl in the device, ready to vape. The flavor chamber is made from Zirconia, and it cools down the vapor as it passes through.

Adjustable Airflow (5 levels)

The bottom lid of the IQ includes a new airflow control dial that has four levels of airflow. It can be turned to reveal one to four holes that will increase and decrease the amount of air that can pass through. This is important and has significant implications for the type of vapor you can get.

Increasing the airflow will cause air to pass through the oven faster, resulting in cooler, less dense vapor. Closing the dial and reducing the airflow will result in a warmer, thicker vapor.

LED Display

The IQ2 features the same LED display we’re used to from the original IQ.

It is a small LED grid, that can display temperature levels and various settings. The IQ 2 has a “stealth mode” that can be activated by pressing the power button together with the down arrow once to dim the LEDs.

How to use

The IQ2 has two modes: Smart path or Precision mode. They both toggled and set tight from the device. Smart Path mode gradually increases the temperature by 20 degrees as you vape, and you can choose from four preset Smart Paths or customize your own. Doing so is very simple, and it is an excellent option for anyone who likes to adjust the temperature as they vape.

Basic operation:

  1. Click the power button five times to unlock and activate the device
  2. Select one of the four preset Smart Paths

The IQ will automatically heat up and vibrate when the designed temperature has reached.

When on smart path mode, the IQ will gradually increase the temperature over an Eight minutes session.

  • Mode 1: starts at 350F and increases to 370F
  • Mode 2: starts at 370F and increases to 390F
  • Mode 3- starts at 390 and increases to 410F
  • Mode 4: starts at 410 and increases to 430F

Temp check & Precision mode: Pressing the power button once will display the current temperature when in smart-path mode. While the temp is displayed, you can enter precision mode by pressing the up or down arrows, and set a precise temperature between 350-430F.

Other functions:

Boost mode: Pressing and holding the power button will quickly boost the temperature to 430°F. The LEDs will show up arrows, and the temperature will increase. When the button is released, the IQ enters a “stand-by” mode that will cool the device and conserve herb and battery life. To return to the previously set temperature, press the up or down button once.

F °| C ° Toggle: Click all three buttons at once to toggle between Fahrenheit and Celcius.

Factory reset: Turn off the device and press all three buttons together for ten seconds. The IQ2 will vibrate and reset to factory settings.

Cleaning & Maintenance

As with any other vape, I highly recommend maintaining your vaporizer and cleaning it when required. You should empty your oven and remove derbies after every session.

Every 8-12 uses the IQ2 needs a deep-clean which includes cleaning the following components with ISO alcohol:

  • The “flavor chamber” and the mouthpiece.
  • The oven and Zirconia pearl.
  • Any latches or moving parts that collected residue.

The IQ2 has a lot of unique features such as the flavor chamber and the zirconia pearl, which help it stand out from most vapes. But this comes at a price- higher maintenance compared to other vapes. All the parts are easy to clean, but there are a lot more of them than in other vapes, so cleaning takes a little longer.

Empty your oven immediately after a session– Leaving cashed herb in the oven after a session will cause it to stick, and it will be harder to remove. Empty your oven after every session as soon as the herb is cashed.

Use a good grinder– Properly ground herb means more surface area, which means and more efficient and even extraction of ingredients from the herb. My favorite grinder for vaping is the SLX grinder (Review | Buy). It has a Ceramic coating, so nothing sticks to it, and it grinds the herbs to the perfect vaping consistency.

Find the perfect inhale– Use the Air dial to adjust the airflow to a comfortable draw resistance. You should take deep, slow inhales and give the oven a few seconds between inhales to regulate the temperature. Here are a few tips to getting more vapor from your weed vape.

Performance & Vapor Quality

Overall performance

The original IQ produced some of the best, most dense vapor I ever experienced, and the IQ2 is no different. After playing around with the Air Dial, I started loving the idea, and I wonder how come no one did that earlier. We often see adjustable airflow in liquid vaporizers, but Davinci incorporated that into this new vape. I think that this is only a dry herb vape that features adjustable airflow.

Vapor Quality

The IQ2 produced clean, flavorful vapor, and preserved the delicate flavors of the terpenes. As mentioned earlier, the IQ2 uses a glass and zirconia airpath, free of plastic, metal, and electronic components. I experienced the best vapor at around 390F at precision mode or the second and third smart paths. For heavy hitters- the IQ2 can heat up to 430F, which is higher than even the Mighty’s 410F. The higher temperature can be used for Extracts, but I do not recommend going over 420F with dry herbs.

The vapor was surprisingly thick, especially for a conduction vaporizer. The not-so-secret secret is the zirconia pearl in the oven that helps to regulate the temperature and provide a nice even vape to the herbs. The long airpath helps to cool down the vapor, particularly with the extended mouthpiece.

Battery performance

The IQ2 lasted around 6-8 sessions before it needed a recharge. That’s not bad, and there are no complaints there, but it takes 3-6 hours to charge. This is long recharge time. For example, the new Crafty+ has a 6 -7 bowls runtime but takes an hour and a half to charge (vs. Davinci’s 6 hours in the device or 3 hours with an external charger).

What could have been better

The IQ2 is an impressive vape overall, and there is no doubt that a lot of thought and engineering went into making it. With that said, here are a few things that I think could have better-

Replaceable battery– I know some users like to have a replaceable battery, which means that they can charge a bunch of batteries and stayed powered for long periods even when unplugged from the grid. But this is a problem that is easily solved with a power bank or an external battery that can recharge the device while on the go. So I would have preferred to save the space of the latch mechanism and simplify things by having a permanent internal battery that hopefully charges faster.

Mouthpiece– Generally, I prefer extended mouthpieces over flat. With flat mouthpieces, you need to place your lips directly on the device. The device can get hot during extended sessions and feels uncomfortable on the lips. I think a permanent “short” extended mouthpiece would have been better for 90% of people. The extended mouthpiece that is included is excellent but maybe just a bit too tall to allow convenient carry. Using a permanent, short mouthpiece would have saved the mechanism that allows to swap the mouthpieces and make space for a larger battery or other components.

The new Davinci IQ 2 is finally here and we took it for an in-depth review. A lot has improved but a lot has stayed the same. Here is what you need to know.